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Friday, 12 September 2014 13:00

IEC to Announce Final Election Results Soon: Nooristani

Written by Manager2

Friday September 12, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Yousaf Nooristani head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) committed to announcing the final results of the second round of election next week.
According to BNA report, we have decided to announce the final results of the election during next week and the decision is confirmed there is no reason for delay, Nooristani said.
Nooristani added, the election commission is expected to move ahead with the results announcement regardless of where the candidates stand on their still ongoing political negotiations.
He further added, after announcing of the final results if there is a crisis in the country, responsibility will be with those who lead and create the crisis and the election commission will not be responsible in this respect.
The officials of Independent Election Commission (IEC), while talking about the end and announces of finals results, which Dr. Abdullah Abdulah’s team remains officially cut off from the election commission and confirmed that they didn’t accepted the final results.

Friday September 5, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Noor Mohammad Noor spokesman of Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that the recount and auditing process of second round of presidential election has been completed.
According to BNA correspondent, Noor talking among reporters said, it was a great mission that 100 percent of vote audit and recount process concluded.
According to him the process has been competed by hundreds of National, International, both presidential candidates observers and employees of Independent Election Commission (IEC).
He represented of (IEC) expressed appreciation from United Nation, National and International observers and media to compete the process patiently.
He confirmed that, all national and international standards considered by national and international experts during audited and recount of 22,828 ballot boxes.
The process had started at 17 July and ended 04 September 2014.
Both the candidates are negotiating over political part of the audit including deal brokered internationally to prevent Afghanistan from crises.

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) with two-thirds of the ballot boxes from the 100 percent audit of the Presidential run-off election now processed, the United Nations urges the two campaigns of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani to cooperate fully with the country’s electoral authorities in order to bring the audit to completion at the earliest time.  Any further delays only exacerbate the already heavy toll that the current uncertainty has on the political, security and economic environment, as well as on the lives of ordinary Afghans.
“An audit of this scale and complexity has never been attempted before anywhere in the world,” said the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of UNAMA, Ján Kubiš, “I commend all those who have contributed to the progress in moving this critical process forward to the point where a credible outcome will soon be known,” he said, adding, “Then we expect that both leaders and their campaigns will honor their commitments to respect the outcome of the process.”
“We expect that besides the rapid conclusion of the vote audit process, the two presidential candidates will also in at the earliest time  reach an agreement on the establishment of a national unity government, which will lead Afghanistan from the current situation to stability,” said Mr. Kubiš.  “The government of national unity based on partnership is the only option acceptable to the Afghan people and the international community. Speculation about any unconstitutional alternatives or appeals for civil disobedience can only worsen the current complicated situation,” said Mr. Kubiš. 
The audit is unique for Afghanistan in terms of its scale, depth, observation, international supervision and the genuine joint responsibility given to the two campaigns for oversight of the process. The features of this ambitious exercise and the request to the international community to help implement it were set out in the 12 July Agreement reached between the two candidates.
With the need for the audit to begin immediately after it was agreed to between the two candidates, the United Nations and the wider international community have mobilized extraordinary resources, personnel and technical expertise to support this unprecedented process.
A snapshot of this support includes:
• Operating more 100 ISAF and UN flights to retrieve all 22,828 ballot boxes from around the country to Kabul so that each ballot box can be opened, audited, and, if necessary, recounted in the full presence of international and domestic observers, candidate agents, UN technical advisors and the media.
• Ensuring a thorough audit by supplementing existing IEC audit checklist and invalidation criteria with a comprehensive set of UN recommendations based on international best practice.
This high level technical advice was developed by two of the United Nation’s most senior elections officials, including the Secretary-General’s Advisor on Elections, Mr. Craig Jenness, and one of the world’s foremost elections practitioners, Mr. Jeff Fischer.
• Rapid mobilization of 216 full-time international professional observers to complement the over 100 personnel seconded from 17 diplomatic missions in Kabul and 337 domestic observers working to enhance the transparency and credibility of the audit.
•Rapid mobilization of 123 UN elections experts to supplement the 48 locally based UN staff providing technical advice and supervision for the audit. The mobilized have significant experience working on elections in international and post-conflict environments and include 20 individuals who have served as country lead or regional advisors on elections for the UN.
•Providing the two presidential campaigns with full access to the audit and genuine joint oversight over how it is designed and conducted, including allowing each of them to nominate up to 3,000 polling station boxes to receive special scrutiny.
Senior UN officials have met with the two presidential candidates more than 25 times since the start of the process to ensure that their views on the process are fully understood and incorporated into the process. “The UN is dedicated to playing its part fully so that the audit effectively separates valid votes from fraudulent ballots in order to determine the will of Afghan voters and promote the ultimate goal of helping Afghanistan achieve its first ever peaceful transfer of power from one elected president to another,” said Mr. Kubiš, “Rarely have so many recognized experts and highly experienced electoral professionals been brought together at one time to support an elections process.”

