22 September 2018

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Monday, December 19, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The national day of country’s health workers marked in the ministry of public health yesterday. 
The ministry attaches importance to the health workers and volunteers and since 2003 of health workers throughout the country. 
The meeting to this end was opened with a message of President Karzai read by Dr. Faizullah Kakar advisor of presidential office in health sphere. 
The message stated that the national day of health volunteers is marked throughout the world in order to attach importance to their honest services. 
The message adds that the government of Afghanistan exerts efforts valuable decisions be taken by the people of Afghanistan. 
As people’s decision indicate the will of them. 
The health workers are those who without any privileges and salaries work on volunteer basis and they deserve all required encouragement and appreciations. 
Dr. Suraya Dalil acting minister of public health too said that this year the national day of health workers is celebrated under the slogan of “Come by supporting the health workers reach first aid support to the people’s homes”. 
Suraya Dalil adds that today were praising the services of our sisters and brothers who serving as volunteers and they are thinking for health of the people and their service is worth appreciation. 
In case we cannot pay salary to our more than 20,000 volunteers at least we should remember them and praise their services. The WHO and USAID representatives were also spoke at the meeting.

Monday, December 12, 2011
Kabul (BNA) This workshop is attended by the leading body of public health ministry, heads of provincial health departments, heads of departments of the center, some representatives of international partner organizations and some implementing partner’s representatives. 
Acting minister of public health Suraya Dalil in her address initially prayed for soul of the martyrs of the Ashura Day and all other martyrs of right and justice especially those having sacrificed their lives in offering health services and thanked the medical personnel strived for treatment of the wounded of this tragic incident in Kabul, Mazari Sharif and Kandahar provinces. 
She added that this workshop is held at a time that last week the Second Bonn Conference ended its deliberation with participation of over 100 representatives from the world countries and international organizations and expressed their political support to the people of Afghanistan. 
Dalil added that recent results of mortality survey indicate a marked achievement in health sector and I congratulate the medical personnel of the country. 
She added that three years ago before the declaration of the recent survey of 2010 mortality in Afghanistan showed the death of mother in every 27 minutes due to delivery, while now in every two hours a mother dies to delivery in the same manner from every six children under 5, one lost its life and of every 10 children under five, one lose its life. 
She added that the survey showed that the health sector is a reliable area for investment. Dalil attributed insecurity, social problems, geographical strains and lack of control of borders of the country as major challenges before the health sector and now Afghanistan stands among the four polio endemic nations. 
Dalil asked all the participants of this workshop to convey their view points in better managing the health sector and ensuring of better coordination among the central and provincial branches of the health sector. 
The workshop continues for three days and it studies the problems and challenges before the health service delivery and seeks better ways and means to improve health services to the people.

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The central stocks of the ministry of public health (MoPH) opened after undergoing repairs by Dr. Nadera Hayat Burhani deputy minister of public health ministry. 
She thanked the UN for assisting in repairing the central stocks of the ministry. 
She added that part of the cost was provided by the ministry’s budget. 
The stock is used for preserving medical equipments.  
According to Burhani the ministry needs a central stock with international standards and this need has been materialized with the cooperation of medical donors of Afghanistan. 
Dr. Zafar head of the SPS said that the stock had some problems in the past which is being resolved after thorough repairs.

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Japan would provide the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) a grant of $9.3 million for polio vaccination in Afghanistan, the ministry said on Saturday. 
A contact to the effect was signed among Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan Reiichiro Takahashi, United Nations Children’s Fund country representative Peter Crowley and Acting Public Health Minister Dr. Suraya Dalil in Kabul on Saturday. 
Fifty six polio cases have been registered in Kandahar, Helmand and Farah provinces since March 22, 2011. 
Last year, the cases were 25, Dalil said after signing the contract. 
She linked the increasing number of polio cases to insecurity that hindered vaccination campaigns in several provinces. 
She cited the return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan as another reason.  In Pakistan, the number of such cases stood at 110 in 2011 and 144 in 2010, she said.
Dalil tanked Japan for the grant, saying implementation of vaccination drives would help lower the mortality rate among children besides boost their immune system. 
Takahashi said it was Japan’s priority to deal with the disease in Afghanistan, pledging continued assistance in this regard. 
The Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) country director, Yoshikazu Yamada, said they had assisted Afghanistan with $50 million for implementing vaccination campaigns since the beginning of 2011. 
Japan has been assisting Afghanistan in constructing clinics, providing medicine and medical equipments, he added. 
Tokyo would provide more than $34 million to the Ministry of Public Health for constructing a building for an infectious diseases hospital in Kabul, he promised.