UK Reiterates Support to Media in Afghanistan

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Thursday, August 29, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The British government has announced an amount of Euro 250,000 to support media and Information freedom in Afghanistan, the UK embassy in Kabul said yesterday.
The British Ambassador to Kabul, Alison Blake CMG in a statement on Wednesday praised the expansion of Afghanistan’s independent and diverse media as a remarkable success of the last 18 years but underlined concern about the impact of the conflict on journalists’ safety and the significant threats faced by journalists working in Afghanistan.
The British Embassy in Kabul regularly engages with Afghan journalists and media organizations to understand the challenges they face and to identify how to support them, the statement said.
“Supporting media freedom is a global priority for the UK Government and in Afghanistan, we are working to this end by promoting the safety of journalists, supporting women journalists and working to promote access to information,” M. Blake said.
The UK welcomes the steps that the Afghan Government has taken to improve the security of journalists, and we will continue to work with them and media representatives to assure that the media is as safe and free as it can be, the statement added.
“Today I am delighted to announce that the UK Government has provided Euro 25,000 to organizations and projects that will advance these priorities by developing the capability and capacity of female journalists outside Kabul,” the British Ambassador said, adding, “supporting journalists in tackling the security challenges they face and creating a platform to improve the access and management of information by journalists.”

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