Sunday, 24 August 2014 06:43

Over 66% of Votes Audited: Noor

Written by Manager2

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Spokesman for the independent election commission (IEC) Noor Mohammad Noor has said that more than 66 percent of the votes had been recounted and audited.
Addressing a press conference, Noor said yesterday that the process of invalidation of the votes would begin on Monday.
He also added that since beginning the auditing process 15,145 ballot boxes which make 66.34 percent of more than 22,000 ballot boxes had been audited. Around 500 ballot boxes out of 6000 special boxes have been audited and process is continuing, Noor went on to say. Noor also said that the IEC has been trying to finish the auditing process within the next two weeks.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Majority of the people of Afghanistan by receiving the voting cards want to confront the Taliban and their collaborators through a democratic process.
The recent attacks of Taliban and other terrorist organizations haven’t demoralized the Afghan people sprit to boycott the elections. People are now more energetic and their commitments have further nourished to vote in the election and mark the destiny of their motherland.
Only four days have remained to the timeline for holding of presidential and provincial councils’ elections and the people are more enthusiastic to commute to the polling booths and vote.
Mass crowds of Kabul residents this week have waited hours to register their name for voting in Saturday’s election, but long lines have not done much hinder the spirits of potential voters who say participation in this year’s election is a way of opposing those who threaten their country’s wellbeing.
For the past few days Afghans have lined up long before registration centers open at 8AM in hopes of getting their cards quickly.
But the crowds have not let up as the days wear on, with long lines stretching out registration offices until closing time at 4PM.
The large turnout at registration centers bodes well for participation in Saturday’s presidential and provincial councils elections, though it comes as somewhat of a surprise given the steady stream of militant attacks that have plagued Kabul over the past few days. For many Afghans, the uptick in violence seems to have had the opposite effects from that insurgents intended.
“These suicide bombings and explosions are by the enemies of Afghanistan, and registration to vote is a strong step against them,” said Arzo Hashemi, a Kabul resident in line to receive her voting card on Sunday.
“I am here to get my voting card and I am not afraid of anyone,” another Kabul resident named Zahra said.
People of all ages were waiting in line to register on Sunday.
Tela Begum and Seema were two elderly women who waited in the ling line for hours to get their voting cards.
Although they were decades older than many of the others in line, they felt they had an equal right and responsibility to help determine their country’s future.
The presidential vote on Saturday will mark Afghanistan’s first democratic transition of presidential power in history.
Kabul residents have asked the IEC to increase the number of registration centers to avoid long waiting times.
Currently there are 41 registration centers throughout the country that will be open until Wednesday. Each center has two stations- one for men and one for women.
Saturday’s election have got major significant to Afghanistan and world community to continue bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and international community beyond 2014 when foreign forces set to evacuate the country after a decade long efforts against militancy and terrorism.
2014 elections will start a new chapter between Afghanistan and the world. International community has asked the government of Afghanistan to work hard and use all available sources to conduct the elections in free and fair manner.
Recently, the UN special representative to Afghanistan assured that there won’t be discontinuity to international financial assistance to Afghanistan post-2014 and asked the government to help the elections be conducted in transparent way.
Few months back a high ranking official from the UNAMA and UN Secretary General Special Envoy who also deals the UN cooperation to Afghanistan Nicolas Heism has was warned any fraud and illegitimacy in the polling could harm international cooperation of Afghanistan after 2014 and the UN assistance could be overshadowed which will leave damaging consequences on the county.
Elections are part of the important aspects of democracy and the democratic process which allow the general public to use their democratic rights and selected the leader of their country through a democratic process.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:53


