01 June 2020

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Sunday December 9, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In a session held in Tanzania, the Vaccination World Union (VWU) submitted the prize of this union to Public Health Minister Dr. Suraya Dalil recently.
This prize is given to her considering achievements earned for rendering health services and implementation of country-wide vaccination in the country.
According to BNA, the fifth meeting of VWU allies that was held in Darussalam the Capital city of Tanzania in December 5 of current year, in her speech public health minister enumerating the promotions and challenges existed in implementation of vaccination and giving immunity and asked further support of VWU to Afghanistan.
Dr. Dalil stated that Afghanistan is one of implementers of vaccination in the world.
According to her, in the year of 2000, these programs were covering about 24 percent areas of the country, but now this data shows the area of about 80 percent.
Appreciating from support of VWU in implementation of programs of immunity and vaccination in Afghanistan, Dr. Dalil asserted that based on figures given to us by international institutions, about ten years back, four newborn kids were died before reaching to five years age as a result of curable diseases.
Now, from every 10 children, one of them dies before five years age.
Likewise, in very days of current year, Minister of Public Health got membership of board of directorate of the union.
This strengthens the credit of Afghanistan in adopting world decisions of this institution especially in regard with developing nations.
It is mentionable that the world union for vaccination and immunity had begun its activities as of year 2000 and its activities are continuing in Afghanistan from 2001 till now as well.

Monday December 3, 2012
Kabul (BNA) It is said that till the end of 2011, 367 cases of HIV have been recorded in Afghanistan, with the world day on AIDS was marked yesterday under the theme of “Examine your blood for HIV, know better and live better”.
The meeting on this occasion was attended by minister of public health Dr. Soraya Dalil, head of the health commission of House of People, deputy ministers of struggle against narcotics, refugees and repatriates and the ARCS, representative of the national and international partners of health ministry.
Addressing the meeting Soraya Dalil explained the background of AIDS in the world and said that this day is observed for the past 24 years in the world and its aim to raise the level of awareness of the people in the struggle against AIDS.
She added that base on information of WHO AID is on the increase in the Mediterranean zone including Afghanistan while AIDS services has reduced to 13% for less than 5% of AID patient know about their disease.
She attributed war, cultivation and usage of narcotics, poverty, open borders, economic problems, illiteracy, domestic and foreign migrations, insecure intake of blood are factors foe the spread of AIDS and till the end of the year 2011 1360 cases of AIDS were detected throughout the country.
As regards the curative AID center she said that the ministry so far has created nine consulting centers and voluntary tests, 5 curative centers of mother to children, 24 free treatment centers in Kabul and Herat provinces.
She attributed AIDS a socio-economic problems not health problem and asked all the related organs to cooperate with the ministry in this respect.

Sunday, December 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The international medical conference on children opened in Kabul yesterday.
Organized by French hospital and attended by medical experts from Afghanistan and foreign countries, children related diseases and scientific research in the field were discussed.
Minister for public health Dr. Suraya Dalil in her opening remarks said the investment in the field of children health has significant role in preventing malnutrition, growing children and eventually growing economy and national revenue.
She also noted the 10 years ago 254 children out of 1000 infants died before reaching five year old.
According to survey one child dies before reaching five years old due to measles and whooping cough, adding the public health ministry would include vaccine for whooping next year.
The director of French hospital in Kabul, Dr. Aziz Ahmad said that the hospital had provided services in the field of children medical treatment particularly in the field of heart surgery over the past seven years.
An agreement was also inked by minister Dalil under which young doctors of government hospitals will revive training in the French hospital.

Saturday, December 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) For the first time the Public Health directorate of Kabul has its building as its new building inaugurated by Kabul governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa and other officials yesterday.
Some 38 health centers in Kabul have no proper building or serve in rented houses.
The building of Public Health directorate was constructed at a cost of 500,000 US dollars funded by US forces.