27 May 2020

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Sunday October 21 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foundation stone of the maternity ward of the France Medical Institute for Children in Afghanistan was laid in presence of Mohammad Karim Khalili Second Vice-President, Prince Karim Agha Khan Leader of World Ismealia and Loran Fabious Minister of Foreign Affairs of France.
At the ceremony held in Aliabad area of Kabul, Khalili welcomed Prince Karim Agha Khan and French Foreign Minister and said that in addition to ensuring of social and economic justice, ensuring of equal access to all residents of the country including women, men and children to health services is one of the basic priorities of the government of Afghanistan.
He added that expansion and construction of modern health centers can further ensure access of women to standard health care and creation of the maternity ward of the Medical Institute of France for children in Afghanistan is a big step towards standardizing of health services and ensuring health justice in the country.
He called this project a big step towards ensuring the health of women and children and representing the government of Afghanistan thanked France for its cooperation as well as the Agha Khan network in this respect.
He expressed the hope that with this project in addition to facilitating health care to children and women, this will reduce referring of some of the patients to foreign countries health establishments.
Prince Karim Agha Khan talked on the cooperation of France’s Medical Institute with the Agha Khan Foundation and said that the maternity ward of the French Medical Institute for children is constructed with the support of government of Afghanistan and France, the Agha Khan and other organizations.
The financial allocation for this project is over USD17 million which will be provided by France and Agha Khan Network.
The minister of Foreign Affairs of France said at the ceremony that with the assistance of the technical team at this center efforts will be made health services are provided on modern and standardized manners.
He reiterated on quality health services at this center and called cooperation of the Afghan cadres as very important.
He assured on French continued cooperation and added that with the change in essence of international community to Afghanistan after 2014 France will continue to stay on the side of the people of Afghanistan.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The minister for public health Dr. Saraya Dalil has said that washing hands by soap after having meal and going toilet decreases the risk of diarrhea up to 45 percent and respiratory diseases to 25 percent.
Addressing the function to mark the World Washing Day, here yesterday, Dr. Dalil noted that washing hands after having meal and going to toilet protect from variety of curable diseases, calling on the countrymen particularly students to pay attention in this regard.
She also stated that washing hand also can contribute in decreasing polio in the country.
Ministry for education Dr. Farooq Wardak, Engineer Atiqullah Khawasi the deputy to ministry for rural development and rehabilitation, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad the envoy of World Health Organization(WHO) and UNICEF’s representative Vedia Ganish also spoke on the occasion and calling upon people to ensure the immunity of the Children by giving anti- polio dozes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Sojad Ahmad member of WTF Taekwondo team from world cementation in Moscow obtained silver medal. 
In this competition, 12 athletes of the country were attended which returned to country this morning. 
BNA reporter reported from Kabul International Airport, these competitions, which was held with the participation of 36 athletes from different countries in Moscow, Sojad Ahmad Afghan athletes in weight of 48 kg  obtained silver medal and got second rank. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) The second round of anti-polio vaccination campaign began in Kandahar yesterday. 
Speaking on the occasion, Kandahar governor Dr. Toryalai Weessa said that out of 26 polio cases registered this year 16 are in the southern region while eight in Kandahar. 
He also called on the parents to get their children vaccinated. More than 1,365,000 children under five, according to Kandahar public health department head, Abdul Qayum Pukhla will be administered immunity doze against polio in the four southern provinces.