Written by Manager

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The recent report on security indicates that in spite of the rebel threats against security, 20% of voting stations across the country are safe for voters and that could be a hopeful step for holding an election that can meet the international criteria.
BNA commentator commenting on the issue writes: the elections will be held just within a few days.
The Afghan people will have opportunity displaying their will elect their upcoming leader.
Holding election in a country like Afghanistan which has seen decades of war and foreign interferences, is not an easy task.
Armed opposition in close complies with foreign intelligence and cooperation of extremism groups who are active on the other site of Afghan borders, have threaten to disrupt the elections, but the measures adapted by the Afghan security forces have reduce the threats to the lowest level.
The elections have planned to be held on April 5, 2014 in the elections 13 million eligible people will go to polling centers to elect their upcoming leader.
The voters know very well that a key issue determines their destiny and future.
This is an issue that urban and ruler people believe the same.
They consider voting as their national obligation and seriously eager to put the obligation in practice by going to polling stations and casting their votes into voting box to elect their favorite candidate.
But there are threatening challenges but they cannot deter the people from going polling station and casting their votes.
Presently, the security authorities have guaranteed the security in 6421 polling stations, while earlier 7101 polling station have been setup, in this way it becomes clear that security has been insured in 90% of polling stations.
The efforts made by Afghan patriotic security forces in this end are appreciable, but for holding an election according international standard is not the only concern to discuss on, since as mentioned earlier the concern has been settled due to the efforts of national security forces, other concerns such fraud and declaring the outcome on the result of the elections are the issues to be discussed.
The concern have been raised in a time, recently the acting head of national security directorate made is clear that certain printing houses in Pakistani cities have printed voting cards or ballets, this can provide the ground for fraud and sabotaging the process of the elections.
Holding a transparent and free of fraud elections is not depend on security forces, for hold such elections there is an urgent need, for close and friendly cooperation among independent commission of election, independent of election complaints, supervisors of the elections and people can guaranty an election free from fraud and any other conspiracies.
So far a number of presidential candidates have introduced their representatives to supervise the elections process or if they have introduced they are a small number.
The time of holding elections is closing security concerns have settled. But the Afghan people expect the candidates for presidency to consider the elections as part of national interests and trust on the outcome and not let the enemies of the country to sabotages the results of the election and to provide the ground for rests and unrests.
In democratic societies, the politicians who contest for presidency at the same time they good friends and colleagues for building a prosperous and peaceful society, so we hope the candidates for presidency considering this act as good friend to tranquility and prosperity of their war suffering people.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 06:42

Afghan Women Determined To Vote In Elections

Written by Manager

Tuesday April, 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan women have expressed their firm determination to vote in the presidential elections and mark the destiny of their country with their own hands.
The women believe that their extended participation in the elections may further strengthen the credibility and legitimacy of the elections and it will also support the restoration of long-standing peace and security in the country.
A number of Kabul residents waited hours to register to vote in Saturday's election, but the wait did not hinder the spirits of those in line because they say voting in this year's election is a way of fighting against fundamentalists.
For the past few days people have been waiting in line long before registration centers open at 8 a.m. and stay till the centers close for the day. The presence of people at registration centers is opposite of what was expected to happen after recent attacks on the IEC office. Instead there is a strong outcome of residents committing to vote despite the insecurities and threats. "These suicide bombings and explosions are by the enemies of Afghanistan and registering to vote is a strong step against them," Arzo Hashemi, resident of Kabul, said.
"I am here to get my voting card and I am not afraid of anyone," Zahra, resident of Kabul, said. People of all ages were waiting in line to register to vote.
Tela Begum and Seema are two elderly female residents of Kabul who waited in the long line for hours to register to vote this Saturday, despite the long wait, the two were determined to get their voting cards. “these days there are many explosions and attacks happening in various corners of the country, it is the work of the enemies of Islam, despite that we have decided to receive voting cards and cast votes in the elections and beat a strong punch on the face of the enemies by voting,” a university student Roya said. “We have come to the voter registration centers to take card and select our next president,” Kabul resident Shafiq said.
Residents have asked the IEC to increase the number of registration centers to avoid long waiting time. Currently there are 41 registration centers that will be open three days prior to Saturday's election for people to register. Meanwhile, a number of women rights activists have said that participation of women in the elections will ensure the protection of the achievements which the Afghan women so far have gained over the last twelve years since establishment of the new political system in the country.  “participation of women in the elections is an important factor that could preserve the achievements of women in the country which they have gained over the last twelve years, during the election campaigns women proved that they were not a silent voice and they have grown as compare to the past,” Nadir Naderi, head of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan said.
Women in Afghanistan initially received vote right in 1342 Hijjri during the kingdom of Mohammad Zahir which also followed some criticism from the religious scholars. In addition, chairman of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani last week said that special places have considered for women to vote in the elections and women will able to commute to the polling centers with confidence and cast their votes in the elections. In two months election campaigns, the presidential candidates pledged to include protection of women rights and their achievements among their top working priorities.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Despite the threats of Afghan government armed opponents based on non-contribution in election and exacerbation of terrorist activities in the country, our people remained committed to contribute in election process.
Any threat and pressure from address of terrorists doesn't prevent them from this national determination.
The people of Afghanistan look to election as a national and destiny -making process.
They know accurately that what the role be played by election in determination of their political destiny and place the country to what an itinerary?
Elections in Afghanistan are indicator of democracy and commitment for establishment of a democratic government.
The elections strengthen the power of central government in the country.
It causes good governance and protects the people’s identity and the position of our country as a committed one towards protection of national worthies and new-born democracy.
Elections is sign of allegory of determination and with attending in this process, the people confirms in fact their freedom and self-determination.
The foreign enemies of Afghanistan who are always follow to plunder the identity, culture and determination of people and are making efforts to eliminate our national determination through any possible way, they have especially enmity with election process in Afghanistan.
Because, they know this process is a national one and Afghans grant high worthy to it.
In the presence of armed Taliban, the regional intelligence services are trying to disturb this national process and change it to zero.
If we focus our attention towards the depth of recent terrorist activities and proclamation of ceasefire between the Taliban of Pakistan and army of that country, all these instigations prove only the enmity of themselves with the people of Afghanistan.
But, the determination of the people of Afghanistan is strong and ironical.
If we look over the reports released by media during recent days, despite terrorists who create harass among people either Talib or Panjabi are using their last possibilities to exert pressure on people and are making effort with performing anti-Afghan activities to bring under their influence the psychology of people.
Afghans are committing to attend in election process and with passing each day; the number of enthusiasts for attending in this national process is increasing.
With passing each day, the security forces proclaim safer more than before the voting centers.
All these indicate that with national worthies and interests, the Afghans enumerate attending in election process as their own obligation and never bow to those who are making effort to rule on their destiny.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 06:24

