25 August 2019

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Sunday, December 18, 2011
Kabul (BNA) A message has been dispatched on behalf of President Karzai addressed to HM Sheikh Hamd bin Eisa al-Khalifa the King of Bahrain. 
The message conveys congratulations on behalf of the people of Afghanistan to the fraternal people of Bahrain. 
The message also reiterates on further consolidation of friendly relations between Afghanistan and Bahrain.

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting held yesterday evening between President Hamid Karzai and ambassador of Germany Rodigar Kunik representing Afghan people and government, president Karzai thanked Germany for successful holding of Bonn International Conference and its political support from Afghanistan. 
According to the office of Presidential spokesman, in this meeting which was held yesterday at Arg, president Hamid Karzai said that Afghanistan is willing to bestow the high state medal to German President Mr. Chestein Volf for hosing and successful holding of Bonn International Conference and political support of the country from Afghanistan as well as appreciating from warm welcoming and hospitality of high ranking delegation of Afghanistan. 
During this meeting, president Karzai invited from president of Germany through Mr. Kunik to visit Afghanistan. 
Likewise, President Hamid Karzai said that the Bonn International Conference and Traditional Loya Jirga granted confidence to the Afghan people. 
President Karzai added that traditional loya jirga granted this confidence to our people that in national issues they can make decision with unity and oneness and also the Bonn International Conference assured that the international community continues its long-term commitments and cooperation to Afghanistan. 
At the end of this meeting the ambassador of Germany to Afghanistan said that the expectations that we had from Bonn Conference are attained. 
He also expressing his thanks of appreciation from Hamid Karzai said that he offers your invitation message to the president of Germany.

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan specialists residing in Iran will return to Afghanistan with the cooperation of Iran and they will be employed in needed areas for reconstruction of Afghanistan. 
Iranian ambassador to Kabul said that around 15000 Afghans educated in the higher educational institutions of Iran exist among the Afghan refugees who possess the capacity of scientific specialized knowledge in different spheres in Afghanistan. 
Dr. Jamahir Anwari minister of refugees and repatriates after signing of this agreement said that we signed the tri-partite agreement for facilitating the return of the Afghan specialists residing in Iran on the basis of which Iran will assist USD 400,000 for implementation of this agreement and that the refugee organization shall assist in recognition of and attraction of the Afghan refugee specialists in Iran to cooperate in their return to Afghanistan. 
Dr. Feda Hussain the Iranian ambassador in Kabul said that his country shall assist Afghanistan in this respect so that the sons of Afghanistan having being educated in Iran participate in the reconstruction of their country. 
The head of refugee organization also talked at the ceremony and called this program as very effective for Afghanistan.  
Jalal Noorani advisor to the ministry of information and culture, Dr. Abdullah Fahim advisor to the public health ministry and some representatives of other government departments and foreign organization also took part at this ceremony. 
The spokesperson of the ministry of refugees and repatriates stated that Iran shall assist in payment of six to one year salary of those specialists and they will be assigned to the needy government departments.

Saturday, December 17, 2011
Kabul (BNA) US Defense Secretary addressing a joint press conference with President Hamid Karzai has said that the US is committed in its long-term cooperation with Afghanistan. 
He added that Afghanistan not only has US support and the region, but the international community’s support towards moving to stability and further strengthening. 
Appreciating efforts of the Afghan authorities in enabling the security forces for defending their country, said that ensuring the security of the Traditional Loya Jirgah attests to our claim. 
He noted that as a result of sacrifices of the Afghan and international forces, the first phase of security transitional were successfully ended and the second phase of transition has been declared by the President of Afghanistan and this is a great progress indeed. 
He stressed further that we are committed that the blood the Afghan and the US forces have shed and accepted sacrifices will not be wasted. 
He added further that we shall reach our objective of a free Afghanistan with national sovereignty and self-reliant, that ensure its security on its own and there should no terrorists.
He described further that in his meeting with President Karzai we discussed our joint achievements including that how Pakistan will be prepared to work for further regional cooperation and stability in Afghanistan.
Welcoming the US defense Minister President Karzai said that we discussed current situation of Afghanistan and the region, strategic relations of Afghanistan and the region, strategic relations of Afghanistan with the US, training of Afghan security forces.  Answering a question President Karzai said Afghan-US cooperation has brought about security and stability in the country and this stability take us to better further, however, what has not been accomplished is individual security of the people against the attacks. 
As regards intrusion of US drone into Iranian air space president Karzai said that the Iranian government has sent a note to us in this respect and our foreign ministry if following this issue. 
President Karzai added that is committed to a perfect relation with its neighbors and during the past ten years the US and Iran has realized the position of Afghanistan has been partner in presence of the international forces and the US is also the great friend of our people. 
Having common cultural and linguistic bonds with Iran, Afghanistan will continue its ties with Iran and do not want to involve itself in the tension prevailing in US-Iran relations. 
We are desirous that they be friends and the Afghan national sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be utilized against any of them.