24 June 2018

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People, Govt. Should Support Public Upraising Against Addiction

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Saturday December 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) If sometimes we see under the bridge of Kabul river, we see that large crowds of our countrymen including teenagers, youth and old men are at quarters with addiction innocently that immediately attract the astonishing eyes of every visitor.
These our fellow-citizens whom mostly are youth have unfortunately lost peaceful and dignified life of their families and leading a miserable life among garbage and trashes, and ask help from thousands visitors who are watching them and invite them for salvation from the bloody claws of addiction Monster. On the addicts, meaningful silence, no war on addiction and no step for eradication of poppy cultivation is controversial. Passing every day the number of addicts is increasing, poppy cultivation has been astronomically developing and drug trafficking is frankly continuing. The armed-terrorists use opium as a source of income by which they fund and equip their militants. Why, opium is being smuggled from sensitive places of our country? And our security forces are unaware of it, why thousands hectar lands are under poppy cultivation and the area of poppy fields is increasing and our relevant security forces are silent against this catastrophe? Only the government is not responsible before the addicts, our nation is also responsible.
If they don’t contribute beside the government in war on this devastating calamity, we would witness unexpected consequences. If we keep silence against this shameful phenomenon, we should understand that soon the flashes of this fire which has already been ignited under the Pul-e-Sokhta bridge its flames would change thousands innocent Muslims to ashes. So the government, society and families are responsible before addicts to eradicate poppy cultivation and then treat the innocent addicts. The well-to –do compatriots establish addicts’ treatment centers and treat them indiscriminately and rescue them from devastation and return them with healthy body to their families. Unfortunately today many suspect sources and individuals throughout the country supply and distribute drugs for addicts and encourage them. But these type of individuals though all at the moment have been abused by enemies and move towards the interests of our enemies, should understand that what they do is like a fire that they have inflamed by their own hands and blazed their homes and soon or later the black smoke of these devastating flames would penetrate to their families’ eyes, nose and lungs and eliminate them. Our citizens must not be indifferent before addiction to rescue these unlucky mass otherwise there is no guarantee that in the future this fatal disease would not affect us. Essential individual and collective measures are required for salvation of these people. Some people mock addicts and have eyes on their expansive properties to purchase them in low prices. Morally this is irresponsibility and is the sign of their opportunism. Because instead to take hands of these helpless people and rescue them, plunder their properties. As a solution, it should be said that government, people particularly rich countrymen should collectively upraise against this inauspicious phenomenon and eliminate it otherwise all of us specially our children and grandchildren will be destroyed in this fatal fire.
Lailuma Noori

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