21 January 2020

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Saturday, 18 January 2020 07:43

Taliban Attack Repulsed in Nangarhar

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Planning of Taliban for organizing a blast was failed in Nangarhar.
Security officials discovered and defused a car full of explosive from a hideout of Taliban in Khogyani district.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman for Nangarhar governor told BNA, Taliban wanted to ues the car in a crowded road of the province, but not succeeded to their evil goal.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, 18 January 2020 06:57

Chief Executive meets Takhar & Herat Elders

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has separately met a number of elders of Takhar and Herat at Sapidar Palace.
In meeting with Takhar elders, influenced figures and elders of the province shared their problems and demands with chief executive, asking the country’s chief executive office for attention to addressing their problems and demands.
Also, a number of resident of Herat also shared their problems and demands with chief executive.
In the meeting, chief executive has promised that problems and demands shared by residents of Herat and elders of Takhar would be addressed.

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, discussed the issue of Ukrainian plane crash in Iran, BNA reported the other day.
During the telephonic conversation, the Canadian premier extended his deep condolence on the death of scores of passengers who lost their lives in the crash happened in Iran and called it a tragic and shocking incident that caused great grief for his people, the agency said.
“We should focus on the next steps; this was a positive step by the Iranian to take responsibility of the air crash, but there is a need for taking next steps,” the agency quoted Trudeau as saying.
He said the international community was waiting for the next measures in the devilment of valid researches in order to clarify where the problem, the agency quoted was.
He said Iran, besides taking responsibility of the incident, should clearly provide the way for the international researches and go ahead with the right path.
According to him, the first working group would meet on this occasion in London as he said: “We want justice implemented for the victims and the truth behind the incident be made clear. “The International community, if needed, should to revise the air aviation ruling laws and principles so that such incidents were prevented,” the agency said as quoting him. The prime minister also assured President Ghani for staying alongside Afghanistan, making effort for restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan and reduce tension in the region. During the telephonic talks, the country’s president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani also expressed his condolence to the Canadian people, government and the families of the victims of the air incident and thanked the leadership, management and condolence of the Canadian prime minister in this field. “Afghanistan share its grief with you and our government and people are deeply saddened by the incident and the death of 13 Afghan national in the crash,” said the agency quoting the President. He said the international community for playing its effective role so that the rights of the victims were secured, the agency added. Expressing his support to working group, the president said: “We are part the working group, we emphasize that Iran should take on hand necessary measures, as our compatriots are demanding clearance in this field.”
He said Afghan acting minister of foreign affairs would work in coordination with Canadian delegation on the issue and added: “We want tension reduced in the region and the role of Canada is very important for peace and stability of Afghanistan.”
Pointing to the recent tension between US and Iran and Afghanistan’s clear stance on the issue, the country’s president hoped the regional efforts with the support of Canada remain effective for the stability of the region and expansion of government to government relation.

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a telephone conversation with families of Afghan victims of Ukraine plane crash in Iran offers condolence and sympathy to the families.
In the telephone conversation, Afghanistan ambassador to Iran Abdul Ghafoor Liwal first briefed about identification of Afghans martyred in the incident.
He said that a committee has been created for addressing the martyred families, saying that Afghan martyrs have been identified and a number of them have been buried.
Afghanistan ambassador to Iran added that he’s passed condolence message of the President and his instructions for as- assistance to the martyred and to the victim families.
Afterwards, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke and while offering his condolence and sympathy to the victim families said the government was ready to provide any kind of cooperation if a family wanted to transfer the body of their martyr to Kabul.
The country’s President added that acting minister of foreign affairs has left for Britain to attend a working group created by countries suffered most of victims in the incident so that rights of the victims of the incident were clarified based on international regulations.
“It is a common pain and today each Afghan considers it as his pain,” President Ghani said, adding that as a President, he was ready for any kind of cooperation in this regard.
At the end of the telephonic conversation, Mohammad Mehdi Sadat, representing the victim families praised the country’s President and Afghanistan embassy to Iran for cooperation in this regard.

Saturday, 18 January 2020 06:46

Taliban Terrorist Killed in Jawzjan

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Sheberghan (BNA) Ten Taliban associated group were killed in joined clearing operation of security troops in Khaneqa and Faizabad districts, Jawzjan province.
Abdul Marod Azer spokesman for Jawzjan governor told BNA, clearing operation was launched by security troops in the two mentioned districts, in which ten Taliban associated group were killed and 16 others have been injured.
During the operations, strongholds of Taliban with numerous of war equipment have been demolished and seven regions of the province were cleared from insurgents.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Mahmoodraqi (BNA) Thirteen people have been detained on suspicion of different criminal crimes in Kapisa.
The people were arrested in clearing operations of security troops from various parts of the province.
Abdul Shayeq Shorish police spokesman of Kapisa told BNA, the people were involved in killing, theft, smuggling of illegal weapons, abduction and selling drugs.
During the past nine month, more than 500 suspects of criminal crimes have been detained in Kapisa province.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Jalalabad (BNA) Seven insurgents associated to Taliban and ISIS terrorist groups were detained in east of the country.
The insurgents were arrested in a clash by security troops.
Senior commander in east of the country told BNA, four insurgents affiliated to Taliban group and three others ISIS associated group have been detained by security troops in Jalalabad.
Seven heavy and light weapons were also seized by the detainees.
The arrested insurgents in first investigation acknowledged to membership of ISIS and Taliban terrorist groups and participate in dozens of deadly events in that province.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, 18 January 2020 06:39

ISIS Loyalists Surrenders to Government

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Asadabad (BNA) Eight ISIS loyalists were given up violence and joined peace process in Kunar.
The ISIS led by Qader Jan known Abdul Bashir had activity against government in parts of Manogi district.
Selab army corps in east of the country with releasing a statement told BNA, eight ISIS fighters were joined to government with their hand weapons.
T. Yarzada

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Qalat (BNA) Five employees of Breshna Company were lost their lives in explosion of a mine in Zabul late yesterday.
The employees of the company went to work for renew of imported electricity to the area, their vehicle hit a mine blast in Shar-e-Safa District.
Police media office with releasing a statement told BNA, five engineers and technical official of the company lost their lives.
Police of Zabul blamed Taliban for the mine planting.
Taliban group have not said anything so far
T. Yarzada

Saturday, 18 January 2020 06:36

Suicide Assailants Killed in Kandahar

Saturday, January 18, 2020
Kandahar (BNA) Four succeed assailants were killed in an air strike in Kandahar.
A car packed explosives were also destroyed in the raid.
According to reports, the four assailants riding a car wanted to targeted security checkpoint in Maiwand District, was targeted by air strike of security forces and killed.
Atal army corps in south of the country with releasing a statement said, four assailants were killed and their car packed explosive has been destroyed.
T. Yarzada

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