13 December 2019

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Neli (BNA) A hospital with a capacity of 30 beds in Daikundi province will be opened shortly.
According to BNA local correspondent, the construction work of the hospital will be start soon in area of 5000 square meter land in Sangom region, Neli city of Daikundi province.
It is supposed that the hospital will be constructed with financial assistance of one of influencers of the area and as a specialized hospital with the most advanced medical equipment to solve the problems of people in Daikundi province.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Jalalabad (BNA) A 50 bed hospital to be constructed in Nangarhar province.
Medical in charge of Nangarhar province told BNA, the hospital will have internal, surgery departments as well as maternity wards.
He said, the hospital will be built in the area of ten acres of land by Public Health Ministry soon.
The villagers of Kot district, Nangarhar province are pleased from build of the hospital.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Balkh-Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan along with the country’s First Lady arrived in Mazar-e-Sharif, the provincial capital of Balkh, where he inaugurated Abdeu Ali Sina 360-bed hospital, a statement from his office, said.
According to the statement, both the president and the First Lady were warmly welcomed by the elders and influential figures of the province, upon arrival at the Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Airport, and accompanied to the Balkh Maternity Hospital, where a ceremony was held to inaugurate the 360-bed Abu Ali Sina provincial Hospital.
The president also separately met with the provincial governor, police chief, the provincial national security director and commander of 209-Shaheen corps and discussed security issues, the statement added.

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The officials of Pakistan and Afghanistan on Tuesday agreed to jointly work to root out polio virus.
A meeting of health officials from Pakistan and Afghanistan was held at Torkham border town.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa polio focal person Dr Nadim Jan, Kashif Islam, Dr Burhanuddin, Misal Khan, Dr Wazir Khan, Jan Muhammad, World Health Organisation manager Dr Ikram, and representatives of UNICEF attended the meeting.
The meeting continued for three hours at the civil administration office. The Pakistani officials welcomed the Afghan counterparts. Both sides discussed various issues related to health and polio. They agreed to coordinate with each other and improve polio vaccination campaigns on the both sides of the border to completely wipe out the virus from the region.
The officials said that polio was their common enemy and would fight it side by side. They said that on the basis of mutual cooperation they could reach every child in the countries to administered polio drops. The officials would increase the number of polio workers on the Torkham border to manage proper vaccination of the children travelling from and to Afghanistan in the coming anti-polio campaigns, they added.

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