26 May 2017

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Saturday, 08 March 2014 11:15

Women’s Positive Role In Peace, Elections

Written by Manager

Saturday, March 08, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The women contribution in the peace negotiations and national reconciliation process considered to be constructive and no process is will move towards success without women participation and no one can deny from this reality or ignore it.
A number of women legislators and members of the High Peace Council (HPC) have demanded larger women participation in the peace talks with the armed insurgents and elections.
The women have also expressed optimism that the achievements of the last twelve years are protected at any cast because, the nation has paid major price in getting them.
“There is no doubt, no process in succeeded without the effective participation and crucial role of the women, because the women constitute half of the human community, women are mothers and they have the feeling of kindness and honesty, women are able to lead and manage the things which they do at homes,” member of High Peace Council Sediqa Balkhi said.
“Fortunately, today women have proved their constructive role in all spheres and they have conducted duties and accomplished tasks with peace and in a civilized manner.”
The HPC member emphasized that the peace negotiation process is quite vital for the country and women rights and dignity must be honor in the process. “The peace negotiation process should be an Afghan led process, the peace talks needs more time and this should be inter-Afghani dialogue,” she said, adding that the women working in HPC have accomplished positive jobs including a mass campaign recording of voice of the people for peace.
“The peace negotiation process is a national process and the election process should also be a national process, women can play constructive role on this sphere by using their ballots,” Balkhi added.
“No process is succeeded in Afghanistan without the contribution and participation of women particularly the peace process and elections, women have remained the main victims during the Taliban regime, they should be taken into confidence in the peace talks and protection of previous decade’s achievements,” lawmaker and parliament’s women affairs committee chairman Fawzia Kofi said.
“Women must have access to learning, health services, employment and other social opportunities.”
“The Afghan people have gained much experience from the previous elections and holding the upcoming elections has major significance and larger women participation is a must in this sphere,” in the meantime, women rights activists have said women keep more trusts on peace process rather than the men and they have the capability to play effective role in the development of the country.
“The Afghan women have always chanted peace slogan, but the peace process must guarantee the rights of Afghan women, if there is no role of women in the peace process, women rights activists have always raised voice for peace process,” women rights activist Humaira Qadiri said.
Meanwhile, the Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has said that the current change on the women life have been possible only through the day night struggles of the national and international institutions and women participation in social, economic and political process is very essential.
This comes at a time that the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the past twelve years utilized all available sources to persuade the government armed insurgents to endorse constitution, denounce violence and attended the peace negotiation table and stop further carnage and bloodsheds.
But the insurgents’ always ignored these calls and continued killing the Afghan security forces and the civilians.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) has pledged to inaugurate the provincial office before provincial council’s campaigns kicked off. Despite six months period since the appointment of vie ECC members, provincial offices of the concerned electoral institution yet to activated.
Elaborating on the topic, ECC Chairman Nadir Mohseni said, “the initial works have been completed on the matter; the ECC is committed to make sure the inauguration of provincial offices before the start of provincial council’s campaigns,”
“Some of the commissioners have been dispatched to the provinces and will officially start their jobs in few days,” ECC chairman Nadir Nadir Mohseni said, ”Preparations are underway to ensure opening of the provincial offices as soon as possible,”
In the meantime, The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) has said that on the basis of the law, the hearing of the complains field against the candidates were only the tasks of the Electoral Complaints Commission, saying that late office inauguration shows the deficiency of the responsible institution.
“Those who files the complaints against the candidates, there is possibility that their names are disclosed and this would endanger their lives, “FEFA spokesman Fahim Naeemi said.
The Independent Election commission of Afghanistan (IEC) has emphasized that there is a need for a close coordination and harmony between the two election bodies in order to ensure holding of free, fair and transparent elections.
“I swear before the people of Afghanistan to accomplish my job with honesty on the basis of the prevailing laws of the country,” a newly appointed ECC Commissioner said.
It is quite significant to mention that late opening of ECC provincial offices followed major criticisms from the election supervising bodies, civil society institutions and the people.
This comes at a time that Last week 120 ECC provincial commissioners took oath of the office and pledged to conduct duty with honest and transparency.

