26 September 2020

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai and his accompanying delegation returned home after participation at the Tokyo conference for development assistance to Afghanistan last evening. 
During the four-day visit to Japan president Karzai addressed the Tokyo conference for economic development of Afghanistan. 
Meanwhile during the visit he attended a press conference at the national press association of Japan and discussed the successful outcomes of the conference and answered the questions of the journalists on peace process, good governance and transition of the security responsibilities. 
He also attended the ceremony at the Nippon University of Japan where he received the honorary doctorate in appreciation of his services in peace sphere in Afghanistan and the world. 
Also president Karzai alongside the Tokyo conference he had separate meetings with the Prime Minister of Japan, Ban-ki-moon the UN Secretary General ministers of foreign affairs of Japan, Germany, France and India and exchanged views on the successful outcomes of the Tokyo conference, the process of security transition, the process of peace and other issues of mutual interest. 
President Karzai also met with the emperor of Japan Aki Hetto, members of the friendship association of the parliament of Afghanistan and Japan and Sodaka Ugatta the advisor of the Japanese foreign ministry and the Afghan students.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The joint commitment of Tokyo conference to Afghanistan is include of supporting Afghanistan in its sustainable economic development by international community in this framework, $16 billion is considered for continuation of rehabilitation process and removal of deficit of national budget of Afghanistan till the end of 2016. 
BNA reports that in a briefing held the other day, the spokesman of foreign ministry Janan Musa Zai in a briefing told newsmen that at the same time, in the document of Tokyo conference, the international community pledged that till the end of 2016.
It continues its cooperation to Afghanistan in the level of it’s annually cooperation took place during last decade. Musa Zai added that in Tokyo Development Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan, the president of the country once more laid emphasize on Afghan government commitment towards strengthening of rehabilitation efforts, enforcement of democratic system, defending from human rights including women and children rights, continuation of peace process as well as campaign against the phenomena of official corruption and narcotics. 
Musa Zai added that Afghanistan and international community agreed upon clear mechanism of joint accountability that is nominated as Tokyo Joint Accountability Framework. 
Based on this joint mechanism, Afghanistan and international community would jointly evaluate and control the expansion of the world contributions. 
The spokesman of Foreign Ministry also asserted that at the margin of Tokyo Development Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan, the pivotal group meeting at the level of foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US was also held. 
This meeting was the first one in its kind that the abovementioned ministers met in the framework of pivotal group and once more laid emphasize on principles of peace process in Afghanistan. 
This meeting also emphasized on cutting of Afghan armed opposition ties with international terrorist groups, condemning of terrorism and respect to the constitution of Afghanistan and human rights in Afghanistan. 
Musa Zai said that the government of Afghanistan believes that this tripartite meeting is an opportunity so once more Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US to strengthen their honest and practical efforts towards supporting from peace process in Afghanistan.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan has expressed sympathy with the people and government of Russia over casualties arisen out of recent floods. 
According to reports 180 people lost their lives due to heavy floods in the southern parts of Russia. 
President Karzai in a message sent to Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday had expressed his sympathy and condolence with the government and the people of Russia.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim acting president chaired the plenary session of the Council of Ministers. 
Initially, Marshal Fahim considered the Tokyo conference as hopeful and said that Afghanistan attended this conference with specific plans and this will ensure concentration of the donor countries on main projects in the country and the achievements of the conference will prove positive for the people of Afghanistan. 
The CM asked Minister Interior to report on his visit Logar province aimed at removal of problems of Ainak Cooper mine and ensuring the needs of the contracting company. 
He said that security problems cannot prevent implementation of the project or face its work with problems. He informed the CM on the ministry’s measures on deployment of new security posts and further expansion of security belt and the readiness of the security forces for ensuring security of the mine. 
The decision of the economic committee in relation to increase in the retirement payment of 1382 to 1387 of military personnel was presented deputy minister of finance. 
The CM decided payment of the rights of the retired persons in three year’s installment starting from 1391 as pre the finance ministry’s proposal. 
The minister of commerce and industries informed the CM over the trader’s problems in terms of numerous taxes that municipalities are demanding from the passage of vehicles of trade goods. 
It was proposed that tax of municipalities be waived off in center and provinces and instead it is added in the form of increment in custom tariffs and delivered to municipalities by the finance ministry. 
The CM adopted this proposal and decided that the ministries of finance and commerce and industries, the Kabul Municipality and the local organs department prepare a mechanism for this excepting the tax of the entrance doors of Kabul city and start its execution from the first of Mizan of current year. 
Minister of commerce and industries informed the CM over payment of the pending debts of the chambers of commerce and industries from the departments and it was decided that finance ministry procure the debts of the government organs and deliver it to the chambers of commerce. 
The legislative plan of 1391 that was revised based on the decision of session dated 1/3/1391 of the CM was presented by justice minister.
The CM adopted the plan and assigned the ministry to prepare the draft of upgrading the capacity building of the legislative sector of the ministry and present it to the CM. 
The regulation on activities of the ministry of urban development along with the form problems of the documents, was presented by justice minister as well. 
The CM adopted the regulation with deleting the phrase 24 of the documents and assigned the ministry of justice and urban development to rectify the regulation and finalize it accordingly. 
The minister of justice and deputy minister of agriculture and irrigation presented the issue of formation of agriculture development monetary fund as an executive under the leadership of inter-ministerial non-banking foundation as well as its consultative board and stressed that its charter will soon be presented to the CM as well. 
The CM adopted the proposal and assigned the ministries of agriculture and justice to present its charter to the CM. 
At the end three international conventions were presented to the CM by the deputy minister of and acting minister of foreign affairs which were adopted by the CM accordingly.