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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:53


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Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The recent report on security indicates that in spite of the rebel threats against security, 20% of voting stations across the country are safe for voters and that could be a hopeful step for holding an election that can meet the international criteria.
BNA commentator commenting on the issue writes: the elections will be held just within a few days.
The Afghan people will have opportunity displaying their will elect their upcoming leader.
Holding election in a country like Afghanistan which has seen decades of war and foreign interferences, is not an easy task.
Armed opposition in close complies with foreign intelligence and cooperation of extremism groups who are active on the other site of Afghan borders, have threaten to disrupt the elections, but the measures adapted by the Afghan security forces have reduce the threats to the lowest level.
The elections have planned to be held on April 5, 2014 in the elections 13 million eligible people will go to polling centers to elect their upcoming leader.
The voters know very well that a key issue determines their destiny and future.
This is an issue that urban and ruler people believe the same.
They consider voting as their national obligation and seriously eager to put the obligation in practice by going to polling stations and casting their votes into voting box to elect their favorite candidate.
But there are threatening challenges but they cannot deter the people from going polling station and casting their votes.
Presently, the security authorities have guaranteed the security in 6421 polling stations, while earlier 7101 polling station have been setup, in this way it becomes clear that security has been insured in 90% of polling stations.
The efforts made by Afghan patriotic security forces in this end are appreciable, but for holding an election according international standard is not the only concern to discuss on, since as mentioned earlier the concern has been settled due to the efforts of national security forces, other concerns such fraud and declaring the outcome on the result of the elections are the issues to be discussed.
The concern have been raised in a time, recently the acting head of national security directorate made is clear that certain printing houses in Pakistani cities have printed voting cards or ballets, this can provide the ground for fraud and sabotaging the process of the elections.
Holding a transparent and free of fraud elections is not depend on security forces, for hold such elections there is an urgent need, for close and friendly cooperation among independent commission of election, independent of election complaints, supervisors of the elections and people can guaranty an election free from fraud and any other conspiracies.
So far a number of presidential candidates have introduced their representatives to supervise the elections process or if they have introduced they are a small number.
The time of holding elections is closing security concerns have settled. But the Afghan people expect the candidates for presidency to consider the elections as part of national interests and trust on the outcome and not let the enemies of the country to sabotages the results of the election and to provide the ground for rests and unrests.
In democratic societies, the politicians who contest for presidency at the same time they good friends and colleagues for building a prosperous and peaceful society, so we hope the candidates for presidency considering this act as good friend to tranquility and prosperity of their war suffering people.

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