Sunday, March 02, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Electoral Complaints Commission chairman says the education documents of more than 400 provincial councils’ candidates are incomplete, asking the candidates to complete the documents.
It is determined ECC will soon hold a session for reviewing the education documents of the provincial councils’ candidates.
ECC chairman Abdul Satar Saadat in an inclusive interview with BNA said, “The education documents of more than 400 provincial councils’ candidates have problems and are incomplete, adding the commission’s secretariat has been tasked to ask the candidates to participate in a session to fill defending form and defend their documents.” “If they can’t complete the standard, the commission will decide on them,” he said.
ECC chairman added the candidates who hadn’t completed their education documents, warning if the candidates didn’t attend the session, they would face with problems. He said possibility was existed for preparing fake education document in Afghanistan, adding if the candidates provided fake documents, their names would be taken out from the final list and would be punished too.

Saturday March 1, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Despite close to three weeks has been passed as of beginning presidential campaign by runners, but, a number of witnesses in economic affairs and countrymen say that so far, no attractive program of improvement of living situation, providing labor opportunities and salvation of the country from economic attachment of donors’ contributions has been offered by the presidential runners.
A lecturer in Kabul University’s faculty of economy and witness in economic affairs, Saifuddin Saihoon said in the connection that the presidential runners more chanted slogans so far sans they have any study about the economic situation of the country.
As a whole, they discussed and detailed about the issues only through slogans. While Afghanistan needs more to fixed studying of certain programs, unfortunately, the presidential runners topped more their campaign agenda negotiation with opponents, the way of enforcement and funding of security forces. In this campaign, the issue of economy of Afghanistan pushed into margin of their programs.
Saihoon added that the up-coming presidential elections of Afghanistan taken place simultaneous with withdrawal of international forces from the country. So, it is destiny-making and important. According to him, presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan during over one decade helped more in improvement of economic situation and reduction of unemployment.
But with withdrawal of these forces, the level of contribution of international community will also reduce. Similarly, the working opportunities would also reduce. So, the presidential runners should have comprehensive and acceptable programs for a stable economy in the future. This lecturer of KU says that although political stability in any political system links to the economic situation of that country but, in Afghanistan, less attention has been paid in the connection so far. Because of relatively insecurities, more attention has been paid to security issues. Based on the same the presidential runners also topped the security situation as their electoral campaign and touched less on economic issues. He asserted the fact is this that the people are fonder to know about economic programs for improvement of their living situation.
Another economic witness Amir Mohammad says that the presidential campaign of presidential runners that has begun officially and is continuing so far in the capital and provinces, and eleven nominees compete, so far, they offered no special program regarding the way of improvement economic situation of the country. He added that the people of Afghanistan are expecting their politicians especially those who nominated themselves for presidential elections so they draft and offer the programs that rescue Afghanistan from possible economic and security crises after withdrawal of international forces from the country. Amir Mohammad added that those who offer program for improvement of economic situation, they should also have with themselves the technical issues and economic figure as well, because, the economic programs need exact analyze and the ways of salvation from them. At the same time, a number of MPs says that Afghanistan has good opportunities for the growth of its economy and the nominees should benefit from these opportunities and offer certain programs for the growth of the economy of Afghanistan.
Likewise, member of economic commission of house of people, Ramazan Juma says that although more opportunities are available in the country for the growth of economy, but it needs strong and healthy management. The people of Afghanistan expecting the presidential runners to offer economic programs in detail so, the people are assured about their future. According to him, pay9ing attention toward agriculture, mines, infrastructures, providing employment and salvation of Afghanistan from economic attachment are from among the issues that the presidential runners should pay more attention to them. At the same time, a number of countrymen are also dissatisfied with economic programs offered by presidential runners and say that those programs are set-forth as a whole, but how these programs would implement, no discussion has been made in the connection. One of our citizens Mirwais said in this respect that security and economy are the main issue that made people concerned. We expect the nominees to offer their programs to the people in a manner that the people are sure about their future and we expect our economy to get improvement. This is in a time the people of Afghanistan experience the third presidential and provincial councils’ elections and the elections of 1393 that taken place simultaneous with withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, is important and destiny making for our people.     

