30 September 2020

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Sunday, January 12, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Information and Culture while distributing work permit for 28 traditional practitioners, called this practice an inspiration from the Great Prophet’s (PBUH) traditional medicine.
BNA reported, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen Minister of Information and Culture attended the distribution process and said that our ancient medicine, inspires the great medicine practice of Prophet era, Hazrate Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH), who besides being the leader, educator and a great medicinal inspirer that is a great inspiration for our land.
He added that our traditional medicine is inspired by the Indian, thinking and works of Indian and ancient Chinese medicine and those of knowledgeable sons of this country including Abu Ali Cenna and it has grown considerably and today the ground is prepared to sit with our ancient experienced traditional medicine pioneers and the more it gets nearer to the nature, it is more beneficial.
He added that one of the effectiveness of ancient medicine was that it got its inspiration from the nature and today the human society from the 21st century is getting closer to the nature and natural medicine.
Dr. Faizullah Kakar advisor minister in health and education affairs spoke on the effectiveness of the traditional medicine, the status of educating of traditional practitioners, to obtain test from the ancient medicine and distribution of certificates of work permit to them.
At the end, 28 ancient practitioners who could fulfill the accepted norms got the work permits of which 10 of them are Afghan Hindus.

Monday January 6, 2014

Kabul (BNA)  As part of current efforts of the Afghanistan government for improvement of future generation of the country President Hamid Karzai has recently introduced the pneumonia vaccine which will be implemented with the support of World Vaccine Union, WHO and the UNICEF free of charge for children under 2 years throughout the country.
Minister of Public Health Dr. Suraya Dalil said, every year due to Pneumonia or lung inflammation about 30000 children-under 2 years die in Afghanistan and approximately 150,000 children are affected by pneumonia. This vaccine is as a part of childhood immunity regular package provided by the MoPH.
She added, we are committed to support daily program of immunity and are determined to prevent mortality due to fatal diseases and introduction of this vaccine help us in this direction.
She said, we had to accept the pre-conditions of the international community for introduction of this vaccine. One of these preconditions was development and equipping of vaccine protection enters and cold chain in the capital and provinces.
The MoPH purchased four seats of (Walk-in cold room) and installed them in central cold room. The UNICEF regional head in South Asia Karin Holdschef had said that despite the recent achievement in last years, Afghanistan is still among the countries with the highest new born mortality rate in the world. Implementation of Pneumonia Counter Vaccine (PCV) in Afghanistan is a considerable achievement during our joint efforts for protection of future generation of this country.
WHO envoy in Afghanistan Reck Piper Korn said, “Vaccines are one of the successful, cheap and great examples in supply of medical services in the history.
Vaccine gives the children the chance of health growth, going school and improvement of successful conditions in their life. Making sure of parent’s on-time vaccination of their children in Afghanistan enjoys high importance.
WHO will continue its financial-technical support of massive ammunition program, so to make sure that all children have been vaccinated?
Executive chief of DR Sith Barckly said, Afghanistan is taking a big step to make sure of a future with better condition for its children. So including of this vaccine to the package of childhood vaccine for protection of children will help. So far the MoPH has provided vaccines for the eight fatal diseases including Tuberculosis, Polio, Diphtheria, whooping cough, flu, Jaundice, measles, Tetanus for mothers and newborn babies which are implemented free of charge of babies under 2 years. This vaccine is the ninth vaccine against Pneumonia in Afghanistan. This vaccine is implemented during sixth week, tenth week and fourteenth week by injection that protect child against Pneumonia, meaning it is and ear inflammation for life. The effectiveness of this vaccine has been distinguished 80-97 percent. The Afghan government has also contributed for the funding of this vaccine.

