23 February 2017

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Sunday, November 27, 2016
Kabul (BNA) The United Nation’s health section to assist deputy ministry on youth affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture in healthcare services to the country’s youth, BNA reported.
According to the agency, Dr. Kamal Sadat acting minister of information and culture and deputy minister on youth affairs discussed youths’ healthcare services with the UN’s health affairs in charge Abdul Sabor Mohmand here yesterday.
Both sides discussed to expand the health services across the country. The programs had already began in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul, the agency added. According to acting minister of information and culture, Dr. Kamal Sadat, the program would soon began in Microrayon area of Kabul and would be expanded to Takhar, Balkh, Herat, Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces. Based on the program, the youth would share their health related problems with the doctors, where separate doctors of male and female would be available. Those youths who need to be treated would be introduced to the hospitals, while the others would be advised by the professional physicians. The programs is one of the initiatives of the deputy ministry on youth affairs and is being supported by the UN office in Kabul and the Ministry of Public Health. A separate consultancy line of 120 has also been established where the youths can share their problems with the healthcare professor through the phone.

Tuesday November 22, 2016

Farah City (BNA) Anti-polio vaccination program has started in western Farah province the other day, local officials reported.
Mohammad Nasir Mehri spokesman of Farah governor told BNA, the program has officially started under the chairmanship of Mohammad Yunus Rasooli acting governor of Farah province.
The program will be implemented by 48 coordinators, 180 supervisors and 1600 volunteers in center and all districts of the province, Mehri added.
Sometimes ago anti-polio vaccination had been launched in Farah province that thousands children were vaccinated, but due to recent clashes between Taliban and Afghan security forces in insecure areas of the province a number of children had not been vaccinated, therefore the program was held for second time, Mehri further added.
In this program possibly 186, 600 children under-five year will be vaccinated.

Tuesday November 15, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Over 100 personnel of sixth brigade of north Security and Public Order have donated 50,000cc blood to security personnel, who were injured due to recent terrorist activities in northern Balkh province.
Yahya Alizay director of publication in sixth brigade of north security and pubic order told BNA, Afghan security forces have donated 50,000cc blood in 209 Shaheen army corps 200-bed hospital located in Balkh province.
In addition to receive the blood also cash and foodstuffs have been distributed to the injured security personnel by the brigade officials as well.

Wednesday November 9, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Anti-polio vaccination program after recent wars has started in western Farah province the other day.
Mohammad Nasir Mehri spokesman of Farah governor told BNA, the program officially has started under the chairmanship of Mohammad Yunus Rasooli acting governor of Farah province.
It was supposed that polio vaccination launch last month in this province, but due to Taliban attacks the program didn’t implemented, Mehri added
This round two drops of polio vaccination dropping at the mouth of each child and also warm tablets to be distributed to them as well, Mehri further added.
The program will be continued for five days in all districts and center areas of the province.
27 coordinators, 148 supervisors and 1520 volunteers to be implemented this program.

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