22 January 2019

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“Youth Should Get Ride of Extremism In Line With Imam Abu Hanifa’s Teachings”, President Ghani

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  During a research and scientific meeting on Imam Abdu Hanifa Rahmatullah Alayh, President Ghani said, ‘We with relying to productive inheritance of Imam Abu Hanifa Rahmatullah Alyah and his great religious scholars can rescue our society’s vulnerable segment particularly the youth from extremism,’ the presidential palace said in a statement on Monday.
According to the statement, the president said studying about personality, functions and thoughts of Imam Abu Hanifa was like a constant issue to us and we should use it for our religious and civilization identity’s recognition.
Calling scientific inheritance of Imam Abu Hanifa, Islam’s great civilization capital, the president clarified the extremism groups are making effort to remove Muslims’ identity civilization and referring to spirit and through capitals of Imam Abdu Hanifia and other religious scholars mean to draw Islam’s basic civilization lines, the statement added.
The president expressed that Imam Abu Hanifa has stressed on woman rights and with his clear fatwas on women rights prevented injustice and cruelty against women in Islamic society, the statement continued.
President Ghani said Imam Abdu Hanifa (Allah the Almighty’s mercy be upon him) had opened the international relations way to Muslims and to manage international relations of Muslims with world, had done unique works. The president stressed that Islam world is now facing with violence and extremism has created plenty of problems in Islamic societies, thus, we need to take basic steps in this regard.
The president also stressed that our youth should not remain in the past two-way road and they should be rescued from terrorism and extremism.

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