10 December 2018

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  In less than ten days three governor and dozens armed members of the group have been killed.
Recently Taliban have launched a series of political and military provocations which led to losses among state forces and civilians, but the main loser in these fighting are Taliban.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes also one cannot ignore the casualties among state forces, but the casualties sustained in fighting state forces are much more than of state forces.
Defense Minister says the number of casualties that terrorist groups sustained is 5 to 6 time is higher than the number of casualties the state forces sustained.
The interior ministry has reported about the killing of three so called Taliban governors for Ghore, Paktika and Helmand provinces,
The killing of three so called Taliban governors during the last ten days should be focus on.
As a result of drone attacks on Sakhi dad and Tilan villages Pashtoon koot district Faryab province, Mullah Ahmad shah Ghory the so called the governor of the group in Ghore province with other 51 terrorist have been killed.
Pir Agha the so called governor of Taliban in Paktika and his four body guards lost their lives in an operation launched by Afghan security forces.
It should be mentioned that it was not only the operations launched by state forces that caused the casualties among terrorist groups, their inner differences have also caused unprecedented casualties among them.
Recently in a battle between Mulla Nangiallay and Mulla Samad two rival commanders of Taliban in Shindand district Herat province more than 60 militants of the both sides were killed or injured. In motor bomb explosion in Marouf district Kandahar province 30 Taliban members lost their lives.
Interior ministry says the security and defense forces of the country recently launching  anti – terrorist operations targeted the leadership of the group in the result of which several high ranking officials of the group including governors district governors and judges have lost their lives,
Security affairs experts believe also Taliban consider themselves the hero of the battle field in recent fighting, but the killing of several high ranking officials and members of the group severely destroyed the military machine of terrorists. The experts insist that if the state security forces increase such operations against Taliban this notorious group will become weaker.
Jawed Kohistani the military affairs expert in an interview with BNA correspondent said that if the state security forces seriously attack Taliban bases, the enemy becomes weaker and force to attend the negotiation table.
He added, without doubt the killing of the enemy’s high ranking people, affected badly on them and caused differences among the group and disrupted order among terrorists and they are not able to convent their meetings easily in the cities .
According to Kohistani   the killing of key members of Taliban raises the moral of state forces and also provides the ground for peace. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani met in his office the Commander of NATO Resolute Support Mission and US Forces, General Austin Scott Miller, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.
General Miller called on Foreign Minister Rabbani days after the meeting of the NATO Resolute Support Mission Contributing Nations held on December 5the in Brussels.  The two sides discussed and exchanged views on range of issues, the statement added.
The NATO and US Force Commander recalled with optimism the rejuvenated spirit of support at the Brussels meeting.
Foreign Minister Rabbani and General Miller discussed Afghanistan US bilateral ties and exchanged views on the peace process, and the upcoming elections, as well as the NATO and US support for the Afghan security forces, the statement concluded as saying.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Second vice president Sarwar Danesh stressed that the commission to access to information should soon start its work, BNA reported on Sunday.
Expressing glad over recruitment of the commission’s new members, VP Danesh said this organ had a heavy responsibility the agency added.
He called the new law on access to information one of the best laws in region and the world and asked the commission to spare no effort in implementation of the law, BNA went on to say.
After discussions, to address the priorities such as the commission’s structure and budget, VP Danesh instructed that a meeting should soon be held with the presence of finance ministry, civil services and administrative reforms commission, presidential affairs administration and the commission’s representatives to address the mentioned issues.
Law on access to information has recently been endorsed and got the first position worldwide.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) While Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy for Afghanistan is deliberating with relevant regional authorities on Afghan issue and for the second time has started his regional visit,   Indian and Russian senior authorities is due visit on Afghan issue very soon.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes diplomatic sources in Delhi and Moscow have said that the nation security advisors of India and Russia aiming to assess joint designs on Afghanistan and strengthening counter terrorism cooperation visit in New Delhi.
Economic Times daily has written that Indian authorities have declared that the national advisors of the two countries in their visits will also assess the ways of extending defense cooperation between Moscow and New Delhi before the upcoming visit of Russian defense minister to India.
Indian authorities have said that Indian and Russian cooperation of various fields especially on Afghan issue is increasing and the two countries have agreed, cooperating each other they would eliminate terrorist networks and their financial resources and fight against their extremist ideas, propagations and attracting forces for terrorist groups.  
The prime minister of India and Russian president in their last meeting in Moscow several months ago decided to carry out joint projects in Afghanistan. Within these agreements India for the first time attended in peace session on Afghanistan hosted by Russia, in which Taliban also unofficially attended.
The program for the visit of Indian and Russian national security advisors would be their second visit after September, earlier to this they had met on sideline of the meeting of Afghan, Iranian, Russian national security advisors held in Tehran.
In the continuation of efforts of countries of the region the special envoy of Uzbekistan president for Afghanistan and the UK prime minister special envoy met in London and talked on the issue.
In the meetings the two sides talked and exchanged views on the development of Afghanistan and efforts for commencement of peace process negotiations in the country.
The UK insisted on Uzbekistan’s efforts for helping peace process with attendance of Taliban and domestic political forces of Afghanistan.
The sides also demanded for persecuting, the joint social and economic designs in Afghanistan among them in infrastructural, cultural and educational fields.
In the same time, a number of Afghan politicians say that the recent efforts launched by different countries of the region indicate that Afghan problem is not only a domestic problem of that countries, it is an international problem that would led to regional and beyond regional crisis. Now the world have learnt that continue of their rivalry in Afghanistan would have no any consequences just destruction of the capacities and losing the opportunities in Afghanistan and in the region.  In the other hand the continuation of the conflict already badly affected the region and the world economy.  US, the west, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China have spent huge sum of money but so far they have not accessed their interests and objectives. For this reason, the world wants to change Afghanistan from the rivalry field in to cooperation field. 

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