20 February 2020

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Saturday May 18, 2019

Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Public Health commemorated the Industry Week in a ceremony, attended by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, BNA reported.
In the ceremony held the other day, Chief Executive by expressing happiness over increasing of medications industry in the country said self-sufficiency in 15 staples of pharmaceutical drugs in the country was a big achievement in health sector. Considering prevention of trafficking in all fields in particular importing of medications as significant, Chief Executive promised he would talks to relevant officials in connection with prevention of trafficking of medications and other items were also discussed in the meeting.
Dr. Abdullah stressed that for further expansion of domestic pharmaceutical factories in the country, all doctors should prescribed domestic drugs for their patients and owners of manufacturing companies should make the people aware of using their products. Meanwhile, minister of public health Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz said that commemoration of the Industry Week was aimed at expansion and supporting domestic products, saying that enhancement of quality of medications, expansion of the domestic products and providing facilities to investors to invest in the country are in priorities of the Ministry of Public Health. “Currently, from nearly 60 manufacturing companies which have been created in Afghanistan, 40 are operating and 20 of them are about to be created,” Dr. Feroz said.

Wednesday May 8, 2019

MAZAR-E-SHARIF CITY (BNA) The construction work of 360-bed regional hospital have been completed and put into exploitation in northern Balkh province.
According to BNA local correspondent report, Dr. Mairwais Rabee head of public health department in Balkh told, the hospital has been built with a cost of 15 million Euro financed by Germany on in five floors on 2000 square of land within the last three years.
The hospital have equipped with medical machines, Rabee added.
Residents of Balkh province while expressing their pleasure said, after that our patients will be cured on time in the hospital.

Thursday May 2, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Sajia Yaqobi has had a weight lifted off her shoulders, as her baby son fights brain cancer.
She now knows she will be by his side when he goes through radiation in the United States next month.
One month after CBC News shared her story of her struggles with bureaucracy, Yaqobi has been granted a U.S. visitor's visa to travel with her now 16-month-old son, Elias, to Boston for an innovative form of radiation not available in Canada.
Yaqobi, originally from Afghanistan, travelled from her home in St. John's to Halifax on Thursday. There, she was interviewed at the U.S. consulate and had her visa printed on site.
"My best wishes, you know, [to] all the people," she said through her husband, Assadullah Faqiri.
"If I was inside my country I wouldn't get that kind of treatment or hospitality. That's the best kind."
Help from local MP
Yaqobi faced a parent's nightmare when she found out Elias needed immediate treatment only available south of the border, and might have to go without her.
As a permanent resident of Canada, she is not able to get a passport, and the process for a visa typically takes more than six months.
Complicating things even further was her expired Afghan passport, which needed to be renewed for the visa application.
Instead, the Canadian government rushed a travel document for her, which serves as a replacement to the passport, and saves considerable time.
After CBC News aired the story, the family got in touch with its local member of Parliament, Nick Whalen. His staff — in particular, Helena Vokey — took charge on the issue.
With one phone call on the day they met, Vokey secured a travel document for Yaqobi. Whalen's office also arranged the interview at the consulate, which would have otherwise have been scheduled for the summer.
"The next available normal opportunity to go for them was in July," said Whalen. "But because we briefed [the consulate], they were able to go and get the visa in the same day."
Whalen said about a third of the work done at his constituency office is immigration related.
'I am thankful'
The family offered its sincere thanks to Whalen, Vokey and the people of St. John's. Whalen said his office has fielded plenty of calls from people wondering how they can help.
Faqiri, a taxi driver in St. John's, said he's had customers recognize him from the news and offer him huge tips. A Toronto woman he picked up at the airport had seen him on CBC News Network and gave him $100 when he dropped her off.
"God bless her," he said.
"What a great people. I am thankful for all the people here. Even my boss, my colleagues, they support me so much."
Elias starts proton radiation therapy May 8. It's expected to last six weeks.
He's been in and out of hospital for the past month, suffering from fevers and nausea related to his brain tumour. As of Sunday evening, Elias was at home with his parents and brother.

Saturday April 27, 2019
MAZAR-E-SHARIF CITY (BNA) The construction work of two health clinics have been completed and put into exploitation in northern Balkh province.
Dr. Mirwais Rabee head of public health directorate in Balkh told BNA correspondent, the health clinics has been built with a cost of 460,000 USD funded by ministry of public health in one/one floor in Sholgara and Dawlat Abad districts of the province.
The health clinics will be provided health services to 208,000 people in the mentioned district, Rabee added.
Mohammad Ibrahim Fayeez acting district governor of Sholgara asked from government and ministry of public health to pay series attention in health services arena of the district.

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