20 March 2019

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Preservation of Cultural Heritages Everyone’s Responsibility

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Kabul (BNA) In the Afghan national calendar Hoot 20th (March 11th) coincides the National Day of Cultural Heritages Protection.
The motto of the nomination is creation of opportunity for the introduction of cultural riches and historical background and to reach this goal, many should be done by media and through gatherings and ceremonies as it helps the citizens get further awareness about.
Media, meeting and the like can play key role in protection of historical heritages of the country and helps government in this field.
In fact, the cultural heritages are from among the great national capital and the true introducer of our identity.
As Afghanistan is the cradle of different civilizations and passage of conquerors in the course of history, replaced in its own the past valuable and unparalleled heritages that appeared as stupas, monuments, large number of artistic and literary works that some of them are seldom and unparalleled and even unobtainable. But unfortunately no attention has been paid to these heritages by our countrymen as it was necessary and in some cases, suspicions caused our countrymen pay no heed to these worthy works and our countrymen pass through with intrepidity.
Several decades of imposed wars caused some of these historical heritages be annihilated forever and some others be threatened for their annihilation.
Several years before, Taliban grouping demolished the Buddha statue in Bamian that was from the cultural wonders of human society.
Natural disasters such as rain and snowfall, floods, earthquakes etc are from the factors that threaten the historical and cultural heritages.
According to a figure released by ministry of information and culture, over 1560 historical monuments are in the verge of annihilation. Based on these data, within internecine among Tanzims, and then during the rule of Taliban, about 100000 historical relics have been stolen from national museum of our country, Taliban reasoned these relics are the remnants of idolatry and are in contradiction with Islamic teachings, so, they broke them and annihilated.
But, after the falling down of Taliban, the ministry of information and culture did its best to restore the stolen relics and in some cases, this ministry repair them.
Likewise, the ministry of information and culture, in collaboration with its colleagues recognized some historical relics and confiscated them in some airports, custom houses by individuals or international organizations which are active in cultural fields and were bought and then after returning, registered in national museum.
This ministry also made effort to register a number of monuments and some places and historical heritages in world cultural heritages of the UN.
Based on these efforts, Bamian and Jam Minaret were registered by UNESCO and efforts are going on to register the historical monuments of Herat, Ghazni, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kabul city and some other provinces and be repaired and rehabilitated and did to protect them from annihilation in some extent.
This ministry attracted the attention and support of some international organizations and institutions for repairing of the relics and monuments damaged within imposed wars that one of these organizations is Aga Khan Foundation.
With signing Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) this foundation took active part in repairing of historical monuments.
Mission for protection of cultural heritages:
As cultural heritages are part of moral and material assets of a nation and narrates about background of its history and bestows historical identity to it so to see their background in along bed of history, so protection from these historical monuments and places are the duty of all people.
The people of Afghanistan shouldn’t forget that the historical heritages of their country are belong to a common history and our homeland. In fact their protection is safeguarding from our common identity. Sans these heritages and identity we would sink in the whirlpool of historical incidents and our national identity would be lost. This day is a good pretext for our media to include these issues in their programs and give awareness to their audience in connection with their historical identity and background and cultural heritages and ask them to share jointly in protection and safeguarding of these valuable national assets.
Cultural heritages and tourism industry would promote if we perform our mission in regard with protection of our historical monuments and places.
This would attract more the tourists from all parts of the world to our country.
Annually, at least, these heritages can create tens of thousands of employment for our unemployed and with pouring of hundreds thousands tourists to our country, our national and family incomes also would increase.
There are some countries who have limited income resources for promotion of their national income but are enjoying from ancient cities, historical monuments and cultural heritages and attraction of tourisms did their income be heightened enormously.
After underground resources that Afghanistan is enjoying, natural beauties and geographical location and cultural heritages places this country to attract hundreds thousands tourists annually. If investment take place in this sector and attract the foreign investment in the connection, we can bring eye-catching changes in family and national incomes and grow our national economy.
Karima Malikzada

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