18 September 2019

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Kabul (BNA) Germany committed to provide salaries to Afghan National police beyond 2014 for some years. 
The statement was made on Friday in meeting with Afghan media delegation in Germany by head of parliamentary committee for eastern south Asia. 
The meeting which was held on Friday, head of the committee first expressed his regret over not participation of Pakistan in Bonn conference and said the international community will discuss related to their commitments for future of Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
The Afghan media delegation also visited the historic places in Berlin.

Kabul (BNA)  The German Special “Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan told the press in Germany that the Bonn Conference is not a peace conference but it helps expedite peace process in Afghanistan and the international community will exert efforts that the peace efforts should be an Afghani process. 
Touching on the traditional Loya Jirgah of the people of Afghanistan, he added that the people of Afghanistan at this jirgah decided talks for peace with the opposition elements and they have incorporated this in its resolution. 
As regards the Second Bonn Conference he noted that the international community at this conference will declare their commitments towards Afghanistan after the 2014. 
The response to a question regarding non-participation of Pakistan, whether that country will be liable to the decisions of the conference, he stressed that the Bonn Conference is follow up of Istanbul conference and at the Istanbul conference Pakistan had its commitments towards Afghanistan and the region. 
Though Pakistan legally has no binding towards applying of the Bonn Conference but politically Pakistan should implement all the decisions. 
He added that at this conference, the international community shall declare their ten year commitments towards Afghanistan. 
According to a report the media delegation in Germany visited the press center of Dutch Welle in Germany. 
They include journalists from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. 
The Head of the Bakhtar News Agency of Afghanistan who is included in the delegation, the press delegation had meeting with the German side as well.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai who left Afghanistan leading a high-ranking Afghan delegation Friday afternoon arrived in Bonn International Airport Saturday morning. 
The president at the airport was welcomed by Foreign Minister of Germany, deputy head of protocol of the German foreign ministry and Afghanistan ambassador to that country. 
At the airport President Karzai had a brief talk with the press. 
While welcoming president Karzai and his accompanying delegation the German Foreign Minister said: “I am happy that once again we have you in Germany and I have the pride that we are hosting an important international conference for future and stability of Afghanistan. 
My message to the world is that we shall not forget Afghanistan and we have our solidarity with Afghanistan. 
President Karzai said that in reality it is a pleasant moment for him to be in Germany especially on the tenth anniversary of the first Bonn Conference. 
Germany is long time friend of Afghanistan, and during the past ten years Germany has been in forefront of other countries in assisting Afghanistan and she has accepted immense sacrifices for  restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, the region and farther than that”, the president pointed out. 
He noted that our visit to Germany indicates the will and decisive support of the people of Germany to Afghanistan, and tomorrow in continuation of our trip we will get together once again here.

Kabul (BNA) The Traditional Loya Jirga with the participation of over 2,000 people was held on Nov. 16, 2011 and ended with adopting of a resolution that is considered one of the achievements of the great nation of Afghanistan. 
The advice of this jirga after evaluations was adopted at the (Aqrab) Nov. 21 session of the Council of Ministers meeting. 
The CM meeting by praising the strides of the organizers of this jirgah and the efforts of the security foundations, instructs the ministries and government departments to take into account the Loya Jirgah resolutions in their routine work and orders the following: 
1. The national security council, the ministry of foreign affairs, defense, interior, finance economy, national security department and the local organs department should take into account the resolution during their talks on strategic cooperation with foreign countries,
2. In order to attain the precision and reliability of the rumors pertaining to burial of the atomic wastes inside the territory of Afghanistan and considering the advice of the Loya Jirgah, the delegation consisting the decision No. 2470 dated 20/4/1387, under the supervision of defense ministry in order to cooperate with the international community and related foundations including the International Atomic Energy verify the probability of burial of the atomic wastes and its radio-active spread in suspected localities, and by usage of scientific, technical possibilities and the inhabitants witnesses be assessed precisely and prepare the result of its study and assessments in six months to the Presidential Office,
3. The structure of the high peace council as per the Loya Jirga advice be reviewed and the administration affairs of the Council of Ministers is ordered to arrange proper facilities for this purpose,
4. The high peace council should consider the Loya Jirga advice in carrying of please talks and realization of the peace policy in its routine activities,
5. The ministries and government departments should consider the good governance advice of the Loya Jirga,
6. The independent administration reforms and civil services should take note of the loiya jirga advice in improving the administration,
7. The administration affairs and council of ministers secretariat should consider the extension and printing of the resolutions of the Loya Jirga.