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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Political affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Afghanistan once again was the scene of violence in recent days. After a suicide attack in Kabul Shushdarak   September that beside eleven Afghan civilians killed an American Engineer cancelled the process of negotiations with Taliban declared a partial peace and reduction of violence in the country.
The American and Taliban delegations carrying out 9 rounds of negotiation in Doha were close to signing an agreement, but the Shashdarak incident disrupts everything and Taliban who considered themselves the conqueror of political and fighting fields found themselves in complete isolation.
After that date, Taliban made every effort to draw the American delegation to negotiation table and for obtaining the confidence of America decreased in carrying out suicide attacks too much, but American officially not conducted any official negotiations with Taliban but their talks mostly focused on release of two Afghan American University professors who were abducted three years ago from Kabul.
The two sides agreed to exchange three senior members of Taliban with the two professors. Unfortunately the exchanged due to unknown reasons did not take place. Some believe the teachers are not alive anymore.
In this way the last hope of Talban for reaching an agreement changed in to nothing and Taliban once again choose violence for reaching their political objectives.
In existence of such opinion and view in Kabul and some other cities of the country are the scenes of terrorist attacks that mostly kill civilians.
As yesterday in Kabul as a result of a terrorist attack five people injured and in the other day in Herat an explosion in car including three children six people injured. Also, an explosion in Mazar-I- Sharif injured a child. Likewise Taliban carrying out attack on attorney generals in Qara Bagh district Kabul province killed two of the attorney general and injured two others. 
Some believe, Taliban with increasing terrorist attacks want to regain their lost status but they did not know for reaching a deal with Americans how many Afghans have killed and sat the Afghans in grief and mourning.
Violence of Taliban indicates that they are insisting on war and violence which complicate political talks and the process of peace, while reaching peace seriously needs building trust and avoiding violence.
Real peace only insures when Taliban stop the killing of Afghan citizens, accept ceasefire and carry out direct talks with Afghan government.
Because violence and carrying terrorist attacks bring peace negotiations seriously under question so if Taliban are Muslims and Afghans should stop fighting and killing Afghans forever and settle the deadly problems via carrying out intra Afghan dialogues.  

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Cabinet Approves Budget for National Projects to be Implemented in Central Provinces, VP http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41033-cabinet-approves-budget-for-national-projects-to-be-implemented-in-central-provinces-vp.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41033-cabinet-approves-budget-for-national-projects-to-be-implemented-in-central-provinces-vp.html Cabinet Approves Budget for National Projects to be Implemented in Central Provinces, VP

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh in a visit to Daikundi has informed that cabinet has approved budget for implementation of big national development projects in central provinces of the country.
Leading a government delegation to open some development projects that have been completed in Daikundi, Sarwar Danesh assured the people of the province that all development projects which were underway in Daikundi and other central areas of the country or newly suggested by relevant institutions have been included in the national budget for 1399 fiscal year. “The national budget for 1399 fiscal year has been approved in principle by the cabinet and has been delivered to national assembly to be approved,” Danesh said.
“Before the budget was delivered to national assembly, development projects for central areas were reviewed with head of budget of the finance ministry to address the rest of gaps in the projects,” Danesh said, adding that big national projects have been completed or started in Hazrajat level during the past five years and work on other projects would continue during the coming year.
He enumerated a range of development projects  as Bamyan electricity project, Dara-e-Suf – Yakawolang road, economic and technical survey of the North-South corridor, Dushi-Bamyan road and others which would be implemented in central provinces during the coming years.
Danesh also hinted that work on the construction of East-West corridor, Qarabagh-Jaghori road, a 20 km Espilan road in Waras Ulya, construction of Waras hospital and construction of school and government buildings across Hazarajat was underway.
He stressed that all projects have been approved in national budget for 1399 fiscal year and the coming government was responsible to implement all of them.

