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12th March is coincident with   the 12th anniversary of destruction of Bamian’s statues by ignorant and savage Taliban. Taliban committing this heinous act struck a heavy blow on humanism and damaged the most valuable heritage of the world.

BNA commentator regarding to this barbaric and inhumane act writes: twelve years from now, in such day, so called Taliban using explosives destroyed Buddha’s statues the most famous cultural heritages of the region and the world and in this way they not only demonstrated their hostility to science, culture and civilization of our country but to the entire region and the world. In reality this barbarous and evil act originated from the hostilities of neighboring country toward the rich and ancient civilization, which carried out by Taliban their mercenaries.

Apparently, Taliban claimed that they have damaged the statues because of religious reasons but in fact they used religion as a means of implementing their masters’ evil goals which are aimed not only eliminating the glorious history and ancient civilization of our country but the entire region even the world. Short minded and conservative Taliban perpetrating such a grave crime not only targeted the identity and glorious history of an ancient country but attacked the world culture and civilization as a whole. By   committing this evil act they once again proved that their animosity to humanity, science and culture not only restricted to geo- politic of Afghanistan but goes much beyond
They attacked the targets in this country which were not only belonged to the Afghans but were the property of the region and the world. Taliban within a plot designed by the intelligence of the neighboring country damaged the Buddha’s statues to show their hostility towards knowledge, art and finally humanity. Taliban did destructions as Changes Khan did early and gone but the memory of their evil deeds especially the destruction of Buddha’s statues will remain for ever.

Since, Islamic State of Afghanistan considers itself as the patron of preserving archeological sites and historical monuments of the country has taken practical measures for rehabilitation of the Buddha’s statues and already established close ties with different friendly countries and relevant international organizations for the purpose. So far Japan has showed its interest for rehabilitation of the Buddha’s statues and UNESCO also is playing its role on that regard. Unfortunately, until now the process of rehabilitation of the statues is not underway. It is a fact the statues have been destroyed, but now a question raises what the international community to whom the Buddha’s statues this world’s heritage belong has done for the rehabilitation of the statues and what plans do they have for implementing the project of reconstruction of the statues. Because condemning an evil action can not solve the problem, it needs a practical action.

The cultural properties of Afghanistan among them Buddha’s statues not only belong to Afghans but belong to the Buddhists across the world and international community as a world heritage. Therefore, rehabilitation of the statues are considered as an obligation of all countries and international organizations without any discrimination, so they should do all their best to meet that humane goal.  

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