31 October 2020

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Monday 20 February 2012,

VANCOUVER: Everything you know about dieting is wrong, say US scientists who have devised a new formula for calculating calories and weight loss that they hope will revolutionize the way people tackle obesity.

Obesity rates have doubled worldwide in the past 30 years, coinciding with a growing food surplus, and the ensuing epidemic has sparked a multibillion dollar weight loss industry that has largely failed to curb the problem.

Current standards in the United States, where two thirds of people are overweight or obese, advise people that cutting calories by a certain amount will result in a slow and steady weight loss over time.

But that advice fails to account for how the body changes as it slims down, burning less energy and acquiring a slower metabolism, researchers told the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Vancouver.

The result is a plateau effect that ends up discouraging dieters and sending them back into harmful patterns of overeating.

As an example, researcher Kevin Hall offered up his large vanilla latte, purchased at a popular coffee shop. When he asked, the barista told him it contained about 240 calories.

"The notion was if I drank one of these every day and then I replaced it with just black coffee no sugar, then over the course of a year I should lose about 25 pounds, and that should just keep going," Hall told reporters.

"People have used this sort of rule of thumb to predict how much people should lose for decades now, and it turns out to be completely wrong."

Hall, a scientist with the US National Institutes of Health, said his work aims to "come up with better rules and better predictions of what is going to happen when an individual changes their diet."

He and colleagues said their scientific model is aimed to help doctors and policymakers, while a "back-of-the-envelope calculation" for consumers means cutting small amounts of daily calories, but expecting to cut more over time.

"If I want to lose 10 pounds of weight eventually, I have to cut 100 calories per day out of my diet," Hall explained.

"You'll get halfway there in about a year, and then you will eventually plateau, (reaching the goal) after about three years," he added.

"For folks abroad that works out to about 100 kilojoules per day per kilogram. The contrast is the old rule of thumb predicts twice as much weight loss after a year, and it gets worse after that."

The new model gives dieters one calorie goal for short term weight loss and another for permanent weight loss. Exercise is also calculated in to help set realistic goals.

Tests on small numbers of adults who were fed strictly controlled diets showed the model was accurate, though real-life situations are harder to predict

Tuesday 14 February 2012


SYDNEY: Aspirin and other household drugs may inhibit the spread of cancer because they help shut down the chemical "highways" which feed tumours, Australian researchers said Tuesday.

Scientists at Melbourne's Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre said they have made a biological breakthrough helping explain how lymphatic vessels - key to the transmission of tumours throughout the body - respond to cancer.

"We've shown that molecules like the aspirin could effectively work by reducing the dilation of these major vessels and thereby reducing the capacity of tumours to spread to distant sites," researcher Steven Stacker said.

Doctors have long suspected that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin may help inhibit the spread of cancer but they have been unable to pinpoint exactly how this is done.

By studying cells in lymphatic vessels, the researchers found that a particular gene changed its expression in cancers which spread, but not when the cancer did not spread.

The results published in Cancer Cell journal reveal that the gene is a link between a tumour's growth and the cellular pathway which can cause inflammation and dilation of vessels throughout the body

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The head of the clinic of Ugel of Shendand was abducted by unknown armed persons yesterday his body was found in Shendand. 
The ministry of public health strongly condemned this action and asks peace for his soul and patience for the bereaved family. 
The ministry also asked the security organs of the country to take measures for finding the perpetrators of the head of the clinic and also asked the involved sides that they should not restrict delivering of medical aid and permit the personnel to achieve their humanitarian mission.

Saturday, February 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dear Countrymen, brothers and sisters,
Asslam Alekum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakathu,
It the blessing of God Almighty that with increased health services in the past ten years in the country considerable reduction has come about in the mortality rate of mothers and children especially we were successful in preventing the child-borne diseases. 
Dear countrymen, all our children till five years of age are confronting dangerous children diseases while all these diseases have its vaccination and by attention of parents and through applying of vaccines in proper time, these diseases can be prevented and they will not be afflicted to those diseases. 
Polio or paralyzing is most dangerous disease for the children and if the child is afflicted to it he/she will be paralyzed, their future will be destroyed and the society too will be affected of it. 
Sisters and brothers through timely vaccinating of the polio vaccine this country in recent years have become relatively safe for very keen attention of Afghanistan came under the special attention of the WHO and we were appreciated as we had only 25 cases of polio in all the country. 
However, regrettably the polio cases during the current year has been increased among the children and unfortunately 80 children were afflicted to this disease in 18 provinces of the country. 
The reason for this increase is that polio vaccine have not reached those children due to insecurity in the areas they live or the volunteers could go to those places and that their parents were not allowed to implement vaccine on their children. 
Dear patents: paralyzing of children due to polio infection is important for us, my demand is such that even one person in the country should not be afflicted to this disease and in order that polio case is not witnessed in our country, first of all mothers and fathers are expected to timely apply polio vaccine on their children and if due to some reasons they could not get the vaccine, they should refer to the health clinics and apply the vaccine on their children. 
I also ask all the religious scholars, clergies and imams of mosques and tribal elders of the country and I am hopeful that they will prepare the ground for the health workers in their regions to apply polio vaccine to the children. 
In case the opposition or other individuals due to their ignorance are preventing application of vaccine, the elders of the villages should convince them that preventing the vaccine to the children in fact is enmity with the children of the country. 
This is the duty of all to save their children by applying of vaccines. 
Do not forget applying of vaccines on your children.