07 July 2020

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Foreign Minister Dr. Zalmai Rasoul briefed Senate on the Afghanistan-United States long term strategic partnership yesterday. 
In the house, with Fazal Hadi Muslimyar on the chair, the foreign minister said that the pact had been prepared in eight chapter and both sides after 10 years can cancel, amend or renew it, both countries have equal rights in the agreement. 
The agreements, he said envisages democratic evalues, independence of Afghanistan, strengthen security, ensuring lasting peace, regional cooperation, developing economy and capacity building of government institutions. 
Dr. Rasoul also said that the permanent military bases of US have not been projected, all the prisons belong to Afghans and the night raid operations by US have halted. 
In line with the agreement, the US would equip security forces, support education, health, boast economy, good governance, fighting corruption, build transport, agriculture and energy infrastructure in Afghanistan. 
And major parts of the international community donation would be spent through Afghan government. 
In the agreement, the foreign minister said that Afghanistan independence and national sovereignty is respected in accordance with the national and international laws. 
The agreement after signing by both the presidents would be referred to the parliament for approval, Dr. Rasoul said, adding it is the right of the lawmakers to approve or reject.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Karzai, the cabinet meeting on Monday discussed the draft Afghan-US partnership agreement, initialed yesterday as final and ready for signature by the two Presidents.
Calling the agreement a crucial document for bilateral partnership, the cabinet described as instrumental the provisions that affirm respect to the Afghan Constitution, national unity and the relationship between Afghanistan and the US as two independent and equal States as well as it labeled as important the role of the recommendations by the Traditional Loya Jirga in drafting of the agreement.
The cabinet further described as highly important the provisions on support for the strengthening of Afghan security forces, so they can get the ability to independently defend their country and the affirmation of support to governance, education initiatives including higher education and protection of the historical monuments.
The meeting went ahead with talks on the draft strategic cooperation agreements under work with Germany and Australia.

Monday, April 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  National Defense Minister, Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak met with his Norwegian counterpart in Kabul discussing security situation and the cooperation of NATO members especially Norway to the Afghan security forces. 
Gen. Wardak described the dimension of needs of Afghan national army, the assistance of the international community to Afghanistan and the national army’s activities after acceptance of the security responsibility to the Afghan forces and added that the national army of Afghanistan has attained the required capability and it is ready to accept more security responsibility in the third security transition phase and in suppressing the terrorists and the insurgents. 
He added that having arms and necessary standard equipment, can make the activities of the national army more positive and sustainable. 
The Norwegian defense Minister assured General Wardak that the Norwegian army in cooperation with the Afghan National Defense Ministry exert efforts in suppressing the terrorists within the NATO forces and take part in reconstruction of Afghanistan and shall not leave the Afghans alone after the 2014 as well. 
Norway has 428 soldiers that are stationed in Kabul and in Faryab provinces.

Monday, April 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  At yesterday’s session of the Sente chaired by Fazel Hadi Muslimyar its chairman, the senators discussed the country’s security, holding Tokyo and Chicago conferences on Afghanistan and the casualties and material losses due to recent floods in some provinces. 
The session heard a report on recent floods in Uruzgan, Paktia, Balkh, Baghlan, Kabul, Amu Daraya course that caused human and materials losses as well as some animals were perished including heavy damages to the agricultural lands, homes, mosques, shops and transport roads. 
It should be noted that in the month of Hoot of last year the Senate had warned the disaster preparedness department on probable avalanches, and floods in the spring and water rise that could endanger the lives of the people and cause human and material losses and advised it to undertake precautionary measures, however, no timely assistance has reached the affected people while they are in need of urgent assistance. 
The senators also anticipated increment in opposition attacks with the warning of weather especially in the provinces bordering Pakistan and Iran, especially in Helmand and called the serial suicidal attacks as a matter of concern and criticized the weakness of the intelligence agencies of the country and indifference of the foreign troops and the cadre policies in security spheres. 
In another part of the session Senator Anarkali Hunaryar informed the session of abuse of Hindu and Sikh shopkeepers in Tereenkot of Urozgan provinces by some people and their shops have been closed. 
The speaker of the senate assigned the senators of Urozgan province to contact with the in charges of the province and address the problems of the Hindus and Sikhs as equal citizens of Afghanistan.