25 January 2020

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai received General Commander of NATO John Allen and the US ambassador to Afghanistan for an extraordinary meeting at the presidential palace and discussed with them civilian casualties took place in four provinces of the country. 
It is said that as a result of air bombardments in Logar, Kapisa, Helmand and Badghis provinces tens of innocent civilians have lost their lives. 
President Karzai told the NATO General Commander and the US ambassador that he has not accepted village’s bombardments in the past and will not accept it in the future as well. 
He noted that civilian casualties always caused tension between Afghanistan and the US. He called the air bombardments by NATO not only an issue in relation to sovereignty and the life of the human beings that can never be overlooked. 
He added that Afghanistan has signed strategic cooperation document with the US for the very reason that such incidents will be prevented and the Afghans life will be secure, and if their life is not safe the strategic document loses its meaning. 
The NATO commander  said that he personally takes the responsibility of this incident and after serious assessments will present a report to the President of Afghanistan. 
It should be noted that president Karzai had telephonic contacts with the governors and other organs in Helmand, Badghis, Logar and Kapisa and sought precise reports on the incident.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the council of ministers in which initially martyrdom of Sebghatullah Sanjar head of the policy department of presidential office along with his daughter and wounding of his wife was called a tragic incident and wished peace for their souls and immediate recovery for his wife. 
President Karzai informed the meeting about the Chicago conference and stressed that at this conference assistance and commitment of NATO and its members towards Afghanistan will be discussed. 
The strategic long-term cooperation between Afghanistan and the US which was confirmed at the Saur 4th meeting of the CM and recently was signed by presidents of Afghanistan and the US was taken up at this meeting. 
The CM called the strategic document that is guaranteeing the national sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan as very important and the interests of Afghanistan has been reflected in it was considered as a significant document and assigned the foreign ministry so this document based on the provision of the Constitution is referred to the National Assembly through the state ministry for parliamentary affairs. 
Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president and chairman of the national disaster committee informed the CM of the heavy floods in Sancharak of Saripul province and said that at this incident the family which was busy at the wedding ceremony and other inhabitants of the area sustained human and material losses. 
After this incident rescue teams and aid suppliers were dispatched to the area but so far no detailed losses have been specified. 
The CM assigned Khalili to specify through the committee the affected families and dispatch emergency aid with the cooperated. 
Minister of Education informed the CM on stopping of school books in Karachi port and said that despite the assurances of the government leadership of Pakistan to the President of Afghanistan and continued efforts of the education ministry through the diplomatic channels for the past six months the books were not released and that they are not allowing the books to be brought to Afghanistan. 
The CM assigned the ministers of foreign affairs and commerce and industries to maintain contact with the Pakistani authorities in this respect and remove the problem. 
The head of the presidential office was also advised to contact with the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul in this respect. 
As per the proposal of the Minister of Information and Culture on rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Azadi Printing Press for preparing it for printing of text books and other needs of the government, the ministers of finance, education, higher education and information and culture were assigned to carry on assessment, and adopt necessary measures for reactivation of the printing press and the ministry of finance provide the needed financial resource for the purpose so that the government needed sheets are printed at this press. 
Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi head of control and inspection presented a report on government financial account of 1389.  This department on the basis of article of 98 of constitution and the law on control and inspection is obligated for assessment of the government financial account. 
The report reflected the expenses of ordinary and development budget and its resource of finance and verified shortcomings by the government organs due to varying reasons including inattention in recording of accounts, using of precautionary code without specifying of this reasons, and other such accomplishments. 
The head of the department in order to do away with the shortcomings presented 25-point recommendations to the CM. 
The CM instructed the government organs to adopt appropriate measures for rectifying the shortcomings in expenses of the budgets and confirmed the recommendations of the department. 
The minister of commerce and industries informed the CM on strengthening of the carpet industry and supporting it against the imported carpets. 
In recent years due to rise in prices of the Afghan carpets import of carpets from Turkey and Iran have been increased in domestic markets while Afghan carpet sales are on decline and the reason is low quality, high costs of raw materials, high prices of washing and processing and the oldness of the technology used by the Afghan carpet weavers. 
The CM instructed the ministers of agriculture and irrigation, economy and finance led by minister of commerce and industries to prepare a comprehensive policy for growth of Afghan carpets and promotion of its sales inside and outside the country and better competition thereof with the imported products. 
Minister of justice presented the decisions of the law committee of the CM:
1-  The draft amendment to the article 1 and phrase 1 and 3 of article 4 of health law that was confirmed by the CM.
2- The draft regulation for private health centers that has been prepared in 7 chapters and 53 articles. The CM adopted the regulation and advised the ministers of public health and justice to correct and finalize it accordingly. Three international conventions were presented to the CM by minister of foreign affairs which were confirmed.

Monday, May 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan’s air forces will receive 20 warplanes from the US government after 2014 in an effort to strengthen the capacities of the country’s air defense, Reuters reported.
The US Air Force will procure 20 light warplanes for the Afghan National Army and called on international plane makers to submit their offers for the tender within the month.
Afghanistan commander-in Chief General Zahir Azim said that to defend the sovereignty of Afghanistan, a strong and fully trained air force was necessary and the international community was supporting Afghanistan in this regard.
“We lack the air force needed to defend the national sovereignty of Afghanistan,” he said Saturday.” We have reached an agreement with the international community to provide us with different types of warplanes after 2016.”
Military analyst Noorul Haq Olomi said that these warplanes will be effective in clearing insurgents hideouts and warned that they should only be used for internal security control, given the Reginald players with nuclear capabilities.”
A country can defend its national sovereignty when it has the ability to control its ground and air force.
Giving 20 warplanes to Afghan National Army after 2014 should be used for internal control only, considering the regional nuclear powers, “Olomi said.
The US recently cancelled the purchase of the warplanes for the Afghan National Army from a Brazilian-led joint venture company.

Monday, May 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Spokesman for foreign ministry Janan Musazai has said that the embassy to Iran has been issuing passports to Afghan refugees living there.
Addressing a press conference here the other day, he stated that some half million Afghan registered refugees are living in 17 provinces of Iran would have passport and the embassy has issued passports to majority of them.
Allaying the concerns of neighboring states over inking strategic pact with US, Musazai noted inking the agreement is based on the national interest of the nation, region and the world at large.
He also assured Iran and other nations, saying Afghanistan would never allow its soil to be used against any country.