24 June 2019

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Sardar Daud Khan Hospital’s Orthopedic Ward Executes 2,000 Operations In Current Year

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital, which is one of the country’s top hospitals, has been able to execute more than 2,000 operations in various sections in particular orthopedic.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, the hospital’s orthopedic and surgery services chief Col. Nek Mohammad Shinwari said: “Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital’s orthopedic service has been able to have unprecedented activities towards addressing ANDSF personnel and their families.
The hospital is one of the country’s top military and standard hospitals where 40 and 50 operations are executed daily as we have the best and professional doctors in various orthopedic, neuro-surgery, urology and other sections. Most of operations that are executed daily in the hospital are unprecedented in the region as execution of any operations is possible at this hospital.”
He added that most of patients who were hospitalized at the hospital were the ANDSF personnel who had been sustained injuries in battlefield.
“ANDSF injured personnel need further and enduring treatment as our professional doctors who are well-experienced and well-qualified and are able to conduct very difficult orthopedic operations, which is unprecedented in the level of the region,” said Shinwari, adding that procedures that are followed on patients are finalized with all possibilities of the hospital and then patients are hospitalized for further treatment.
Regarding to operations in the hospital’s orthopedic service, Col. Shinwari said, “Most of patients who refer to our hospital have the most severe fractures of their body members and are fortunately cured at the orthopedic service which is one of the well-equipped session of the hospital.”
He added that all services were delivered to ANDSF injured personnel and their families at Sardar Mohammad Daud hospital.
Meanwhile, a number of ANDSF officers and soldiers who have been injured in various parts of the country and are now hospitalized at the hospital are happy of all services provided by the hospital.
“Doctors at this hospital are working day and night and have particular attention to treatment of the ANDSF injured personnel and their families and I’ve seen their daily work since I was brought here for further treatment,” said Lt. Mohammad Daud, an ANA Special Forces officer who has been injured in battlefield in Helmand.
Answering a question whether he returns his duty after full recovery, the ANA officer said, “Yes, I’ll go back to my duty as I am a military officer and very interested in my profession and would like to join my colleagues and work shoulder to shoulder with them to maintain better security for my people in the country.”
Mohammad Hamayoun, who visited his cousin at the hospital, said: “I am very happy that my cousin is being cured by professional doctors at this hospital.”
It is worth mentioning that Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan National Military Hospitalis a military hospital located in Kabul. With 400 beds, it is largest military medical facility in Afghanistan, and serves members of the Afghan National Army and other members of the Afghan law enforcement community, and also contains a teaching department. Established in 1973 by the Soviets, it is now described as the “crown jewel” of the Afghan healthcare industry.

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