01 October 2020

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Sunday, July 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A delegation of elders from Kunar province led by Hajji Sakhi Mashwani a member of house of people, called on senate chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar  yesterday and briefed him about the problems arise out of the rockets fired from Pakistan over the past few days. 
In the meeting, according to Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), members of the delegation including senator Hafiz Abdul Qayum and Hadayatullah Ahmadzai, the delegation said that since long rocket firing by Pakistani military has been hitting different parts of Kunar during which several people have been killed and injured, besides damaging properties and catching fire the jungles. 
The delegation said that the frequent firing have forced many families to leave their houses for safer places. While condemning the intervention of Pakistani military, the delegation demanded the deployment of a brigade of national army in Dangam district to defend the borders. 
The senate chairman  Muslimyar in the meeting condemned the rocket firing by Pakistani military, saying the senate while standing alongside the people promised to convoy message of the people of Kunar to vice president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim and other government senior officials.

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim first vice president is authorized to take care of affairs of the presidential office till return home of the president of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan from the visit to Japan and participation at the Tokyo conference. 
The order wishes him success for accomplishing his tasks.

Sunday, July 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai leading an Afghan delegation left Kabul for Japan for participation at the international Tokyo conference. 
The Tokyo conference is hosted by the Japanese government. 
President Karzai will address this conference and will have separate meetings with the Japanese Emperor, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon, German and French foreign ministers and will discuss issues of interest with them. 
Meanwhile, during his stay in Japan President Karzai will receive the honorary doctorate from the Nippon Science University.   
Including the UN secretary general and the US secretary of state, representatives from 70 countries will attend the Tokyo conference.
The participants of the Tokyo conference will express their commitments in terms of Afghan economic development after 2014 that has been called decade of change. 
President Karzail in his visit to Japan is accompanied by Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rasul, National Security Advisor Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta, Finance Minister Hazrat Omar Zakhailwal, chairman of the high peace, council Salahuddeen Rabbani, deputy head of the president’s office Humaira Ludeen Etemadi and presidential spokesperson Emal Faizi.

Sunday, July 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai following his meeting with Mrs. Clinton US State Secretary attended a joint press conference. 
President Karzai welcoming Mrs. Clinton said that I am pleased today that I am welcoming our very old friend the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton in Afghanistan who is always thinking about welfare and security of Afghanistan. 
He added that Mrs. Clinton has come as a special guest of Afghanistan so that she will praise close ties between Afghanistan and the US and I am thanking the US for her goodwill and persistent cooperation. 
Touching on the Afghan-US strategic long-term cooperation agreement said that I am happy today to tell that president Obama beyond the NATO framework consider Afghanistan an official strategic ally and this has great symbolic importance and this indicates our future commitments towards Afghanistan. 
She added that I expect that during current year we shall with the cooperation of the Afghan foreign minister Dr. Zalami Rasul establish the joint Afghan-US commission for consolidation and execution of our cooperation. 
Mrs. Clinton stressed that the US-Afghan strategic cooperation agreement is not directed against any other country, and our aim is that to joint work with the regional and world countries to strengthen the Afghan foundations so that the Afghans security forces and the Afghans can safely receive the security responsibility of their country and that future of the country become safe, the Afghan children grow in stability and they can use a better opportunity. 
She added that we want to become sure that Afghanistan will never become the hide-out of Al-Qaeda and other extremists and the region and the world once again is threatened. 
She expressed pleasure that when we think over the progress of the Afghans in terms of new schools, health services, legal security it become known that much work has been done so far of which the Afghans are happy and all these become possible with your efforts and sacrifices and we want to continue our investments in those areas where are in need of them. 
She stressed that we shall continue supporting Afghanistan in the face of the foreign interventions so that Afghanistan become safe and secure.  She added that my message is very simple and that the transition of security in Afghanistan moving in the right direction and we want that Afghanistan become self-reliant and undoubtedly Afghanistan needs international support and we are committed to continue our support to Afghanistan and want that joint work with the Afghans so that she can gain better support from the world community at the Tokyo Conference as well, I hope that you understand that the US stands on your side as an ally and partner and we never think over leaving you alone but we want to further expand our cooperation with Afghanistan and this will continue in the future as well. 
Touching on the peace process in Afghanistan she added that we are committed towards the peace process in Afghanistan, I support president Karzai who want to continue this process under the leadership of the Afghans and we see over the efforts of Salahuddin Rabbani chairman of the high peace council and I am happy that at the Tokyo Conference we would have a tri-partite meeting among the Afghan-US and Pakistan foreign ministers in Japan because there are many issues to be discussed among us and to cooperate among ourselves and this way we should try to move ahead reconstruction of Afghanistan.