28 April 2017

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 12:50

Vast Participation of Women In Upcoming Elections

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Women constitute great part of our society. So this segment of population as the first teachers of our offspring has their special position in any society.
A glance on the history of mankind shows that the greatest personalities are nourished at the warm bosom of mothers that are women and even they learnt how speak and walk. In the history of Afghanistan, the role of women in also prominent, as during working they are colleagues, in bed of illness are nurse and in war fronts for defending from sacred soil and national chastity and Islam worthies, they are helpers and contributors fought for the salvation of their country and people. In reconstruction and blossoming of the country, the women have vast contribution. As during over one previous decade, they did through their day-night efforts to share in various fields and remain after the worthy report cards from themselves. But some violence are targeting this worthy segment of the society.
As president of the country in a ceremony held to mark the Women International Day with hinting to this point that during recent twelve years, the achievements of women are considerably, suggested that unfortunately so far too violence against women is taking place in Afghanistan. To end violence against women, the president asked the religious scholars and tribal dignitaries to play their role in enlightenment of the public minds for granting worthy to the rights of women. In a part of his speech hinting to the role of women in previous elections, president Karzai stated that in 1389 elections, in larger cities, women left their homes for outside and with casting their votes in voting boxes, paved the way for the success of him. To prove their presence in the society they should attend in upcoming presidential elections that would be held in 16th Hamal, 1393 (April 05, 2014).
As it is mentioned above the women have their own special position and in various cases, they are decision-makers as well. If women want to contribute in election process, the ground for active participation of all family members at this national and destiny-making process to be constitutionalized. So, we can say that since now, the sign of vast participation of women in upcoming elections is obvious.

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