Minister Safi Congratulates Advent of Milad Al-Nabi

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Sunday, November 10, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi, has greeted the Muslims around the globe, in particular the Mulsim nation of Afghanistan, on the advent of Milad al-Nabi or birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a statement from the ministry said yesterday.
Milad al-Nabi has been considered as one of the most blessed days in history of Islam, as the holy religion’s beloved messenger.
Muhammad ((PBUH) came to this world to save the humanity from aberration the minister added as quoted in the statement.
“I ask from the court of the Almighty Allah to consider our actions in line with Islamic principles and teaching of the holy prophet of Islam.
I do also hope that our country be save from all the calamities and pests with the blessing of Milad al-Nabi and everyone could help guide the country towards peace and prosperity” Minister Safi said.

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