22 April 2019

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High Polio Eradication Council Holds Meeting

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Dr. Najibullah Mujaddedi, the Presidential Senior Advisor and special envoy on eradication of polio, the High Polio Eradication Council was held with the participation of Public Health Minister, representatives from other ministries and the related organs as well as the UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), BNA reported Sunday.
The agency quoted Mujaddedi to have expressed pleasure over the eradication program of campaign against polio and hoped to reach their final target of succeeding to put an end to polio cases across the country as soon as possible.
Dr. Firuzuddin Firuz, the minister of public health addressing the meeting called eradication of polio a top priority of his ministry and said: “By the beginning of 2016, we promised to have reached to the eradication of polio further than ever in the country, but now, we can say that we have reached to the rooting out of the disease more than any time.”  According to the figures and data, the polio cases are near to be eradicated and the process is hopeful and promising, said the minister.
He said since the beginning of 2016, children affected by the polio cases have not existed in 99 districts of the country, a success approved worldwide.
The minister asked the government and the international partners not to cut their cooperation in this field, otherwise the success would never be possible unless there was a strong commitment from the government leadership and the related organs.
Afghanistan witnessed up to 20 cases of polio, but the cases are reducing each year.
The UNICEF representative emphasized on the importance of the anti-polio program and asked the public to vaccinate their children against the disease.
The ministry signed two MoUs about eradication of polio with the ministries of Hajj and Islamic Affairs and telecommunication and information technology, and seven other are expected to be signed with the ministry, according to the agency.

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