21 February 2019

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Work for the construction of a health center in Rishkhor district commenced yesterday.
In a ceremony attended among others by minister for public health Dr. Saraya Dalil, Kabul governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa and lawmaker Nazifa Zaki, the minister for public health in her speech stated with construction  of the health center the health problems of more than 30,000 families will be solved.
Meantime, she noted that shortage of budget and lack of land are the main challenge ahead of the public health ministry to build health clinics, saying more than 40 health centers are operating in Kabul, 37 of them in rented house.
Governor Taqwa in his address while thanking the public health ministry said the government would spare no efforts in providing necessary services to the people.
Built in one acres territory with the 400,000 US dollars financial support of NATO-led coalition will be completed within six month.

Saturday November 10 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Suraya Dalil Minister of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan along with her accompanied delegation on Wednesday paid visit from Pul-i-Charkhai Central Jail, overseeing the health care provision in the jail and health status of the prisoners.
The Minister Public Health after visit of the prison, over a press briefing with lieutenant General Amir Mohammad Jamshidi, general director of prisons and detention-houses, informed media men concerning the prison’s heath status.
“By understanding the health needs of the prisoners, the Ministry of Public Health sends every day the mobile medical team comprising doctors and nurses to the Pul-i-Charkhai Jail to provide health services for the prisoners”, said Dr. Dalil.
The minister stated that the 40 items of different types of medicines which have already been donated to the ministry by National Medical Services Institute of Afghanistan were submitted in recent days to authorities of the jail at purpose of prisoners’ treatment.
Dr. Dalil termed the lack of budged as a major challenge toward health care provision in prisons of the country, saying her ministry for improving of better health service in prisons has proposed some amount to be considered in financial year of 1392.
Likewise, general director of prisons and detention houses, Lieutenant General Amir Mohammad Jamshidi, while appreciating the efforts of the ministry of public health in providing health services for prisons and detention houses of the country, hoped that these services would be further improved.
At the same time one of the prisoners of Pul-i-Charkhai Jail who didn’t want to be named expressed his happiness regarding health services which are being provided in the prison and complained that his case file is not being followed properly.
Authorities in the ministry of public health say that they have purchased some medicines worth Afs.470, 000 in order to provide better health services in Pul-i-Charkhai prison and these medicines would be submitted soon to authorities of the prison.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Mahmodraqi (BNA) Three medical centers will be constructed in the center and districts of Kapisa province. 
Mirza Mohammad Reja head of public health in Kapisa said to BNA, these centers will be constructed with different medical wards in Kohband district of that province. 
According to Reja, these foundations will be constructed by the anti-narcotic ministry at the cost of $ 2.7 million. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday October 21 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foundation stone of the maternity ward of the France Medical Institute for Children in Afghanistan was laid in presence of Mohammad Karim Khalili Second Vice-President, Prince Karim Agha Khan Leader of World Ismealia and Loran Fabious Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.
At the ceremony held in Aliabad area of Kabul, Khalili welcomed Prince Karim Agha Khan and French Foreign Minister and said that in addition to ensuring of social and economic justice, ensuring of equal access to all residents of the country including women, men and children to health services is one of the basic priorities of the government of Afghanistan.
He added that expansion and construction of modern health centers can further ensure access of women to standard health care and creation of the maternity ward of the Medical Institute of France for children in Afghanistan is a big step towards standardizing of health services and ensuring health justice in the country.
He called this project a big step towards ensuring the health of women and children and representing the government of Afghanistan thanked France for its cooperation as well as the Agha Khan network in this respect.
He expressed the hope that with this project in addition to facilitating health care to children and women, this will reduce referring of some of the patients to foreign countries health establishments.
Prince Karim Agha Khan talked on the cooperation of France’s Medical Institute with the Agha Khan Foundation and said that the maternity ward of the French Medical Institute for children is constructed with the support of government of Afghanistan and France, the Agha Khan and other organizations.
The financial allocation for this project is over USD17 million which will be provided by France and Agha Khan Network.
The minister of Foreign Affairs of France said at the ceremony that with the assistance of the technical team at this center efforts will be made health services are provided on modern and standardized manners.
He reiterated on quality health services at this center and called cooperation of the Afghan cadres as very important.
He assured on French continued cooperation and added that with the change in essence of international community to Afghanistan after 2014 France will continue to stay on the side of the people of Afghanistan.