23 October 2020

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Ainak Copper Mine Should Be Extracted With Preservation of Physical Cultural Resources, Exerts

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Monday, July 15, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Working report of results of ‘International Symposium on Integrating preservation of Physical Cultural Resources with Ainak Coper Mine Development’ was ready to be delivered to the country’s President.  On second day of the symposium, foreign experts on of the field of archaeology and mines assessed and reviewed options and plans of archaeologists of the ministry of mines and petroleum.  As a result, experts in presence of acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi and acting minister of mines and petroleum suggested that Ainak copper mines should be extracted with preservation of physical cultural resources in the respective site.  They briefed related to results of work of the two-day symposium and considered it as beneficial to Afghanistan, asserting that final decision in this regard is in the hand of Afghanistan government.  Meanwhile, in the symposium attended also by deputy minister of art and culture for information and culture Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary and advisor to President Eng. Mohammad Yousuf Pashtoon, acting ministers of information and culture and mines and  culture and mines and petroleum thanked the foreign and domestic experts for their effort and suggestions during the two-day symposium.  They considered the physical cultural resources and Ainak copper mine as national investments, stressing that both the physical cultural resources, showing national identify of the country, should be preserved and Aynak copper mine, considered as national investment, should be extracted.  Acting ministers of information and culture and mines and petroleum asserted that working report of results of the two-day symposium, suggestion of foreign experts as well as op options and plans of the ministries would be delivered to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for its final decision and approval.

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