House Asks People To Attend Vastly In Elections

Written by Manager

Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Laying emphasize on vast participation of people in elections, the house of people asked the runners of presidential elections to seriously consider the national high interests of the country during their electoral campaigns and after proclamation of the result of elections. 
According to lower house press office to BNA, in a session held yesterday under the chairmanship of second secretary of the house, Dr. Mohammad Saleh Saljuqi, the members were present at the session criticized seriously from non-presence of some MPs in general meetings and commissions and laid emphasize that with focusing attention to the sensitive situation of the country and working necessities of the house of people, the people’s representatives should refrain from absence at the sessions.
The MPs evaluated unjustified the absence of deputies and asked from administrative body that according to the principles of internal duties, the measures be taken in hand so to prevent from continuation of such absences.
The present members stated that participation of deputies in campaigns doesn’t reason for their absence and should have active presence for investigation of law-making and supervisory issues.
Focusing attention towards increment of security threats in the threshold of holding of presidential and provincial councils’ elections, to laud from miseries and sacrifices accepted by security forces of the country, asked the in charges to make serious effort for maintenance security in the country.
At the same time, the MPs expressed their optimism over interest of people of Afghanistan in attending the election process and stated that the presence of tens of thousands people in campaigning ceremonies and the interest of youth for taking voting cards is indicator of the fact that for determination of their political destiny, the people have no fear from the threats. Taliban and the enemies of the people of Afghanistan should know that with resorting to terrorist acts, they don’t exert any disorder to determination of people. The members of parliament asked people of Afghanistan to have vast presence in voting centers in Hamal 16th (April 5) of current year and elect the future president and their representatives for provincial councils.

Monday, 31 March 2014 07:15

Polling Centers Should Be Secured

Written by Manager

Monday March 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The number of polling stations facing harsh security threat increase as the Independent Election Commission (IEC)’s spokesman said that the process with less than a week timeline is heavily feared to face fraud and disturbance.
Noor Mohammad Noor expressed concern over a more possibly fraud overwhelming the April 5 process as the polling stations facing heavy security threats in different parts of the country has increased more than was claimed earlier. Speaking in a news conference, he said the commission had earlier discussed the issue with the security organs that it could not secure at least 96 polling centers, while the number is increasing further than ever. He said in joint cooperation with the security forces, the commission is trying to secure the election process, but warned some polling centers would remain close due to critical security seasons.
Kabul Police chief, Gen. Zahir Zahir assured of a secure process for the upcoming presidential and provincial elections in the country. He asked the people to confidently go to the polling centers and use their rights for voting their favorite candidates. He said securing election process was their responsibility and would do more for its security to help the people to the polling centers under a secure atmosphere. Some political experts, besides expressing concern over the security threat in the country asked the entire people to attend the process via going to the polling centers and using their votes in favor of their favorite nominees. But they conditioned the process’s success to the full security of the polling centers.
Jawid Kohistani warned the process for presidential and provincial council elections in many parts of the country would remain empty of voters, as the people would not dare to attend due to the increasing security threat in many areas of the country. The people also asked the security forces for taking security of the process as they said they can never go to the polling centers unless their security was taken during the upcoming elections.

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