14 December 2019

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Monday, December 9, 2019
Maimana (BNA) Two women and two men were martyred in explosion of a mortar mine of Taliban in Faryab province yesterday.
Karim Yourish police spokesman of Faryab told BNA, a mortar mine of Taliban landed on a house, which caused martyring of two men and two women and injuring of two other women and two men.
The health condition of the two injured reported serious, said the source.
T. Yarzada

Monday, 09 December 2019 06:03

Regions Cleared from Terrorists in Kunar

Monday, December 9, 2019
Asadabad (BNA) Several regions of Kunar have been cleared from terrorists in a clearing operation conducted by security troops.
The operation continued in parts of Dangam district.
ANA top commander in Selab army corps in east of the country told BNA tens of regions have been cleared from terrorists in the mentioned district.
Likewise, four strongholds of Taliban and ISIS fighters were destroyed, so far eight Taliban and ISIS affiliates were killed and number of others have been injured in the operation, he added.
No any harm and casualties sustained to civilians and security forces in the operation.
T. Yarzada

Monday, December 9, 2019
Qalat (BNA) Ten armed Taliban militants were killed and six others have been injured in air and ground raids of security troops in Zabul province.
The Taliban were targeted in their hideouts in Shahjou and Arghandab districts.
Key commander in Atal army corps in south of the country told BNA, ten militants were killed and six others have been injured in the raids.
Several strongholds of the militants with all war equipment have been destroyed.
Meanwhile, police of Zabul discovered and defused eight mines from crowded ways of the province and prevented from a series of explosions.
No one has been detained in connection of the failed mine planting.
T. Yarzada

Monday, December 9, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Nine armed Taliban were killed in latest clashes by security troops in Kandahar province last night.
The insurgents were suppressed in Nesh district.
ANA senior commander in Atal army corps in south of the country told BNA, the insurgents were suppressed on their strongholds while planning a series of destructive activities
According to reports, two strongholds of the insurgents with all war equipment have been demolished.
According to another report, two weapons caches of Taliban were discovered in Kandahar province.
The caches were located in a hideout of Taliban in Maiwand and Khakrez districts.
Atal army corps with releasing a statement said, several heavy and light weapons and numerous of mines and bombs were discovered from the cache.
T. Yarzada

Sunday December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Finally the end of every war and violence is peace, but achieving peace is possible only by action not with slogans.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, since decades Afghans are disputing about peace and war in the country. Some people claiming that the external factors are the main reason behind war in Afghanistan and a numbers are thinking on internal factors of war, but the people never strength their will that themselves can achieve peace if they jointly work with government.
An enjoyable peace for Afghans is that achieved by themselves, meanwhile we can overcome on external and internal deterrent factors of peace.
Role of tribal elders and religious scholars extremely is important, tribal elders in every regions, villages and townships can demand from local people to prevent from influence of enemy and don’t allow foreigners’ factors to learn destruction, murder and killing innocent civilians abroad the country and implement it inside Afghanistan.
Likewise, the role of religious scholars is significant, they can learn to people that war, disputes, murder and killing people not compatible with the behavior and attitude of prophets and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Violence reduction, preventing from innocent killing and obeying the good and peace can put end point to disputes and the pain of all Afghans.
There are Afghans on both sides, since years government declares that don’t kill people by order of others, don’t destroy the country, don’t increase the number of orphans and widows, prevent from violence and hypocrisy, war is not the solution. Although armed oppositions know that they don’t win on the battlefield, yet they are continuing to their violence and inhuman actions.
Anyway, the end of every war is peace, numerous people have been killed/kills in war, but when a door opens for peace, violence must be ended and an opportunity will provide for achieving peace in the country.
When the sound of bullets went off, in that case negotiations and understandings make sense and opportunity will be provided for achieving a dignity and sustainable peace in Afghanistan. 

Sunday, 08 December 2019 04:23

Youths are Future Makers: Minister Safi

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi in a meeting with Chancellor of Jakarta’s Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Prof. Amany Lubis stressed on bilateral relations in academic and cultural fields.
In the meeting, chancellor of the respective university considered training of youth as a significant issue, adding that they should have better introduction of the religion of Islam.
He also said that development of society and maintaining peace depended on education of youth and enhancement of their scientific capacities.
Talking on diplomacy and governance in Islamic communities, the chancellor of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University added through diplomacy and governance they could better introduce Islam to youth, saying that currently 15 Afghan students were studying at the respective university.
Afterwards, acting minister of information and culture Hasina Safi by recalling of common Islamic culture between the two countries added youth should be informed of Islamic values, saying that they should invest on youth and introduce them the religion of Islam in better way.
Acting minister of information and culture regarded Islam as a religion of peace, solidarity and tolerance and stressed on investment of youth’s traini9ngs.
Pointing to providing higher education opportunities at various universities of Indonesia, acting minister of information and culture added youth’s economic, cultural and social problems should be reviewed and they should be persuaded to get education.
Hasina Safi also insisted on bilateral relations between the two countries in cultural field, adding that they could provide opportunities for higher education as well as higher education scholarships through signing MoU in this regard.

