18 September 2020

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Sunday, July 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Over 350 representatives from Afghanistan, India and the regional countries and other countries had gathered in New Delhi along with senior policy makers to create a design for investment opportunities of the international community in Afghanistan. 
The Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan and the Confederation of Trade of India, with participation of Afghan and Indian governments organized the gathering on the 28th of June (8th of Saratan 1391) at the Qasri Taaj Mehal Hotel of New Delhi with the aim to upgrade the level of foreign investments and joint partnerships for guaranteeing the private economic sectors of Afghanistan. 
Only the balance of investments in mineral and hydro-carbon in Afghanistan is anticipated at 1 to 3 trillion US dollars. 
Moreover the transport infrastructure and energy of the country and the laws related to the non-harmful activities of environment is attracting the partnerships as well. 
Meanwhile, in the past decade, sustainable investments in respect to growing educated population in Afghanistan and also the supporting laws of trade, have caused growing production in the export areas including agriculture, (for instance, dry fruits with world quality, grapes, raisins, almonds, saffron and pomegranates), financial services, information technology, small and middle industries (for instance, shawl, carpets, marble, steel, and construction materials. 
It is said that these together have caused 10% annual growth in the past one decade. 
Despite the exiting sustainable security challenges, governance and infrastructure, the senior Afghan ministers and the representatives of the international community through practical reforms, the reduction of disaster strategy will prove that the return of the international investment will become possible. 
It is said that the doors of Afghanistan is open for trade and presently the companies and individuals are making immense benefits of the new opportunities in Afghanistan and this is possible that there will grow further. 
The New Delhi gathering in respect to investment in Afghanistan, with the presence of senior trade representatives having deep economic experience in Afghanistan and the authorities of the World Bank and ministers of trade, finance, mines, communications and public health of Afghanistan and other participants have emphasized on four basic objectives for carrying of trade in Afghanistan as the Asian linking points. 
The Afghans are considered the most strong and most flexible people. 
The immense mineral resources of the country including water and natural gas are accessible and beneficial. 
In last May in Chicago and in the coming in Month in Tokyo, the international community shall renew its sustainable support to Afghanistan including support to foreign investments. 
Through this, the SARRC and CAREC and other regional organizations are in economic support with Afghanistan. A composition of public and private investments, from railway and gas pipeline to the land ports and the possibility of reserving of materials, can open the way for Afghanistan to emerge as a center of transit in the heart of Asia. 
A look into the Tokyo conference in respect to Afghanistan that will be held at a senior level on 8 of July and the New Delhi gathering in respect to investment in Afghanistan, can compile the key trade proposals can bring about the investment opportunities at the private sectors within the practical framework under the operational plan of Afghanistan for private investment (AAPPI). 
At this gathering focus will be made on motives of investments and upgrading the joint chambers of commerce.

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghan-Pakistan co-commerce chamber started its activities, while Afghan merchants facing increasing problems in Pakistan and have not used their transit rights as it required.
BNA economical commentator writes:  
Recently Afghan-Pak co-commerce chambers, holding a meeting with participation of Afghan and Pakistani traders started its activities’ in Kabul city. 
The main purpose of this chamber is solving the problems of Afghan and Pakistani traders in both countries. The chamber which is run jointly has the duty to raise the problems of traders with relevant authorities and to find ways for their solutions.
While Afghanistan and Pakistan are committed to an agreement already signed on transit rights, but Afghan businessmen who mostly deliver their commercial goods via Pakistan, are facing serious problems.  
It is repeatedly experienced that the Afghan merchandize goods, have been arrested in Karachi and Guarder ports, which caused the goods to be damaged. 
This problem is very serious when Afghan farmers collect their crop and want to send them to the world markets, via Pakistan. 
Also imposing high taxes, delaying the export, of these fruits and making other pretexts, cause heavy losses for both Afghan government and its businessmen’s while Pakistan has developed its commercial ties with central Asian countries via Afghanistan and daily 100s Pakistani tracks carrying Pakistani goods and products pass through Afghanistan soil aiming the central Asian countries, but Afghan drivers have no right to pass Torkham border line. 
Political experts believe, there are certain groups in neighboring countries, among them Pakistan, misusing the situation of Afghanistan as a land locked country, its security situation land transit issues, create problems for Afghanistan. 
Afghanistan, as it respects the rights of its neighbors and endeavors for regional cooperation and economical growth and observer the transit rights for other countries by creating a safe transit rout, expects those countries, to cooperate with Afghans within international transit law and avoid creating problems. 
Afghan merchants, expect Afghan-Pakistan joint chamber, especially Pakistan section to cooperate their Afghan counterparts, by establishing in atmosphere of trust and mutual cooperation, which is a need for economic growth as a whole. 
Therefore, it is a time to avoid negative rivalries, supremacy and hegemony and to seek to establish an atmosphere of regional cooperation which meets the benefit of all countries.

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The defense minister has called upon general Dustam to choose one, either to stay with government or politics. 
Dustam is currently the head of cadres and personnel of commander in chief of the armed forces and leader of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan and member of the National Front headed by Ahmad Zia Masoud. 
Defense ministry spokesman General Zahir Azimi said in a press conference yesterday that the defense ministry had sent letter to General Dustam to choose his way.  However, Dustam has yet to respond to the letter. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012
New Delhi (BNA) The Indian government held an international conference on investment in Afghanistan in New Delhi yesterday. 
In the one-day conference organized by India confederation for industry and Afghan government the speakers urged private sectors to invest in Afghanistan. 
Foreign minister Dr. Zalamai Rasoul and his Indian counterpart S.M. Krishna in their speeches underscored for boosting economic cooperation as the way for development in the region.