03 July 2020

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai, leading a high-level delegation, left today for China to attend the 12th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Beijing.
On the sideline of the 12th SCO summit, President Karzai is also scheduled to hold separate meetings with Presidents of China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran to discuss a range of issues including enhanced relations, regional peace and stability.
The President is expected to address Professors and Students at China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) before the summit.
President Karzai and his Chinese counterpart would sign a “Joint Declaration between The People’s Republic of China And The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on Establishing Strategic and Cooperative Partnership".
Moreover, respective Agriculture Ministers of Afghanistan and China are due to ink an Agricultural Cooperation Agreement.
The President is accompanied on this trip by Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmai Rasoul, National Security Advisor Dr. Spanta, Minister of Mining Wahidullah Shahrani, Minister of Agriculture Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Chief of Staff to the President Abdul Karim Khuram and Presidential Spokesperson, Aimal Faizi.

Strategic Perspective For Decade Of Change Was Taken At Council Of Ministers
Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai chaired the CM session at the presidential place yesterday. 
To begin with minister of Finance informed the CM over the strategic perspective of decade of change that would be taken up at the Tokyo conference. 
In accordance with the Kabul, London and Tokyo conferences, the international community will declare their long-term commitments towards supporting Afghanistan for its self-sufficiency. 
Meanwhile the Afghan government will present a document that would encompass the strategic viewpoints and a realistic plan and the world support to this plan would bring in self-reliance and stability to Afghanistan during the transition and the reform decade of change period. 
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan though is in need of financial support during the decade of change (2015-20125) shall take over all security responsibilities till 2014 on gradual basis and meanwhile will take the leadership of all development activities for bringing about of a basic system of investment in Afghanistan for attaining of economic development and financial stability. 
This plan was confirmed in principle and the ministry of finance was instructed to rectify this document with the cooperation of the related organs and especially the ministry of economy as per the suggestions of the CM meeting and after confirmation of the economic committee of the CM present it to the coming CM meeting. 
Advisor of national security informed the CM on the Shanghai conference to be held in China in the near future and stressed that for years Afghanistan has attended this conference as a guest however at the coming meeting Afghanistan will attend as observer and shall have active role in economic and cultural spheres. 
In addition alongside this meeting meetings will be held with the Russian, Turkish and Pakistan sides on issues of mutual interest and regional issues and with the Chinese government the strategic cooperation agreement that has been signed in 2006 will be discussed and at the end of this meeting a joint statement will be issued. 
The deputy political minister of foreign ministry informed the CM on Kabul Conference Process with the participation of foreign ministers of this region, international financiers and the region organizations to be held in the month of this year in Kabul. 
He noted that this conference will assess the commitments of the international community towards Afghanistan such as regional participation and political outcomes, terrorism issues, narcotics, cultural cooperation and trust building on voluntary basis. 
Minister of public works shared the construction problems on the Salangs highway. 
He said that since ISAF procurement is taking place through this highway and due to traffic jams of vehicles through this highway its repairs cannot be materialized and on the other hand due to bad roads the passage of vehicles delays and the people are facing serious problems that needs the cooperation of the security organs, the finance ministry with the public works ministry. 
The CM advised the administration affairs department of the CM to manage creation of the ministerial commission led by Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president so that the committees supervise the responsibilities and progress of work in this direction. 
Minister of finance presented the addendum of the National Budget for the year 1391. 
He said that recently the financier countries have committed a sum of Afs. 23.39 billion to the budgets of defense, interior ministries and the central statistical administration and Afs 1.64 billion for the development projects of ministries of education, health and refugee and expatriate affairs which is presented as an addendum to the National Budget of 1391 and with the increase of the Afs. 23.39 billion the ordinary budget increases to Afs 157.08 billion and by increasing of Afs. 1.461 billion the development budget raise to Afs 112.693 billion and the national budget as a whole indicate Afs 269.77 billion.  
The CM confirmed the addendum, to the national budget of 1391 and assigned the finance ministry to send it for adoption to the National Assembly. 
Meanwhile, the charter of the heart disease institute of Afghanistan was presented by justice minister and the CM advised the ministers of justice and finance led by health minister to finalize this charter. 
At the end, three international conventions were presented to the CM by deputy minister for political affairs of foreign ministry and its acting minister which were confirmed by the CM accordingly.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai will meet several world leaders on subjects of bilateral interest on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, his spokesman said on Monday.  
The president would hold talks with his Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Pakistani counterparts in Beijing on important issues facing Afghanistan and the region at large, Aimal Faizi said. 
An inter-governmental organization, the SCO was established in June 2001 by Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. 
Observer states include India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan, while Belarus and Sri Lanka are its dialogue partners. 
Karzai attend the 12th summit, slated for June 6-7, Faizi said, adding that the organization would give Afghanistan the observer status. 
Previously, the country took part in SCO summits as a guest nation. 
During his visit, Karzai would sign with president Hu Jintao a document on an Afghanistan-China strategic cooperation agreement, the spokesman said. 
The Karzai government has already signed similar pacts with the United States of America, Germany, Britain, Italy, Australia, France and India. 
Faizi said the accord would pave the ground for long-term cooperation between the two countries in political, economic, security and cultural spheres. 
Beijing has pledged $20 million in assistance to Kabul. 
At meetings with Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Pakistani presidents, Karzai would reiterate Afghanistan’s desire for lasting trade links with their countries and stability in the region, Faizi continued. 
The president would also meet Chinese entrepreneurs and invite them to invest in different sectors of Afghanistan’s economy, the spokesman concluded.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Acknowledgment messages have been dispatched on behalf of president Hamid Karzai addressed to the leaders of Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Britain, Norway and Pakistan for their expression of support and their assistance to Afghanistan at the Chicago Conference. 
At these messages the president thanked the leaders of the NATO for their active participation and declaring of their new assistance packages to Afghanistan. 
President Karzai stressed in his messages that the Chicago Conference once again indicated that in the struggle against difficulties in Afghanistan, a clear world understanding exists. 
The messages note further that Afghanistan in the recent year has achieved progress with the assistance of the international community in different spheres. 
He also mentioned of the progress made by the Afghan security forces and called a good example of success and progress in the security transition process. 
He pointed out that in order to ensure further empowerment of the security forces of Afghanistan there is continued need for international assistance as well.