Sunday, December 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani paid tribute to departing body of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura at the Hamid Karzai International Airport here yesterday afternoon.
Addressing a ceremony on this occasion, President Ghani said Nakamura has devoted most of his life for rebuilding of Afghanistan and addressing the problems of deprived tribes in eastern provinces.
“He could speak Pashtu very fluently and no one could doubt his love with the Pashtu language,” the president said. He went on saying that Dr. Nakamura was loving humanity and devoted most of his life helping the people.
“His (Nakamura) killers will definitely go to the hell and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces would find out the preparatory and would hand them over to the justice,” the president added.
The President went on saying that would complete the projects of Nakamura and would be named after him.
Nakamura, a driver and four security guards were killed in a shooting on Wednesday in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province.
Nakamura had mainly been supporting the construction of irrigation canals in Afghanistan. Condolences continued to be offered in many places across the country on Thursday.
The body of Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura was taken to his home country on Saturday for burial.

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a security meeting here at the presidential palace yesterday morning.
During the meeting which was also attended by National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib and acting minister of national defense Asadullah Khalid, the president was briefed on ongoing operations, adding increasing operations in winter season and security of the highways were the main priority for the ministry, the statement from the presidential press office said.
Minister Khalid went on saying that operations in east, northeast, south and north of the country had left positive impacts, adding the operation against Daesh forced thousands of the militants to surrender to Afghan forces, the statement quoted him as saying.
Hearing the security reports, President Ghani praised the operations and coordination among the Afghan forces, adding the forces on time operation could prevent enemies’ increasing threats.
Congratulating Afghans forces achievements in war against Daesh in east of Afghanistan, instructing them to further take steps against insurgents in winter season to help protect the citizens, the statement added.

Sunday, December 08, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with newly appointed ambassador of Agha Khan, Sheherazade Hijri, here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday, a statement said.
Welcoming the new ambassador, Dr. Abdullah wished her success in her new mission and thanked Agha Khan’s assistance for Afghanistan.
Thanking government’s warm welcome, the newly appointed ambassador briefed CE Abdullah on her works and hoped to take bold steps for implementation of Agha Khan Development Network programs in Afghanistan, the statement added.

Sunday, December 8, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The Lower House of Parliament observed a 10-minute silence on Saturday to pay tribute to Dr. Nakamura, whose photograph was displayed in the lower house yesterday.
The MPs blamed regional intelligence behind the murder of Dr. Nakamura and demanded the finding of killers.
In Saturday’s session, members of the Wolesi Jirga displayed Nakamura’s picture at the top of the parliament building in acknowledgement of his services for Afghanistan.
An MP from Nangarhar, Hazrat Ali, said “Nakamura has been murdered for building a canal, a Kunar River tributary. There are political motives behind his killing.”
Anisa Imrani, also a representative of Nangarhar residents also said: “Nakamura has been killed in line with external conspiracies that also involved some internal elements.”
The perpetrators of the murder must be identified and given deterrent punishment, said the lawmaker, who did not name individuals behind the external plots.
Haji Khan Mohammad Wardak, a lower house member from Kabul, said: “The murder of Nakamura is a betrayal of Afghanistan and its people, the killers must be identified.”
Other MPs held similar views and demanded the identification, and severe punishment for, Nakamura’s killers.
Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani extended his condolences to Nakamura’s family and the people of Japan. “Those who murdered Nakamura don’t deserve pardon.”
He denounced the NGO chief’s killing as an attack on humanity and tasked the international and external commissions of the house with investigating the incident.
Unidentified gunmen opened fire at the vehicle of the Japan Peace Medical Services (PMS) chief, who was rushed to hospital. The NGO chief came under attack on his way to inspect a project.
Dr. Nakamura’s driver and four of his bodyguards were also killed in the shooting. Dr. Nakamura did a lot for the development of agriculture, irrigation, healthcare and education and won people’s hearts. His services to the people earned him the nickname Uncle Murad.

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