21 September 2018

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Kabul (BNA) A team tasked by Afghan ministry of public health has collected 200 drug addicts from various parts of Kabul city and has taken to healthcare centers for treatment. 
The addicts have been collected from Pul-e-Hartel, Bagh Bala, Chaman Huzuri and other areas of the city and taken to curing centers. 
The source added five of the addicts are in critical condition. 
It is said there are nearly 400-500 addicts in Kabul city. 
The step has been taken by the Afghan ministry of public health and it is the time that weather is getting cold and from the other side, the addicts are so weak to resist during the cold session of winter. 
It is said that Afghan ministry of public health doesn’t have enough money to treat the drug addicts, but it tries to take possible steps for treatment of the addicts in the country.

Kabul (BNA) A health clinic has inaugurated in Zhary district of Kandahar province today.
Dr. Abdul Qayoum Pakhlla head of public health of Kandahar said to BNA, the clinic including emergency section, vaccination and other health services to the child and mother.
With the inauguration of this clinic the health problem of hundreds families were solved in Zhary district.
This clinic has no building and it works in a rental house.

Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) Since starting severe coldness, the number of those children suffering from monsoon diseases has increased in Balkh province. 

According to Dr. Abdul Rauf Frogh, director of children for civil hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif, before the cold season, nearly 50-60 children were brought daily to hospital, while now more than 120-130 children are brought daily to hospital due to having various diseases as cough, branchiate and cold. 

While accepting the report, Dr. Asadulllah Sharifi, acting director for Northern zone hospital said, “The children who mostly suffer from coldness their number has reached to 13000 during the current year and have been treated in 80 health centers, adding 20 of the children have lost their lives due to severe diseases. 

Dr. Sharifi further added most of the roads have been blocked due to heavy snowfall in mountainous areas.

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Soraya Dalil Acting Minister of public health in visiting the Agha Khan University Hospital in Karachi City of Pakistan asked the hospital authorities to activate the Jamhuriat Hospital in Kabul. 

Dr. Dalil had gone to Karachi for attending the fourth graduation ceremony of Agha Khan University as a special guest, and returned to Kabul yesterday.

Dr. Dalil told reporters in Kabul Airport that the Agha Khan University usually annually invites one of authorities of a country for attending its graduation ceremony as special guest and considering expansion of scientific relations of Afghanistan with the world, this year I was invited to attend the ceremonies there. 

Dalil noted that this year the university graduated 300 at Masters PhD, and BA levels among whom three were Afghans having received education in education at Masters level in nursing sphere. 

She added that she visited different sections of the Agha Khan hospital as well and discussed mutual cooperation with its authorities for activation of Jamhuriat hospital in Kabul. 

We also discussed the draft agreement prepared by that hospital was also discussed and it is expected that soon agreement is reached on activation of Kabul Jamhuriat hospital. 

The Jamhuriat hospital has some technical defects that have to be taken up with the Chinese authorities as well.

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