Digging In Narinj Tapa Begins

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Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The archeological department of the ministry for information and culture began excavation in Narinj Tapa in Shuhadi Salihin, Kabul city yesterday, BNA reported.
Supported by the French embassy, the digging process will continue for a month, head of archeological department Abdul Qadir Timori said.
Timori also added that since 2004, hundreds of relics including statues, coins and pottery dated back to 4th and 6th century AD which have been shifted to the national museum.
According to Timori, 47 pieces of relics had also been discovered from Narinj Tapa and shifted to the national museum last year.
He also hoped that new digging will lead to discovery of more artifacts from the area.

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