18 September 2020

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Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with the speaker of parliament of Italy Frank Feini at parliament headquarters yesterday. 
At the meeting the Italian side welcoming president Karzai and his accompanying delegation expressed pleasure that Afghanistan and Italy signed a long-term strategic cooperation treaty. 
He added that according to this document Italy can continue its assistance to Afghanistan after 2014 as well, stressing further that Italy believes that this document is to the interest of both the countries. 
He noted that be in his recent visit to Afghanistan witnessed that positive developments have occurred in this country and emphasized on further expansion of cooperation ties between the parliaments of the two countries. 
Calling relations between the two nations as deep and friendly president Karzai said that for these very reason two monarchs of Afghanistan selected Rome for their living. 
He representing the people and parliament of Afghanistan appreciated the assistance of Italy in judicial system of Afghanistan and expansion of the Herat International Airport as well as foundations in the province. 
Participation of Italy at the international Bonn Conference and Italian government’s commitments towards Afghanistan indicated that Italy after 2014 will continue its assistance to Afghanistan. 
Touching on the current situation in Afghanistan, the process of peace, and transition of security, President Karzai added that till the end of 2014 all the security responsibility from the international forces will be taken by the Afghans.

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dear countrymen, sisters and brothers Assalam Aleikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakathu.
These days the Kabul Municipality has undertaken a good measure and started the program for collection of charity aid from the people for the reconstruction of three historical palaces in Kabul. 
Dear countrymen retain a good culture towards cooperation and launching of collective social activities aimed at ensuring public welfare such as collective works, however collection of cash aid from the people for repairing and reconstruction of the historical monuments is not common in our country.
However, the Kabul Municipality by taking this positive measure in reality has initiated promotion of collection of aid and participation of the people in the reconstruction of three palaces of Darul Aman, Tajbig, and Chehelstoon. 
Dear countrymen, each one of us as safeguarded of culture, history and national prides should take the initiative and irrespective of foreign aid we should donate and use our own resources for reconstruction of our historic palaces and this way take an active part in this national mission as this will strengthen the sense towards self-reliance. 
Now that the Kabul Municipality is willing to reconstruct the three palaces through the participation of the people, in many of the provinces and even in districts, there are monuments, gardens and historic and old palaces which can be repaired with the cooperation of the people and the municipality of those regions too should initiate such a measure. 
If we resort to such measures and each one of our people has a share in such social and welfare activity, I am sure that we shall soon achieve marked services in repairing and reconstruction of historic monuments and important gardens of the country and this way God willing, our historic monuments will be repaired and our homeland will flourish. 
I am hopeful that our dear countrymen, especially the wealthy people would take their share in the reconstruction of Drul Aman, Chehelstoon and Tajbig palaces and thus achieve a great service to the country and its history.

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In its meeting with second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili the consultative council of Maidan-Wardak shared its environmental issues and inclusion of development projects government plan for the province. 
They said that still 194 schools have no building, and that no project was planned for usage of water from the Helmand River for agriculture, irrigation and production of power energy while this river possesses adequate capacity for small and large hydro power plants. 
They also asked for acceleration of reconstruction process in the province, especially in districts where less work has been achieved. 
They argued further that the security responsibility for five districts in the province was delivered to the government forces but no necessary assistance was provided for those districts. 
They also touched on building of the road from Jaghato district to Chak of Wardak and other development projects for the province. 
They also shared the problems of the 13th precinct of Kabul. 
Meanwhile, completion of the Shaheed Mazari project up Qalae Ha idea Khan, construction of the sub-road from general cemetery of west of Kabul, and attention towards the problem of addiction and the addicts who are wandering in different parts of Kabul city were other issues they asked government attention towards them. 
Khalili expressed pleasures over meeting and sharing their problems and existence of the popular foundations and stressed that such foundations is effective in unity of people and ensuring of peace and stability in the country. 
He also praised people’s attention towards education and added that I am sure that with the will of the people of Afghanistan the conditions will not reverse back. 
He also assured them that their problems will be addressed by implementing the development budget of coming year. 
He also emphasized on expansion of power energy in the 13th precinct of Kabul. 
He noted that construction of the Garden Dewar up to Jaghto is important from government viewpoints and this will be realized by the government.

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The house of People could not elect the secretary of the house in its session chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi. 
Initially Dr. Saleh Saljuqi, Farouq Majrouh, Shah Gul Razayee and Ahmad Shah Ralmazan had nominated themselves but none of them could get the required votes. 
In the second round Shah Gul Razayee and Ahmad Shah Ramazan also could not attain the votes, and in the third round once again these persons would compete on coming Tuesday. 
Meanwhile, in the session Humayoun was elected as chairman of defense and territorial integrity, Amir Khan as chairman of national economy. 
Sharifullah as chairman of safety and privileges of deputies and Mrs. Kufi as chairman of the commission for women affairs and civil society.