30 September 2020

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“Pesaran-e- Buzkashi” Film Nominates For Oscar Prize

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The film of “Pesaran-e-Buzkashi” (Buzkahsi Sons) is nominated to earn the Oscar prize.
In this film two Afghan youths play central role and is directed by American stage managers.
In this film, Mohammadi plays the role of ironsmith and Jawan Mard Payeez has the role of “Aspandi” (wild Rue)
In this film the both afore mentioned youth wanted to play the role of a Buzkash.
The pictures of this film photographed during 20 days from different parts of Kabul city and its montage covered on year.
This film is from among five short films of the world that is candidate for Oscar prize.
Once more Fawad Mohammdi was asked that how he found his way toward this film?
He replied that what made him wonderful.
He says that first, I was introduced with a French director and worked with him for two days and after passing examination, I began my work as the main director of the film.
Another player of the film is Jawan Mard Payeez son of Hummayoun Payeez.
The family members are artists. Now he is the student of 11th class of the school, previously, he had worked in few other films as well.
In connection with his role in the film of Pesaran-i- Buzkashi, he says that I had how much sovereignty over my role that the audience gave me money as bonus.
When I was playing the role of Chaap Andaz and fallen down from back of camel, the players killed me.
It is planned that the Oscar prize be given to one of five short 20-25 minutes films that Pesaran-i-Buszkashi is one of them.
The prize would be given this February.
The cinema is the introducer of identity of our country, but how it is seen, during recent few years; less work has been done for promotion of this art.
Some cinematographers and film makers say that to date, nothing has been helped to cinematographers to make film.
Film maker Seddiq Barmak said in the connection that in the fields of music and sport some changes have been occurred, but in the field of cinema nothing has been done.
There is no budget foe making film and Afghan serial that be served for our culture.
At the same time, head of Afghan film department Mohammad Ibrahim Arefi said in this respect that the main challenges face by us is lack of professional cadres.
This itself is a capital.
There are few limited professional cadres countrywide.
Likewise this department has no budget necessary for promotion of affairs related to Afghan-film.
This is in a time that in majority of the countries, cinema is enumerated as a means for development of culture.
During recent years, less people go to cinema and they have no awareness about its importance.

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