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“We Support Women Representation, Presence in Peace Negotiation,” Dr. Abdullah http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41030-“we-support-women-representation-presence-in-peace-negotiation”-dr-abdullah.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41030-“we-support-women-representation-presence-in-peace-negotiation”-dr-abdullah.html

Tuesday, November (BNA) Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting with the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamanoto and a number of foreign countries ambassador said he supports women presence and representation in the peace negotiations, a statement from the CE office said Monday.  At the meeting which was mostly held on the peace talks with the government armed opposition, the UN Special Representative and the ambassadors of Britain, Finland and Sweden demanded the CE to support women representation in the China’s hosted upcoming intra-Afghan dialogue, as according to them the number of women representatives have been very low.  Welcoming their suggestion, the CE thanked their plan and suggestions for the empowerment of Afghan women and said he supported women representation and presence in the upcoming peace process, said the statement.


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President Ghani Stresses Better Traffic System, Greenery in Kabul City http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41012-president-ghani-stresses-better-traffic-system-greenery-in-kabul-city.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41012-president-ghani-stresses-better-traffic-system-greenery-in-kabul-city.html President Ghani Stresses Better Traffic System, Greenery in Kabul City

Tuesday, November 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received Kabul Mayor Ahmad Zaki Sarfaraz and heard his report on reforms, good governance, construction of roads and canals, greenery and traffic system in the capital city, a statement from the presidential press office said yesterday.
Briefing the President, Mayor Sarfaraz said Kabul Municipality could survey and register 137 thousands of properties in 10 districts of the capital within last 9 months of the ongoing solar year, adding 193 projects have been implemented in 22 districts of the city and works of some projects still ongoing, the presidential statement quoted him.
Hinting to traffic system in the city, Kabul Mayor said 300 traffic staffs to be recruited to help Traffic Police with guiding of schoolchildren, management of roadside parking and controlling of the vehicles’ movements.
Thanking Mayor’s report, President Ghani said Kabul’s outlook would be changed with implementation of the development plans of the city, according to the statement.
President Ghani instructed Kabul Municipality to spare no efforts in extending of public services to the residents and help improve traffic system and greenery in the capital city, the statement added.

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Minister Zaman, Kay Discuss Upcoming NATO Meeting in London http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41011-minister-zaman-kay-discuss-upcoming-nato-meeting-in-london.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41011-minister-zaman-kay-discuss-upcoming-nato-meeting-in-london.html Minister Zaman, Kay Discuss Upcoming NATO Meeting in London

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Idrees Zaman has met NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) Nicholas Kay and discussed a range of issues, a MoFA statement said yesterday.
Kay congratulated Zaman on his new position and briefed him on the upcoming NATO Leaders Meeting to be held in London next month, according to the statement.
Zaman talked about comprehensive reform programs to be implemented at the foreign ministry, intra-Afghan talks to be held in Beijing and the Heart of Asia Ministerial meeting in December, the statement added.

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US Supports Afghan Govt.’s Decision for Prisoner Swap, Delay: Bass http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41010-us-supports-afghan-govt’s-decision-for-prisoner-swap-delay-bass.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/41010-us-supports-afghan-govt’s-decision-for-prisoner-swap-delay-bass.html US Supports Afghan Govt.’s Decision for Prisoner Swap, Delay: Bass

Tuesday, November 18, 2019
Kabul (BNA) The US Ambassador to Kabul John Bass in tweet on Sunday said the US supports President Ghani’s announcement to "release three Taliban prisoners to promote peace” and “the decision to reassess their pending transfer following the attacks in Logar and Kabul on November 12 and 13.”
Last week, President Ghani announced that three prominent members of the Haqqani group Anas Haqqani, Hafiz Rashid and Mali Khan—would be released ‘conditionally’ in exchange for two kidnapped professors from the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF),  Kevin King, 63, from the US, and Timothy Weeks, 50, from Australia.
President Ghani mentioned that this exchange was intended to act as a prelude to resumed peace talks.
But the exchange was postponed, and the Haqqani Network prisoners were returned to Bagram Airbase, according to presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.
Sediqqi claimed the prisoner exchange process didn’t take place because the Taliban did not comply with conditions set by the Afghan government.
He also said the government will reassess the prisoner exchange process and will proceed in the “nation’s interest.”
On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova responded to a question about the prospective prisoner exchange, saying: “We welcome any real steps...to put an end to hostilities and launch a peace process in Afghanistan,” and “We view the release of three leaders of the Haqqani network, which is linked to the Taliban, as a gesture of good will by the government of Afghanistan with a view to facilitating progress in the intra-Afghani peace process.”

