18 November 2018

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kabul (BNA) To decline diarrhea disease among the children under one-year-old, the ministry of public health introduced rotavirus vaccine for the first time in the country, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
Rotavirus annually takes the lives of almost 500,000 children worldwide and after applying rotavirus vaccine, the mortality rate among the children would decrease, the agency further said.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, the minister of public health, Dr. Firuzuddin Firuz said rotavirus vaccine as the 13th vaccine against diarrhea would be included of Vaccination National Program from Dalw 7 (January 27) on, BNA added. The vaccine has already been distributed in all provinces throughout the country, and it would be applied on children under one-year-old, the agency continued.
It is estimated that more than 45 percent of all diarrhea-related hospitalizations in Afghanistan are due to rotavirus the leading, deadliest form of severe diarrheal disease and Afghanistan is one of just ten countries that account for almost two-thirds of all rotavirus deaths worldwide.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Herat (BNA) Around 70 street drugs addicts have been treated and handed over to their families by assigned commission in Herat province, BNA reported.
These addicts were collected from various parts of the city and transferred to the treatment sites, under the view of assigned commission, BNA added.
The addicts were under the treatment during the past month, officials said BNA.
An officials of provincial counter narcotics department assured continuation of the treatment process.
Since beginning of the program nearly 500 addicts have been treated in the province.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani emphasized on fully eradication of polio through a video conference with governors and health officials of Kandahar, Helmand, Nangarhar, Kunar, Paktika and Farah provinces here on Thursday, a presidential statement said.
The president who was speaking from Tawhid national center in presidential palace, called polio a dangerous disease which threatening the lives of children.
“Global consensus existed to fight polio.  Despite our achievements, we still need to do more to fully eliminate pilio from our country,” the president told governors and health officials.
The president also asked the local officials to vaccinate the returnee’s children and instructed Kandahar municipal and other officials to accelerate the polio vaccination campaign in close coordination with religious scholars.
The president also called upon the polio vaccination team to step up its campaign in Turkham and Spin Boldak ports, so that the disease well prevented.
According to presidential statement, the president emphasized for a nation-wide consensus to fight polio, asking health officials as well as in-charges of the ministries of Hajj and Religious Affairs as well as the Ministry to Education to do more and raise awareness among people on implementation of the polio vaccination.
The president also called for facilitation of visa to Bill Gatres foundation members as well as other int’l organizations working for elimination of polio across the globe.
According to another report, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday in meeting with Public Health Ministry officials called for the full elimination of polio across the country, a Presidential Palace statement said.
According to the statement, during the meeting President Ghani listened to the health officials reports on developments and challenges ahead of the polio implementation program.
President Ghani said that challenges must be identified, and remote areas should be considered, and a clear and comprehensive analysis must be done in this regard.
The statement further said that to effectively implement and expedite the polio eradication program, the president has directed the relevant authorities in particular the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) to take serious and urgent action in coordination with local authorities.
At the end of the meeting, Ghani emphasized that relevant administrations and centers and provinces to implement the polio eradication program must use all their facilities in coordination with other relevant department.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Herat (BNA) Officials for provincial directorate of public health in Herat have informed of creating 22 health centers in the province during 2018.
According to provincial director of public health, Dr. Abdul Hakim Tamana, construction work of the centers will be started in a month.
He added that the centers would be constructed in Bagh Dasht, Adraskan, Shindand, Farsi, Gulran, Aliabad, KabotarKhwan, Zendajan, Pul-e-Munarda, Injeel, Khushkrod, Kuhsan, Pashtoon Zarghon, Obe, Ghoryan and Keshk-e-Kuhna districts.

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