23 February 2017

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Saturday October 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Health is the most vital asset of life as a healthy person would always be victorious in social life.
The three decades devastating wars have strongly damaged all aspects of our society including health sector, as large number of people were killed, injured, handicapped, blinded, deafened and many thousands others are affected with mental diseases and created long lasting unpleasant problems. We can say that in the region particularly Afghanistan one of the most dangerous fatal diseases that has not treatment but could be prevented, is polio and such patients affected with polio should be taken under continued protection and care and be rescued from this danger for ever and enjoy a healthy life. We request pan countrymen, to conduct vast public awareness giving campaign and rescue their children. Despite of the steps taken in the last fifteen years, still we lack skilled, qualified physicians in the country. We can claim that our hospitals even in the capital city complain on shortage of professional doctors. During visits of some hospitals in the capital city the president heard the patients problems and ordered relevant organs to dismiss procrastinating doctors and employee honest, skilled, qualified experts and thus put an end to existing problems, who would properly treat and cure the countrymen, women and children specially those patients who sacrifice themselves and make devotions in the hot trenches of the homeland’s defense.
Although in the last one and half decade tens public, private hospitals and clinics have been constructed and are being exploited in the capital and province, but no responsible government official has asked their quality. Medicines which are main elements of treatments should be taken under serious qualitatively study and assessment, the health business should be stopped and sincere humanitarian medication must be focused. The government should take drastic steps to rescue the people through appointments of skilled, sympathetic, qualified doctors and capacity building and be able to prevent non-professional doctors and low quality medicine. The rural population are still facing numerous problems and cannot take their patients to hospitals or clinics on due time due to unpaved roads or security reasons. The patients are posed with the threat of death or deterioration due to use of low quality medicine and thus to lead a healthy life. The Afghans ask the government, WHO, medical societies and the intentional community to cooperate our health workers and prevent effects of such unpleasant diseases.
Waqar Ahmad Momand

Tuesday October 18, 2016

Lashkargah City (BNA) Autumn program of anti-polio vaccination has started with dropping two drops of vaccine in the mouth of a child in southern Helmand province.
Hayatullah Hayat governor of Helmand said BNA, in this round 700,000 children under the five ages will be vaccinated for three days in center and districts of the province.
In-charge of public health department of the province said, the program will be implemented by 5000 volunteers around the province.
In addition to implement anti-polio vaccine, anti-worm tablets also distribute for the children, the source added.

Monday October 17, 2016

Charikar City (BNA) About 154,000 children under five year will be vaccinated in northern Parwan province during the next 5 days.
Dr. Abdul Hamid an in-charge of public health department of the province said, the program start today and 19 coordinators, 102 supervisors, 16 monitors and 1080 polio volunteers are being deployed for door to door anti-polio campaign around the province.
It is the second round of anti-polio autumn campaign that to be launched in the province, source added.

Sunday, October 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani unexpectedly visited two of the capital’s key hospitals and queried the health condition of the patients, his office said Saturday.
The president expressed dissatisfaction over what he said a poor sanitation of Wazir Mohammad Khan Hospital, saying, “Reports provided about the hospital didn’t match the fact,” according to the statement.
President Ghani ordered soon implementation of sufficient sanitary program in the hospital, besides timely check-up of the patients’ health conditions, the statement added. The statement went on as quoting the president for abruptly visiting the Indira Gandhi Child Hospital, where he also enquired the children and paid listen to their wardens.
“The sanitation condition of the hospital is satisfactory. The child hospital’s conditions should be a sample for other health centers and the officials would be appreciated,” the statement quoted the president as saying.
For further improvement of the hospital and paying attention to the patients by the officials, the president provided needed instructions, said the statement adding professional cadres and additional needed posts for further improvement of the Child Hospital, should be recruited. The president asked the related hospital officials for providing a list of the hospital requirements and sending it to the presidential office to seek fair solutions, the statement added. Health conditions would necessarily be paid attention by the government, beside efforts are being done for restoration of security in the country, the president said as quoted in the statement.

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