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WJ Speaker Criticizes Taliban Approach Over Prisoner Swap http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40991-wj-speaker-criticizes-taliban-approach-over-prisoner-swap.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40991-wj-speaker-criticizes-taliban-approach-over-prisoner-swap.html WJ Speaker Criticizes Taliban Approach Over Prisoner Swap

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Addressing the general session of the Lower House (Wolesi Jirga), speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani said that two Western hostages held by the Taliban since 2016 are likely to be dead.
Afghan government said on Tuesday it would release Anas Haqqani, a key member of the Taliban’s Haqqani militant faction and two other commanders in exchange for two American University of Afghanistan, American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks. The exchange has, however, not taken places.
“The collapse of deal to exchange Taliban prisoners for the teachers of American University of Afghanistan suggests that the Taliban are indecisive and unfaithful,” house speaker said.
“Taliban showed that they don’t have the authority to decide about war and peace and cannot even making decision about the release of their sons is not in their authority, or it is possible that the hostages are no more alive,” Rahmani said.
The two professors were kidnapped in August 2016 from outside the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. Both men have reportedly suffered from health issues in captivity.

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VP Danesh Arrives Daikundi to Inaugurate Development Projects http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40989-vp-danesh-arrives-daikundi-to-inaugurate-development-projects.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40989-vp-danesh-arrives-daikundi-to-inaugurate-development-projects.html VP Danesh Arrives Daikundi to Inaugurate Development Projects

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Leading a high-level delegation, second Vice President Mohamamd Sarwar Danesh arrived in Nilli city, the capital of Daikundi province here yesterday.
VP Danesh is accompanied by acting ministers of information and culture, higher education, economy, heads of Independent Directorate for Local Organs, civil aviation authority, Indian Ambassador to Kabul, deputy ministers of telecommunications and information technology, agriculture, irrigation and livestock, commerce and industry, public health, deputy for the attorney general office and a number of lawmakers, the statement from second VP press office said.
Addressing a gathering in Nilli city, second VP said development projects were implemented despite of war in the country. VP Danesh announced completion of eight development projects in the province.
VP Danesh went on saying that implementation of development projects was aimed to facilitate people with essential facilities, his press office added.

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Qaem Appointed New Afghan Ambassador to China http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40988-qaem-appointed-new-afghan-ambassador-to-china.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40988-qaem-appointed-new-afghan-ambassador-to-china.html

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has appointed Javid Ahmad Qaem as Afghan Ambassador to China.
Qaem was designated as new Ambassador to China based on presidential decree No. 1314.
Qaem previously worked as Senior Advisor on Political Affairs in National Security Council (NSC), and prior to that as Deputy Minister for Policy and Coordination in Ministry of Counter-Narcotics.
Qaem, a development and project management specialist, possesses two master’s degrees; one in public administration and policy from Arizona State University and the second in management of development from Turin University, Italy.

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President Ghani Receives Credentials of new Chinese Ambassador to Kabul http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40987-president-ghani-receives-credentials-of-new-chinese-ambassador-to-kabul.html http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/politics/item/40987-president-ghani-receives-credentials-of-new-chinese-ambassador-to-kabul.html President Ghani Receives Credentials of new Chinese Ambassador to Kabul

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received credentials of Wang Yu, as new ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Kabul during a ceremony at the presidential palace, a statement said yesterday.
Welcoming the new Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, President Ghani hoped his new mission further strengthened the bilateral ties between the two countries. The president said Afghanistan was looking forward to enhancing economic, political and cultural ties with China, the statement from the presidential press office told The Kabul Times daily.
Hinting to importance of bilateral ties, President Ghani said Afghanistan and China was having 50 years of friendly relations and the bilateral ties should be further boosted, the statement quoted him as saying.
Calling China as one of the economic giants, President Ghani said China’s contribution would be vital for regional development, adding Afghanistan was interested to be part of the cooperation.
Newly appointed Chinse ambassador assured of his full cooperation for strengthening of the bilateral ties between the two countries, the statement added.

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