29 June 2017

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Sunday, April 09, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Resource center for reproductive maternal, new born child and adolescent health was inaugurated in Prof. Ghazanfar Institute of Health Sciences yesterday.
In opening ceremony of the center, minister of public health Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz while considering inauguration of the center as positive step towards improvement of practical and visual learning facility for students said teaching quality depended on quality of health services.
He further said that the center would provide facility of learning new skills to doctors and students.
Head of Prof. Ghazanfar Health Institute Dr. Matiullah Sharq said information bases, resources centers and libraries could play considerable role in social, political, economic and cultural development of societies
Afterwards, former minister of information and culture Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen stressed on book-reading culture and asked Afghanistan youth to further read book.
In the ceremony, deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadat also asked all doctors and health workers to go the most remote areas of the country to serve their needy countrymen.
Dr. Shamsulhaq Arianfar also considered inauguration of the center as positive, adding that he would help the center in publishing information documents. 

Saturday April 8, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Delivering speech in inauguration of the laboratory for controlling of the quality of medicines, health and food products, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said investment on such laboratories to guarantee health of the Afghan people, BNA reported.
According to the agency, Dr. Abdullah while inaugurating the laboratory on Thursday said trafficking and illegal importation of the low quality medicine has heavily harmed the society and its negative impact was known to everyone. He added that establishing of such laboratory to further decrease low quality medicines in the market. Dr. Abdullah further said that such laboratory to ease domestic production of medicines and would prevent illegal importation of the low quality medicines to the country. Meanwhile Chief Executive vowed to establish such laboratories in other major Provinces of Balkh, Nangarhar, Herat and Kandahar to prevent wandering of the country’s merchants.
“We have high level medical professors, but low quality medicines have undermined their capabilities,” Dr. Abdullah told the gathering, asking the Ministry of Public Health to work hard and prove transparency and impartiality in the center. Addressing the ceremony, Minister of Public Health Firozudding Firoz said the laboratory was established at the total amount of USD 2 million, adding the center would decease trafficking of low quality medicines by 20 percent.

Tuesday April 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah inaugurated national emergency operation center for anti-polio.
In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion with participation of minister of public health, representatives of Bill Gates Foundation, World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and UNDP to Afghanistan, the country’s chief executive considered eradication of polio as big human and national responsibility, adding that eradication of polio program was in top priority of the Afghanistan government which was committed to eradicate the menace.
In the session, representative of Bill Gates Foundation by stressing on the foundation’s continued assistance to the people and government of Afghanistan regarded construction of the center as a big step towards improvement in polio eradication services, adding that this was not the end of work, but it was the start of joint cooperation in connection with eradiation of polio virus in the country.  

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Pul-e-Alam City (BNA) First spring round of anti-polio vaccination campaign with dropping of two drops of vaccine has started in eastern Logar province yesterday.
Noor Abas Qassemi deputy of public health department in Logar told BNA reporter, in this round to give immunity doze to 121,093 children under the age of five and vitamin A to be distributed for 106,562 under five-year-old children throughout the province.
Anti-polio vaccination will be implemented by 706 volunteers and health workers in the province, Qassemi added.
Mohammad Halim Fedayee governor of Logar asked tribal elders, media, civil society activists and all residents of the province to cooperate with health employees regarding implementation of anti-polio vaccination.
Since eight years no any polio cases registered in Logar province.

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