Afghanistan Needs More Cultural Revival in Coming Years, President Ghani

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Wednesday October 9, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, accompanied by a number of cultural figures, paid a visit to renovated palaces of Paghman’s Bala Bagh. According to BNA reported, during visit his to the Bala Bagh palace, President Ghani said there was nothing except stones and dirt two years ago as the palace had been fully destroyed in fighting, but operational team of the presidential office has reconstructed and renovated the place as before. “For development and further connectivity of the people, a palace similar to Bala Bagh will be reconstructed in each district of the central zone,” President Ghani said, adding that doors of the respective palace will be open to all the people and cultural figures are here today to share their consultations and suggestions in this regard.
The country’s President said when he talked to foreigner for reconstruction of Darul Aman palace, they were saying renovation of the palace would be completed within three or four years, but operational team of the presidential palace completed reconstruction process of the palace in 18 months. Deputy of national development and operational team for the presidential office Abdul Rahman Atash by briefing related to reconstruction process of the palaces said reconstruction of the respective palaces were not simple as there were no technical documents on hand. “We did find a number of families whose members had worked in the palaces.
Based on previous pictures of the palaces and members of such families, we did start reconstruction process of the palaces,” Atash said. The President also said that after zone building process completion, 16 corridors would be constructed in Kabul, next to the historical Balahesar or fortress and reconstruction work should be restarted on the 20 caravansaries which are the symbol of trade and historical area of the country. The President also focused on the archeology values and said that less points were without texts. And to give link between text and ultra-text, there was a need for building a committee. Ponting to the culturists, President Ghani said culture cannot produce state but you can produce it and that for cultural rehabilitation, an entity should be established and that government would allocated some cashes to be used in the cultural rehabilitation, under the culturists management.

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