‘Safety of Afghan Film Archive Important’

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Transferring Afghan Film Archive to Presidential Palace has raised many positive and negative reactions in the country. 
The issue came into hot discussions after spokesman for Ministry of Information and Culture said the archive was intended to be shifted to Presidential Palace for better protection, BNA writes.
The recent reactions and criticisms reveal that Afghans are very much sensitive with respect to their cultural heritages.  Those agree or opposing the transferring of the archive to Presidential Palace are indeed having attention towards its protection, the agency added.
The Afghan Film archive is rich with many stories of Afghanistan and the archive remained intact during the Taliban regime.
Leading body of the Ministry of Information and Culture considers the Afghan Film archive as the national cultural asset and never allows abusing of the collections.  Presidential Palace owns a museum and cultural artefacts which the Afghan Film archive would remained safe there, the agency concluded.

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