5,000 Polio Vaccine Boxes Assisted To MoPH

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 5,000 polio vaccine boxes costing $50,000 were assisted on Tuesday to Afghan ministry of public health. 
In a ceremony which was held for awarding the assistance, Dr. Nadira Hayat Burhani, deputy for delivering health services of MoPH praised ROTERY organization for its assistance and considered it as vital in transition and implementation of polio vaccination. 
According to Dr. Burhani the assistance of such boxes enables vaccinators of the ministry to implement the polio program in remote areas, resulting in prevention of child paralyzing incidents. 
Dr. Burhani considered that cooperation of health partners with Afghanistan is as important in improvement of health services, asking for further technical and financial cooperation in this regard. 
While asserting that Afghan ministry of Public Health is strongly committed to eliminate polio throughout the country, Dr Burhani concerned over opening the borders of the country and illegal immigrations and considered it as a big challenge for the prevention of polio virus. 
She also said that security problems also created problems in implementation of the program in the country. 
Dr. Burhani asked all the armed groups to let Afghan vaccinators implement the program across the country.

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