18 September 2020

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Thursday, June 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A meeting of the International Contact Group focusing on Afghanistan was held in Helsinki on 17 June under the direction of Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. The Contact Group acts as a high-level forum for political coordination and other international efforts for promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan and the neighboring areas. This Contact Group meeting was the first ever held in a Nordic country.
The meeting was attended by high-ranking official from more than 50 countries and international organizations, including Marc Grossman, the United States Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghanistan’s representatives in the meeting were Minister of Finance Omar Zakhilwal and Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin. Finance Minister Zakhilwal is in charge of, for example, development funding allocated to Afghanistan.
The meeting made preparation for the ministerial conference, to be held on 8 July in Tokyo, focusing on the economy of and development aid for Afghanistan, and reviewed the result of the NATO Chicago Summit of 21 May. The meeting in Chicago and Tokyo play an important role with a view to development strategy for Afghanistan for the coming years and to reinforce the mutual commitments of both the international community and the Government of Afghanistan in support of this strategy.
Arrangement of the Contact Group meeting in Helsinki is part of Finland’s contribution of enhancement of stability in Afghanistan. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity for Finland to share ideas with other countries about the future of Afghanistan and long-term plans for supporting it. In his opening address, Minister Tuomioja highlighted the co-dependency between development and security, and the importance of the continuing support of the international community to Afghanistan. Tuomioja also underscored the meaning of the reconciliation process, promotion of the status of women and regional cooperation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  June 20 coincided with Juaza 31 is the Refugee World Day and recalling the day is in fact renewing of the commitment on the legal support of the refugees, presidential office said in a statement. 
“We have to celebrate the historical and supportive day as a remark to defend the refugee’s rights. 
I pray the Almighty Allah for the voluntarily and honorably return of the Afghan refugees and their joining to their compatriots to sever their people and develop the country, the statement quoted the president as saying. In the message, the president also thanked the neighboring countries of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran for their legally supporting the Afghan refugees.
“I hope both countries to provide services tantamount to the UN charter-1951 and other international conventions for the Afghan refugees”, the statement said. 
The message assured the Afghan refugees to be provided with all efforts cooperation by the Islamic republic of Afghanistan for their voluntarily returning home and providing them with tranquil life inside the country. 
The message quoting the president thanked the ministry of refugees and repatriates for marking the day and providing services to the refugees and repatriates.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the Council of Ministers in which initially the president informed the CM about the successful holding of the conference of the heart of Asia Countries in Kabul hosted by Afghanistan on the 25th of Jawza of current year.
The CM appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and other organs and the interior ministry and the general department of national security who exerted all possible efforts for maintaining the security.
       The president also informed the CM on his visit to Saudi Arabia and participating at the funeral ceremony and prayers of Amir Nayef Crown Prince and Minister of Interior Affairs of the Saudi Arabia. The CN asked peace for the soul of late Amir Nayef and asked patience for the Saudi King and the people of that country.
      The second vice- president Mohammad Karim Khalili shared the stoppage of work on the Puli Sokhta up to Darul Aman and the Mohammad Ali Jennah Hospital in Mehta Qala of sixth precinct of Kabul. The CM considered these projects as very important and instructed the Kabul Municipality and the public health ministry to accelerate work on the projects.
    The administrative deputy minister of interior affairs informed the CM on the progress or work on electronic identity card.
He said that as per the instructions of the CM so far the office and the relevant documents have been prepared and the draft of the law on identity card has been prepared along with the design and the procedures and in case of provision of financial assistance the process of registration will begin on 10th of Jaddi 1391 and will be completed in three years for at least 70% of the citizens of the country.
     The CM instructed the ministries of interior and communications to adopt measures for completion of all procedures of the electronic identity cards and present their report to the CM and the finance ministry was advised to allocate USD5 million for financing this project and place in at the disposal of the interior ministry.
     The minister of mines informed the CM on expropriation of 37 jirib of land property of 39 individuals for building of the new road of Ainak Copper Mine at the total price of afs.55.388 million and the compensation for destruction of homes, fruit-bearing trees of the villages coming under expropriation within the Ainak Copper Mines area that totally costs afs.42.5 million which was adopted by the CM.
      The minister of mines informed the CM on the misuse of Shiberghan gas and chromate mine of Logar and Paktia. The CM confirmed this report and assigned the ministry of mines to prepare a comprehensive policy aimed at preventing illegal and non – professional exploitation of the mines of the country and refer it to the coming CM session.
     Minister of public health explained the program for eradication of polio which indicates that Afghanistan is among three countries in the world that positive cases of polio have been recorded in it. It added that in 1390 around 80 cases of polio and in current year 6 positive cases were recorded. The ministry has prepared four round program and two rounds of sub-programs in vulnerable areas especially in the south – west parts of the country and stressed that during these programs around 8.2 million children under five will be covered in 34 provinces.
    The minister of public health added that in case of full eradiation of virus of polio inside the country it is probable that the virus may afflict the children from that side of the border of Afghanistan so there is need for cooperation of that side of the border for elimination of this disease.
     The CM confirmed this report and asked all the government and non- government organs and the residents of the regions to cooperate with the vaccination teams of the ministry and advised Pro.Nematullah Shahrani senior advisor of the presidential office in cultural and Islamic values, the ministry of information and culture, Hajj and Endowment, higher and education ministries to launch publicity on the importance of polio vaccine through Masjid, Jakaya , and schools.
      Ministry of Justice presented the amendment and additional to the draft law on regulating communication services that was confirmed.
      He also presented the draft of the regulation for preparing and carrying of the procedures of legislative documents considering the commitments made in Kabul Conference for effectiveness in law making and present requirements in the country in 7 chapters and 46 articles that was also confirmed.
      The CM instructed the ministry of communications and ministry of communications and information technology to adopt appropriate measures for prevention of improper usage of communication safety and mobiles with the cooperation of mobile companies and also stop over charges by the companies from customers of communication services.
      The minister of commerce and industries informed the CM on the proposal of the ministry on conclusion of contract for purchase of petroleum from the ADP company and stressed that this company is ready to provide per ton of petrol at USD 830, diesel at USD 750/ ton, aircraft oil at USD 900/ ton and liquid gas at USD/ 470/ ton that is less than USD200/ from the international market prices.
The CM instructed the ministry that considering the national interests of the country concludes the contract with the company as per the proposal No. 89 dated 28/ 3/1391 of the ministry.
At the end three international conventions were presented by foreign minister that was confirmed accordingly by the CM meeting.


Monday, June 18, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in a telephonic conversation with Abdul Samad Hamid former deputy primer minister and a politician of Afghanistan asked about his health status.
At this conversation, the president noted that the government of Afghanistan is prepared to render all possible assistance towards treatment of him.
Hamid Karzai appreciated the outstanding services of Dr. Abdul Samad Hami who served as deputy primer, minister of planning, rector of university of Kabul and a politician of the country and asked immediate recovery for him.
Dr. Abdul Samad Hamid thanked president Karzai for his telephonic conversation and prayed for welfare and prosperity of the people of Afghanistan.