18 September 2020

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Monday, January 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in his successful trip to Europe has signed documents for long-term cooperation with Italy, treaty for friendship and cooperation with France and long-term cooperation treaty with Britain.
The signing of these documents with Afghanistan sallies under the present conditions that Afghanistan in the military and security responsibility throughout the country and that the process of talks with the Taliban and other groups are being continued can be accessed from different angles.
The signing of long-term strategic cooperation documents with Italy, France and Britain on one hand is a great political achievement for the Afghan order, and on the other hand may influence the sense of position and their regional supporters.
Any way in case we express International and regional aspects of these document, the documents strengthens the international position of Afghanistan and indicate to the regional countries that leave Afghanistan this country will not be alone as in the past and will lose all its potential in war against terrorism.
On the other hand, these documents increases the responsibility of the government authorities towards the people of Afghanistan as in the near future the international forces will leave Afghanistan and it will be the government of Afghanistan that will undertake the responsibility of security and other spheres in the country.
When the president of the country says that NATO forces should leave the country in 2013, it means that the security foundations should from now on prepare themselves, free from any religious, tribal and discriminatory influences and undertake the charge of affairs, struggle with corruption and other political, economic and cultural problems and as Afghans who inherited this homeland serve the ruling order and things goes this way we would have a bright future, and if it does not happen so, and every one move their own will and wish and ignore the problems a great mistake will take place and this nation once again will suffer.

Monday, January 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president, Mohammad Karim Khalili met with the New Special Envoy of the UN for Afghanistan Yan Kobis. 
The UN envoy said at the meeting that participation and cooperation in restoration of peace and stability, assisting the process of successful transition of security responsibilities to the Afghan forces and attraction of regional cooperation is his first working priorities in Afghanistan. 
He added that transition of security is an important issue for Afghanistan and the international community and asked for cooperation of the UN and the government of Afghanistan in this respect. 
He stressed that the process of peace should be comprehensive, massive and transparent and should consider the achievements of the people of Afghanistan in the past one decade. 
In addition to the world efforts he also called for further regional cooperation towards restoration of peace. 
Mohammad Karim Khalili also while congratulating him on his assignment as the UN Envoy expressed the hope that his experiences and efforts can assist the people of Afghanistan in accessing peace and stability. 
He added that in case the international community strive in upgrading the capacities of the Afghan security organs from now on, the government and people of Afghanistan are decisive to successful undertake the security responsibility till the year 2014. 
He noted that peace is a serious need of the people of Afghanistan, but this should not be sacrificed for the new era’s achievements. 
Touching on the massive level of poverty and vulnerability of the people of Afghanistan emanating from the disaster occurrences asked for UN aid to the people of Afghanistan and appreciated the UN appeal for USD437 million as emergency aid for the affected people of Afghanistan.

Monday, January 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) First vice-president Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim chaired the meeting of the National Security. 
Addressing the meeting he said that ensuring security is important for implementation of the national programs of Afghanistan, adding that the country’s security foundations by adopting of preparedness should ensure safe living conditions for the people. 
Touching on the casualties emanating from the street sides mines on the caravan of security forces he added that in order to reduce this we should take special measures in this respect. 
Talking on the current situation in the country he stressed that it is our obligation to seek ways for attaining peace in the country so that we can bring prosperity to the people of Afghanistan. 
The minister of defense presented a detailed report on the country’s situation and the operations launched for suppressing opposition in different parts of the country. 
He noted that opposition activities have been reduced and this indicates high combat abilities of the security forces. 
Meanwhile interior minister also presented a report and said that all our efforts are directed at raising the abilities of the security personnel through training police in all levels and those deprived of literacy. 
He added that police is striving in addressing immorality, cleaning of pedestrians, cooperation with the environment administration and collection of narcotic addicts. 
Deputy Director of national security also presented a report saying that several terrorist groups attempting destructive activities against the important establishments. 
The meeting also discussed security situation and strengthening of national army and the police and other security organs. 
Minister of mines also informed the meeting of the economic benefits of the transfer of gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan signed long-term cooperation agreements with Italy and France. 
The signing of these documents, that with two great countries with big economic and political capacities indicates that Afghanistan despite the positive and negative anticipations is in the focus of global attention after the 2014 as well. 
After the program for withdrawal of the international forces from Afghanistan till 2014 was taken up, it was thought that after completion of withdrawal of the international forces from Afghanistan this country will return to the dark decades and once again the Taliban and its supporters will turn Afghanistan into maneuvering field. 
Thought it is not specific yet that the year 2014 will be the end of foreign troop’s presence in Afghanistan or not, it was thought by some sources that Afghanistan will turn to its past decades and there will be no word of democracy. 
President Hamid Karzai considering these anticipations and concerns after signing of the long term strategic cooperation treaties with Italy and France in respect to assistance of these countries in political, economic, cultural and equipping and training of Afghan forces said that Afghanistan has its order and I am fully confident that Afghanistan will never reverse to its past. 
These assertions indicate that the order of Afghanistan is decisively trying its best to seek the ways and means for elimination of crisis in Afghanistan so that the achievements of the past ten years of the people of Afghanistan and the international community are not wasted. 
Any way the popular order of Afghanistan is endeavoring hard so that in cooperation with the international community after 2014 be in focus and eliminate the crisis in the region as the politicians of the country persistently reiterated that creation of crisis in this region is not to the benefit of any country and the world. 
It is therefore necessary that the regional countries and other think new and prevent confrontations and this way turn this region into an example of cooperation for these countries and the international community at large.