28 April 2017

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 06:36

Holding Elections, Afghan People Ironic Determination

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Despite the threats of Afghan government armed opponents based on non-contribution in election and exacerbation of terrorist activities in the country, our people remained committed to contribute in election process.
Any threat and pressure from address of terrorists doesn't prevent them from this national determination.
The people of Afghanistan look to election as a national and destiny -making process.
They know accurately that what the role be played by election in determination of their political destiny and place the country to what an itinerary?
Elections in Afghanistan are indicator of democracy and commitment for establishment of a democratic government.
The elections strengthen the power of central government in the country.
It causes good governance and protects the people’s identity and the position of our country as a committed one towards protection of national worthies and new-born democracy.
Elections is sign of allegory of determination and with attending in this process, the people confirms in fact their freedom and self-determination.
The foreign enemies of Afghanistan who are always follow to plunder the identity, culture and determination of people and are making efforts to eliminate our national determination through any possible way, they have especially enmity with election process in Afghanistan.
Because, they know this process is a national one and Afghans grant high worthy to it.
In the presence of armed Taliban, the regional intelligence services are trying to disturb this national process and change it to zero.
If we focus our attention towards the depth of recent terrorist activities and proclamation of ceasefire between the Taliban of Pakistan and army of that country, all these instigations prove only the enmity of themselves with the people of Afghanistan.
But, the determination of the people of Afghanistan is strong and ironical.
If we look over the reports released by media during recent days, despite terrorists who create harass among people either Talib or Panjabi are using their last possibilities to exert pressure on people and are making effort with performing anti-Afghan activities to bring under their influence the psychology of people.
Afghans are committing to attend in election process and with passing each day; the number of enthusiasts for attending in this national process is increasing.
With passing each day, the security forces proclaim safer more than before the voting centers.
All these indicate that with national worthies and interests, the Afghans enumerate attending in election process as their own obligation and never bow to those who are making effort to rule on their destiny.

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