Sunday, January 05, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Construction work of a 100-bed hospital of Laghman was began by minister of public health Dr. Suraya Dalil and governor of Laghman.
According to BNA correspondent,  in a ceremony which was held yesterday on this occasion was attended by minister of public health Dr. Suraya Dalil, governor of Laghman Fazlullah Mujadidi, representatives of Laghman people in Wolesi Jirga, local public health director and a number of government officials, ulema and influential figures.
At the ceremony, minister of public health Dr. Suraya Dalil considered opening of construction work of the hospital as a positive step in delivering health services, saying by constructing the hospital, main problems which residents of Laghman were facing related to lack of doctors and medicines would be addressed.
Calling construction of the hospital as effective in treatment of patients and prevention of ill people from going to Pakistan, governor of Laghman Dr. Fazlullah Mujadidi said he hopes Laghman people’s problems would be addressed by constructing the hospital where the people could cure their patients inside of the province.
At the ceremony, representatives of Laghman people in Wolesi Jirga and a number of local elders considered construction of the hospital as effective step towards providing health services in the province, hoping the step could provide facilities to local people in treatment and curing sector.
According to provincial director of public health Abdul Latif Qayoumi, the hospital will be constructed in 68 acre land in Mehtarlam, capital city of Laghman province worth afs 256 million from development budget of the ministry in four blocks and two stories.

Saturday January 4, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Polio is an extraordinary epidemic disease which its virus enters intestine through mouth and reproduces there.
Then it affects people’s nervous system through blood circulation and paralysis people in few short hours. Its preliminary signs include favor, exhaustion, headache, vomit, neck ache and hands and legs pain. Polio has no treatment but it is preventable and with implementation of consecution vaccines the children’s body immunity wall improves. Polio influences from one village to other and from one country to another easily.
An unvaccinated child can affect ten to hundred other children to polio. Non observation of private sanitation, failure of children from vaccination coverage, non-vaccination of IDPs and weak implementation of polio campaign are failures that make polio virus transmission possible. Polio virus transmits via stools, hands and mouth. This virus could be separated from making stool and contaminates water of rivers and streams.
The MoPH offers indiscriminate medical services across Afghanistan to all deserving people ask people to support it in the direction of implementation of its programs.
As the first round of national autumn campaign of polio vaccination aimed at immunity of children under five from polio had been officially opened with applying of 2 drops of polio vaccine by his Excellency President Hamid Karzai an eligible child. In this 3 day campaign which was launched by MoPH with the cooperation of WHO and UNICEF throughout the country about 8.200000 children were vaccinated. In this campaign beside implementation of polio vaccine Albendazole tablet, were given to 4.900000 children to protect them from stomach worm.
The MoPH with the cooperation of all health workers is committed to achieve all determined targets of the year in the field of implementation of polio vaccination and stop transmission of wild polio virus with launching two round of nationwide and two sub campaigns in the six months. In current year (1392) four positive polio cases were registered in Ghani Kheyl and Laal Poor districts of Nangarhar province and Khas Kunar and Watapoor districts of Kunar province which in 1391 thirty seven positive cases and in 1390 eighty positive cases were registered in Afghanistan. Kandahar and Helmand provinces were two areas in previous years in which most positive polio cases were registered. Fortunately, due to launching of emergency campaign, the situation was under control in these two provinces and in 2013 so far no positive polio case was reported from these two provinces.
While in 2012 in Kandahar 11 positive cases and in Helmand 11 positive cases of polio were reported. At global level in 2013, 44 positive cases of polio in Nigeria and 22 positive cases of polio were identified in Pakistan. Based on above data, due to continued efforts and endeavor of MoPH and international partners, considerable reduction has appeared in positive polio cases in the country which indicates effective and useful activities in this direction. Afghan MoPH Dr. Soraya Dalil had asked all Afghan families to make sure on receiving of polio vaccine by their children during national days of vaccination. The MoPH expresses gratitude to all people particularly health workers, provincial and district governors, provincial councils, community leaders, tribal influential and Afghan families who had all sided cooperation for implementation of polio vaccination campaign.
If any child fails to receive polio vaccine during 3 days campaign, their families are requested to take them as soon as possible to nearest health center and vaccinate them.