Monday, 24 February 2014 07:14

Germany, France Support Afghan Women

Written by Manager

Monday, February 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Germany and France during a meeting here in Kabul elected the 2014 Afghan woman and said they support the Afghan women, BNA reported. 
A meeting was held at the French cultural center in Isteqlal High School in Kabul, where chairwoman for the Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC), Sima Samar, head of Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), Suraya Parlika, ambassadors of France and Germany and some media persons had attended.
At the meeting, minister of women affairs, Husson Banu Ghzanfar said Germany and France were planned to grant the year prize to an Afghan woman elected for 2014-a decision to encourage her for her achievement had helped the Afghan women’s condition get advanced.
Fatema Gilani, Afghanistan women union chair-woman, said the annual award is given to those women with high achievements in cultural, art, economy, craft, agriculture and other fields, in order to draw attention of the government to forgotten women in different parts of the country. German ambassador called return of the women in social spheres, after 2001, the main positive change in Afghanistan.
French ambassador also spoke on the women role in the society and said; France and Germany representing the European Union are committed for continuation of cooperation with Afghanistan and had taken new strategy in this field. Head of the elected arbitrary penal, Sima Samar said the prize was expected to be announced in March 8, had given to an art activist. She said the prize was an art work and would be awarded to the women working in art, as well as the said countries would provide financial support for one of the winning projects.

Sunday, 23 February 2014 07:46

IEC Begins Its Another Publicity

Written by Manager

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) To attract the attention of people regarding the election process, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) began another publicity  program.
This program is begun yesterday by 1450 propagandists that 35 percent of  them  are  women.
Head of secretariat of IEC Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhel told BNA that these propagandists would have activity in 34 provinces in collaboration of religious scholars and tribal dignitaries.
Their programs are arranged for two months and two phases. Within first phase, the propagandists would persuade people to attend in election process and in second phase that taken place after elections, the propagandists would inform people about the results of elections and would propagate in the connection.
According to Amarkhel, despite the IEC speaks face to face about election programs with people through its propagandists, the commission would also inform people about importance of election process through mass media, publicity programs and other methods.

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Economic analysts and Afghanistan Industries Association (AIA) have called on the presidential and provincial councils candidates to act upon their commitments with regard to national economic development strategy.
Experts have mounted criticisms on the election campaigns because of not seeking services of domestic print industry.
There are reports revealing that most of the election contenders have printed election campaigns related materials including banners, posters, magazines and leaflets in neighboring countries which financially have left detrimental consequences on local print industry.
“Since establishment of the interim administration, free market economic activities was introduced in the country, the government of Afghanistan didn’t pursue comprehensive national economic development process over the past thirteen years to make sure the growth of domestic productions, the issue has pushed Afghanistan to consuming market which has also led to capital flee, each sectors need government support and concentration to avoid further collapse of national industries including printing industry,” economic commentator, Rohollah Ahmadzai said.
“Printing of election advertisement leaflets, banners and photos could be of one the practical step toward strengthening national industry, Afghanistan has gained satisfactory development in printing sector, Afghan printing industry is now fully equipped with modern facilities and it could compete with the printing industry of neighboring countries,” he said. “Despite the candidates pledge major strategies for booting up national economy and economic opulence, but yet, most of them haven’t taken practical step and printed their election materials outside the country.”
Member of the Academy Science Sher Ali Tarzi believes that the candidates must prove their patriotism and honesty by using national print industry. Afghan printing industry is fully capable of printing the election materials with best quality. It’s regrettable that the candidates utilize printing press of the neighboring countries and invest money outside the country. “The candidates must focus on economic activities during election campaigns, they should implement their economic plans by using domestic print industry,” member of academy of science Tarzi stated. Job recession remains one of the major issues before the Afghan people. The issue has forced thousands of Afghan youths to resort on illegal migrations to foreign destinations for seeking fresh job opportunities. The election candidates by realizing the economic condition of the Afghan people must undertake comprehensive plans to support people find and job and promote their economy.    

