15 July 2020

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Saturday, December 22, 21012
Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently in a national conference on medical behavior focused on issues that really require serious attention.
BNA commentator writes: 
One of the most   crucial issues that the president persistently raises in his statements and implicitly pointed to it in the conference is focusing attention on the most urgent needs of the public life.
The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has repeatedly called for releasing the country from the need of others. He asks the authorities of political, social and economic fields to find out the reasons behind the various problems of the people in order to design a proper plan for removing the problems.
In spite of that during the last ten years, the people and the state of Afghanistan have seen visible achievements but there are still certain problems needed to be settled, otherwise the people would remain in need of others as before.
Hamid Karzai the president of Republic of Afghanistan in his speech to the participants of the conference pointing to medical problems the people of the country facing said, the medical staff and entire Afghan people should make their best efforts to settle the medical problems of men, women and children of the country are painfully suffering. Otherwise, Afghanistan will remain as one of the most backward countries in world and the people will have no way but to go to neighboring countries for treatment of ordinary diseases. For this reason the president resolutely said that we would build a concrete base for medical serviced in order to rescue the people from this urgent need. These statements indicate that still the country is suffering a lack of a health system that the leadership of the country wants.
President Karzai besides raising the medical problems of the country instructed the medical staff to seriously pay attention to medical problems of the people and added, for diagnosing the diseases there is a need for an equipped lab and medical technologist, because without that it would nearly impossible to diagnose the patient’s critical disease.  According to the president we have doctors to treat our patients but unfortunately we have no sufficient medical equipment’s to diagnose the illness properly. So, providing the equipment’s and training personnel are an urgent need of the time.
To achieve this noble goal, the president instructed the ministries of higher educations and public health to include laboratory trainings in the curriculum of medical institutions and to be followed even up to BA and PHD degrees and medical staff of the lab should be entitled with academic tittles.
The president emphasizing on observing good behavior with patients said besides medical curing of the patients, treating with good and kindly behavior is a must.
In brief if, what the president has said to be put in practice the people will never say,” medicine has been changed in to a business in the country.” 
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director

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