06 July 2020

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Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) On this Monday’s regular meeting of the Cabinet, President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on Sunday in Kabul, Nangarhar, Logar and Paktia provinces, which killed 4 civilians and 11 members of the security forces and injured 32 civilians and nearly 42 Afghan security forces.
Suicide terrorists started targeting several areas in the Capital and in the provinces that was quickly followed by response from the ANSF forces that led to the elimination of 36 terrorists and arrest alive of one of them.
Condemning the attacks in the strongest possible terms, the President commended the valor and the devotion demonstrated by the ANSF forces in quickly reacting and eliminating the terrorists.
“Afghan security forces proudly displayed their ability which was itself an assurance to the people that they are capable of protecting their country.”
The President also praised the security forces for the caution and the care they exercised in protecting of and preventing any further harm to civilians and for a relatively quick control of the situation.
President Karzai described the infiltration by the suicide terrorists to Kabul and other provinces an “intelligence failure for us and especially NATO”, calling for a full investigation.
The President stressed that the terrorists - mercenaries and stooges at the hands of foreigners - must know that by launching such attacks, they cannot undermine the people’s determination in moving towards peace and progress.
Deeply saddened by the tragic losses in the incidents, President Karzai offered his heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims and prayed for a quick recovery of the wounded.

Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Pentagon has organized a competitive program for purchase of war planes for the Afghan air force among several large aircrafts manufactures.
The ministry declared on Friday that measures have been made for buying some light jets for the Afghan force and soon bidding for this will be made among manufactures including the Craft Corporation of the US and Brazilian Emerald Company.
Though they said that the purchase of the aircrafts will not be finalized till 2013 but this move can indicate a part of the US commitments that till 2014 parts of the Afghan air force will be rehabilitated.
The aircrafts considered for Afghanistan is of the type of AT-29 and that 20 of them will cost USD 350 million.
The aircraft has been designed for less threat conditions and it can be used for carrying security activities, air patrol, defection mission, support to the procurement caravans and training of personnel.
The US authorities are decisive that these planes should be delivered to the Afghan side till 2014.
Equipping of the Afghan air force is an international commitment and the persistent insistence of Afghanistan the Afghan air force now has few transport helicopters of M-17 and EC-37 types.
A source of Defense Ministry confirmed that the US has undertaken the program for purchase of aircrafts but it is not known whether then these will be purchased.

Monday, April 16, 2012
Mehterlam (BNA) While the clearing operations of the Afghan forces in Kamdesh district of Nooristan are continued, the security in charges say that these forces could occupy the strategic positions of the Taliban in the area.
The latest report indicates that three Taliban commanders by the name of Abbas, Mullah Najibullah and Mohammad Rahim who led the insurgents in Kamdesh district were arrested during the mopping up operations on some targets of the Taliban including the Hasht Rah in the south and occupied that location.
The source added that the Hast Rah is covered by forests where the Taliban had deployed their heavy arms and were targeting government forces.
With the occupation of Hasht Rah the Kamdesh highway was opened to the traffic.
The highway lies at a distance of 50 Km from the center of the province.
He also informed the media of the occupation of some other key points and the Taliban were fully defeated there.
From the start of the military operations by the national army commandos and the national police so far 45 Talib including their Pakistani insurgents were killed and tens of others were wounded.
Also three Afghan military personnel were killed and another six persons were wounded in the operations.
Mohammad Zareen spokesman of Nooristan governor stated that the Afghan forces are continuing their progress towards the border regions and that with circling of some points the Taliban cannot flee to Pakistan as well.
The operation started there with the arrival of the commando forces of the national army on Friday.
In the three days the Afghan forces broke the Taliban ranks and defeated them.
Nooristan located in the east of Afghanistan and has 250 common border with Pakistan and this place often become the gathering site for the Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban elements.

Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) India, Russia and China reached agreement on common cooperation with Afghanistan in the struggle against terrorism and narcotics.
The reached this agreement during meeting of foreign ministers of the three countries.
The Russian foreign minister has said that his government has promised cooperation with Afghanistan in struggle against terrorism and narcotics.
He said that Afghanistan is a neighbor of India and China and the security in Afghanistan directly affects the region.
Vladimir Puteen Russian president has declared that he and his people support stability in Afghanistan.
Puteen has lately attained the position of the president of the Russian Federation and he noted that security and stability in Afghanistan is the long-waiting aspiration of the Russian people.

Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Foreign and Defense ministers would visit Belgium and Poland on their way to Brussels, where a ministerial summit of NATO countries is due, an official said on Sunday.
Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak and Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rassoul are to discuss the progress made with regard to security transition, international support for Afghanistan beyond 2014 and preparation for the Chicago summit with their foreign counterparts.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Janan Musazai told a news conference in Kabul the two ministers would discuss strengthening bilateral ties with their Polish counterparts during the trip.
Security transition from foreign soldiers to Afghan forces launched in January is expected to be completed by 2014, when foreign combat troops are scheduled to leave, but a core of trainers and other troops will remain beyond that date.
The Chicago conference on Afghanistan would discuss international assistance with Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with some members of Pakistan parliament women network representing the opposition in that country.
The meeting was also attended by some women members of the Afghan parliament and mutual issues and parliamentary ties between the two nations were discussed.
The women network of Pakistan parliament conveyed warm greetings of the prime minister and the speaker of the Pakistan parliament and informed the president on the activities of the network and their visit to Afghanistan as well as their meetings with the head of secretariat of the high peace council, speaker of House of People and members of the women members of the house and expressed their interest for restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan.
President Karzai considered the relations between women in the parliaments of the two countries as very important and expressed his willingness that in addition to formation of the women parliamentary group of Afghanistan and Pakistan and India should also be formed.
He added that the people of both countries have sustained immense sacrifices and are facing the same problems and called such visits as instrumental in strengthening of trust building between the two nations.
Mrs. Shenkai Karokhail member of the House of People said that the more links are established between the two parliament the better trust building can be created among them as exchange of views and understanding among the members of parliament is to the benefit of both countries.
Mrs. Nahid another member of the parliament of Afghanistan called the visit of the Pakistani parliament women network as very important.
Mrs. Gulalai Noor Sadiqi another member of the parliament said that women in both countries are sustaining sacrifices of war and violence, creation of the common network among the women of the two countries can bring about effectiveness of women situation.
It is said that the visit of the Pakistani parliament members, is taking place following similar visit of Afghan women parliamentarians to Pakistan for restoration of friendship among the two countries’ parliaments.

Monday, 16 April 2012 06:24

Book Exhibition Organized In Kabul

Monday, April 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) An exhibition entitled “Shaher Ketab” City of books was opened in Kabul by deputy minister of information and culture Ghulam Nabi Farahi.
The exhibition depicts 40,000 volumes of literary, political, cultural and Islamic books that are being arranged by Najibullah Manelai advisor to the finance ministry.
Farahi noted that the ministry of information and culture is prepared to prepare facilities for holding such exhibitions.

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Seven thousand Jeribs of poppy cultivated farms have been cleaned from poppy pushes during the destruction program of poppy in Helmand province.
Dawod Ahmadi Spokesman of Helmand Governor told this news agency, this program started on 2nd of Hamal in Helmand province, 11 district and seven thousand Jeribs of land have been cleaned from poppy pushes.
According to the source, seven policemen martyred and twelve others injured in this operation.
Ahmadi said, during the clashes of Afghan forces with armed Taliban, four Taliban were killed, two arrested and four others have been injured.
The source said, four anti-vehicle mines and five guns were seized by Afghan security forces.
T. Rateb

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) National Security Directorate Department arrested two persons who wanted to carry out suicide attack on Mohammad Karim Khalili Second Vice-president.
The NSD department confirmed this report.
It is said that a person who was accompanying the two suicide attackers have been arrested too.
These persons were arrested at 1:00 pm today are belong to Jalaludeen Haqani network.
A quantity of weaponries and explosive materials has been seized from the arrested attackers.
NSD said, the details of this news will publish later.
T. Rateb.

Sunday, 15 April 2012 12:13

Two Suicide Attackers Killed In Kabul

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Interior Ministry’s authorities said, the operations of security forces continue for killing of the attackers which hidden in two places in Kabul and two of the attackers have been killed.
Sediq Sediqi spokesman of Interior Ministry told, during the operation of security forces one attacker was killed in Zambaq Square and the other one was killed in a building which is under construction in front of Parliament.
Sediqi has not said the number of attackers which placed in these two buildings.
Also Sediqi didn’t say regarding the casualties of civilians and security forces in these events.
General Ayob Salange General Commander of Kabul Security Commandment said, clashes took placed in residential areas and we go on carefully.
T. Rateb