Saturday, 22 February 2014 08:20

Newly Appointed ECC Provincial Commissioners Sworn In

Written by Manager

Saturday February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Administering the oath taking ceremony of ECC provincial commissioners on Tuesday, chairman of Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), Abdul Sattar Saadat called on the newly appointed commissioners to undertake their assignments and duties by acting upon the principles of honesty, patriotism and loyalty to ensure holding of free and credible polling scheduled on 5 April 2014. “The financial issues and low budgets prevented opening of provincial offices on the proper time. Abdul Sattar Saadat said.
“The contract for buying necessary office equipment and furniture yet to be signed, insecurity is also an issue on your way.” The chairman of the Independent Election of Afghanistan (IEC), Mohammad Younas Nooristani, warned that if the two electoral institutions failed to closely cooperate and coordinate, the issue would leave undesirable consequences on future of the country.
“There could be misunderstanding between the two electoral bodies if they do not work with close cooperation and harmony, it would seriously threaten the future of the country, so coordination and harmony between the two institutions is essential which need to be adopted,” Nooristani said. In the meantime the UN Secretary General Special Representative to Afghanistan Yan Kubiš has called for better cooperation and coordination between the independent electoral bodies of Afghanistan in order to conduct the elections in transparent and fair manner. “This is important that all is done by the Afghans themselves.” Kubiš “I am very proud that you, Afghans, deliver and shape the future of your country and we, as foreigners and as your friends, will help and support.”
Election monitoring institutions have also demanded that the newly appointed commissioners conduct their missions effectively to ensure the holding of free and transparent elections. “If the commissioners work with impartiality and keep their neutrality, their roles would be effective in conducting transparent elections,” head of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA), Jandad Spinghar, said. There commissioners have been assigned for each province to receive complaints against the candidate and they would assess the complaints until the elections, due to be held on April 5. Holding of 2014 presidential elections has major significance to Afghanistan’s future stability and this would the first peaceful transition of political power from one elected president to another.
2014 election will start a new page between Afghanistan and the world. International community has asked the government of Afghanistan to work hard and use all available sources to conduct the election in free and fair manner. Recently, the UN special representative to Afghanistan assured that there won’t be discontinuity to international financial assistance to Afghanistan post-2014 and asked the government to help the elections be conducted in transparent way. Undoubtedly, holding of 2014 presidential election is a milestone towards Afghanistan’s future political stability and economic development. The free and fair elections could persuade the world community to reaffirm their longstanding cooperation to Afghanistan post-2014 and continue backing the country in all spheres including peace restoration, security maintenance and financial cooperation to the country.
The people of Afghanistan after suffering three consecutive decades of war and violence realize that disunity and a dispersed society never support their future and it increases national issues. One of the fundamental principles of a democratic society is to enhance tolerance and trusts and to work a stable country by acting upon the principles of democracy, rule of law and unity. 2014 presidential elections could be a good platforms for strengthening a unified Afghanistan and prove the world that this wasn’t an easy task to suppress this nation and destroy their country by bring gaps among its ethnic groups. This reveals that the election candidates have great influence in helping the country to move towards prosperous future. The candidates should strive to explain their programs to the people by realizing the ground realities and the current sensitive situation of the country so that the people cast votes under the environment of trust and confidence.      

Saturday, 22 February 2014 06:23

MoI Assures of Secure Electoral Campaigns

Written by Manager

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Omar Dauodzai, Minister of Interior of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on Thursday assured the presidential runners and their supporters of being provided with sure security during their campaign meetings across the provinces.
According to Interior Ministry press office to BNA, meanwhile, congratulating the nation for the country’s U 19 national cricket team success against Australia and Namibia, the minister called the recent victory in different sport fields.
He said the electoral campaigns were successfully going on in many provinces including Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Helmand, Paktia, Balkh, Bamayan and Nangahar where the police in coordination with the national army and national directorate for security personnel won trust of the people for their severe efforts to help the presidential hopefuls’ campaigns meetings held under tight security plans.
Daudzai assured of his ministry’s efforts to pose the police on a full alert and remaining vigilant over any possible security threat felt during the electoral campaigns and assured the presidential and provincial council nominees for holding their campaigns under secure atmosphere.
The minister, meanwhile asked the people for providing the police with enough cooperation to identify any suspicious events and individuals and help the police go ahead with their directed mission in foiling any subversive acts during the process.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 06:33

ECC Members of Provincial Offices Take Oath Today

Written by Manager

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Kabul (BNA) A spokesman of Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) says members of provincial commissions’ offices for ECC will take oath and start their work today.
The ECC’s spokesman Nadir Muhsini told BNA, “102 members of the provincial electoral complaints commissions will be dispatched to relevant provinces soon after they take oath, adding each ECC provincial office is composed of three members.”
“The individuals have been selected based on merit and proficiency and it is determined they will be soon dispatched to provinces for addressing electoral complaints and violations,” Muhsini said. Meanwhile, ECC omitted 19 provincial council candidates from the final list yesterday.

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