16 November 2018

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The ICRC head whose mission in Afghanistan has ended warns over human crisis and emphasizes on expansion of health care in Afghanistan.
The head of the ICRC in Afghanistan talked on the problems facing the ordinary people in access to health care in the country.
He added that attacks on the health establishments, its employees cannot be considered a part of the war, for health care has to be accessible to everyone and it has to be provided imperially and justly. 
He added that despite these challenges some progress has been achieved in this sphere. 
He stressed that comparing the past, the destiny of the civilians are taken into consideration by the media and civil society. 
During the past years the ICRC has been able to clearly share its concerns with different sides and we have also recommended to them certain issues in respect to disputes and issues pertaining to prisons, while in certain cases these cannot be mentioned in war conditions in the world. 
The ICRC is still continuing its visits to the prisoners under custody of Afghan and international authorities. We are concerned that the international forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan and the financial resources that will be placed at the disposal of Afghanistan cannot meet the livelihood of the prisoners and this indeed is problematic.
The ICRC has been active in Afghanistan since 1979. It has 1800 staffs and active in 15 branches with the budget of 89 million Swiss Francs for 2012 and it is performing its biggest activity in Afghanistan.

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) During the days when anti-polio vaccines are applied even if you have urgent tasks you should apply the vaccines on your children, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai said in his 15-day radio address adding the polio vaccination started when I drooped drops of vaccines into the mouth of some children.
The president added that the  children diseases will remain with the children till their fifth year of age and if they are vaccinated they may suffer from those diseases, however, fortunately those discuses have their vaccines and through vaccines were can save our children from affliction to the child diseases.
He stressed that the most dangerous disease of childhood is polio that paralysis the children.  If the mother, father or other elders of the family do not apply the vaccine up to their five years of age, they will suffer from this disease and that is very dangerous, it disabled the children and till their last day will be suffer of disability.
He asked the Ulama, imams of mosques, elders, tribal influential and the teacher of the country to voluntarily take part in polio vaccination and cooperate with the health teams that are visiting them at their villages. 
He also asked the Taliban so they should not prevent vaccination of children. I ask the Taliban here and tell them not to prevent the health teams to apply vaccination of children in the rural region for this will destroy of the life of the sons and daughters of this country and its application is our responsibility.
President Karzai while asking all the families for application of polio vaccination said that in case despite these efforts you could not get access to polio vaccines you should immediately refer to the hereby health clinics and apply polio vaccines on your children.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Minister for public health Dr. Suraya Dalil has said that the people affected with HIV are not criminals, rather they are sick. 
In her speech to introduce the national strategy on AIDS/HIV here yesterday, she said 1250 cases of HIV have been registered and approximately some 2000 to 3000 are affected with the disease.
She also noted that poverty, migration, protected three decades of war, using drug and low rate of illiteracy have contributed in spreading HIV virus in Afghanistan. 
Addressing the ceremony, deputy to the ministry for counternarcotics, Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar said that some one million addicts are in Afghanistan. 
In the five-year planning on national policy to control AIDS/HIV all the ways and means to control the epidemic and protect the people from the disease are cleared. The centers from control of the epidemic provide awareness on how the protect from AIDS/HIV and test blood is serving people in Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Ghazni and Badakhshan provinces.
Some 34 million people are living with HIV cross the globe and 36 million others have died due to the virus.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai awarded two doctors of the Shahed Sardar Mohammad Daoud Hospital the First Degree Baryal Medal in appreciation of their invention of an “Afghan gadget”.
The doctors who received the medals are Dr. Abdul Razzaq Seyawash and Dr. Mohammad Ismayel Wardak two experienced doctors for creation of unique gadget in medical science. 
The gadget that is used for treatment of breakage of knee and hand could treat many patients inside the country in a positive method.
The gadget has been confirmed as useful by the FDA of public health ministry and the humanitarian organization of the USA and it has been named and registered by the World Innovation Organization as “Afghan gadget” or Afghan fixture for treatment of knee and hand and this will be utilized at world levels and it has been produced Smith and Nephew company in mass quantities.
At the ceremony held in this respect at the presidential palace and attended by Besmellah Mohammadi Defense Minister, Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta National Security Council Advisor and Shir Mohammad Karimi Chief of Staff of the defense ministry, the decree of President Karzai was read out by Shah Wali Sultan deputy head of the administration affairs.  The decree appreciated the doctor’s invention.
Following this ceremony Dr. Seyawash donated the golden simple of the new gadget to president Karzai and the president accepted it with thanks and instructed that this gadget should be preserved at the National Museum as one of the honors of Afghan nation.
President Karzai calling the invention as a great honor for Afghanistan hoped that every educated Afghan should try to learn their profession in good manners and think about their nation, bring in new instruments for the country and put them at the service of their people.
He added that the youth of Afghanistan should warn from these doctors, them as their pioneers and follow up their steps so that the country can overcome the problems and head towards progress.
Dr. Mohammad Ismayel Wardak thanking the president for the appreciation said that so far around 3000 of countrymen have been treated with this gadget in center and provincial hospitals.
The gadget has been made in a way that without plastering the patients can get reacted in less time and during the treatment they can carry on their routine activities as well. 
Dr. Wardak stressed that this gadget has been introduced in 15 international medical conferences it has been published at the World Medical Journal which has attained world confirmation as well.
He noted that this honor belongs to the Afghan national that with the Afghan invented gadget patients are treated in different countries.