Afghanistan Cultural Heritage Support Association Asks for Protection of Historic, Cultural Heritages

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Sunday, September 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Cultural Heritages Support Association has asked all parties to the peace negotiations for protection of the country’s cultural heritages and historic monuments.
According to a statement issued by the association, Afghanistan is rich in having historic monuments and cultural heritages in the country, but continued war has somehow harmed historic sites of the country.
The association has said that it is following Afghanistan political and social situation and it seems that peace talks between the US and representatives of the Taliban group are in final stages.  The association asserted that bitter past experiences in Afghanistan have shown that by starting new political processes another wave of political crisis are followed, therefore the association is strongly asking all sides to the peace negotiations to protect the country’s historic monuments and cultural heritages.  The statement was issued in leading meeting attended by all members of the association on Thursday.


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