05 August 2020

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai chaired the meeting of Jehadi leaders and national personalities at the presidential palace, the other day. 
First Vice President, Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Faheem, Prof. Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujaddedi, Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani, Prof. Nimatullah Shahrani, Salahuddin Rabbani, Hajji Mohammad Mohaqeq, Hedayat Amin Arsala, Qeyamuddin Kashaf, Abdul Hadi  Arghandiwal, Mohammad Ismael Khan, Hajji Din Mohammad, Sayed Mansour Naderi, Prof. Gul Rahman Qazi, Hajji Sulaiman Noori and Arsalla Rahmanin had taken part in the meeting. 
They discussed the peace, process in details, shared their views and emphasized on the peace process under the resolution of Second Bonn conference and also resolved that in order to get access to the peace process in the future, the next meeting should be held.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Discussions on a strategic cooperation agreement between Kabul and Washington are in their final stages, Afghanistan’s deputy foreign minister announced on Monday. 
Addressing a joint press conference with German Ambassador Rudiger Konig, Javed Lodin said talks on the  packet that were briefly stalled by the December 5 Bonn Conference would resume soon. 
In response to a question, he said the draft agreement would be referred to Parliament for approval and its details disclosed soon after it was finalized. 
The accord was discussed last month by the traditional Loya Jirga, attended by 2000 Afghan elders. 
The delegates gave a conditional green signal to the agreement allowing the Americans to establish military bases in Afghanistan. 
Touting the Bonn Conference as a great success, Lodin said Afghanistan was able to muster the international community’s support. 
Afghanistan is also eyeing strategic cooperation deals with Germany, England, Italy, France and some other countries. 
The German envoy said the Bonn meeting was a major event on Afghanistan’s future. 
Konig promised his country would continue to assist Afghanistan in diverse fields beyond 2014. 
“The world will not abandon Afghanistan under any circumstances,” he said, stressing the importance Bonn Conference declaration as an essential document. 
The envoy said a friendship agreement between Afghanistan and Germany would be inked soon. 
Lodin said four key international conferences on Afghanistan had taken place, with another big meeting planned next year by heads of NATO member states in Chicago. 
The summit would focus on strengthening Afghan forces, he said, adding another conference on Afghanistan was to be held convened in Tokyo, Japan, in July 2012. 
The conference will pledge new aid for the country’s economic development. 
A regional summit would take place in Kabul in June next year on regional issues, according to Lodin, who said yet another conference, slated for March 2012 in Dushanbe, would take stock of Afghanistan’s economic situation.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The plenary session of the Council of Ministers (CM) was chaired by President Hamid Karzai with recitation of some verses of Holy Kuran yesterday. 
To begin with, the president strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the Ashura Day in Kabul, Balkh and Kandahar provinces during which innocent countrymen were martyred and wounded. 
He said that the enemies of the calmness of Afghanistan want us not to access progress and they resort to every means to achieve their vicious aims. 
They should know that they can never overcome the will of the national of Afghanistan and prevent them from their onward move towards calmness and stability. 
He verified the roots of such terrorist attack highlighted in the international media and stressed alien hands are involved in such incidents and asked the Minister of Interior Affairs and the National Security Department to inform the meeting over the latest findings in this respect. 
The CM after hearing the report of the interior minister and the national security department strongly criticized and condemned such terrorist attacks against the innocent people and holy shrines. 
The CM also noted the order of the presidential office pertaining to assignment of the assessment teams to investigate and report to the Presidential Office on this incident. 
The CM also instructed the ministry of information and culture and the national security department that based on the publicity of the BBC and other medias spreading different reports from the inside Pakistani soil and collect verified evidences on the perpetrators of this incident and inform the people about the realities in this respect. 
The CM also regretted the death of Alhaj Amanullah Afzali who has been a jehadi personality and educationist of the country and conveyed its sympathies to the minister of labor, social affairs, disabled and martyrs, friends and the bereaved family wishing peace for his soil and patience for the late family members. 
In another part of the session, the CM congratulated the victory of the Afghan Cricket Team and the Afghan football team having attained second place to the members of both team and the Afghan nation and wished their further successes. 
President Karzai informed the CM on his participation at the Second Bonn Conference and considered its results as very positive and a great historic event. 
He said that over 100 representatives from the world countries and organizations had taken part. 
During this conference the ten years achievements of the country was highlighted and the existing challenges in political, economic and military spheres were discussed and the international community was asked to assist strengthening of the country’s military foundations which is expected to take the responsibility for security till 2014. 
During the conference the ministers of foreign affairs of Russia, Britain, China, Iran, Italy, Poland, Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, also addressed the conference and they promised cooperation in different spheres as economic assistance to Afghanistan through the Shaghai organization, assisting the capacities of the security forces of Afghanistan, support to positive projects and infrastructure and democratic and administrative structures of Afghanistan. 
Alongside this conference views were also exchanged on political, economic, social and security cooperation pertaining to the long-term cooperation between Afghanistan and Germany. 
The conference adopted a 33 points resolution in which it sought the cooperation of the international community in good governance, process of peace, socio-economic development and regional cooperation during the coming decade after 2014. 
The CM while adopting the resolution appreciated the hospitality of the German government of the Afghan delegation members and asked the foreign ministry to convey this message to the German government. 
The CM also discussed the order of the president about the implementation of the advice of the Traditional Loya Jirgah and its resolution as well as starting of talks with the foreign sources over rumors that atomic wastes have been buried inside Afghan territory. 
The minister of mines informed the CM about the usage of Shiberghan gas for producing electric energy. 
The CM instructed the ministries of mines, finance, energy and water, economic and commerce and industries to assess this project from economic viewpoints and present their specific proposals to the CM. 
The ministry of transport and civil aviation informed the CM on four winner company for providing aircrafts duels for the country’s airports and the proposal of the ministry for building fuel reservoirs in Kabul international airport by the Global Oil Company, and Air Petroleum in Kandahar, by the General Logistics and in Mazari Sharif airport by the Ghazanfar Company was adopted. 
The decision of the CM in relation to specifying of needed land at the Maranjan Hill and delivering its ownership to the Ministry of Hajj and Endowment for building of an Islamic center with the assistance of Saudi Arabia was also adopted.

Monday, December 12, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Eluders, esteemed audience, guests welcome,
Before talking on the ugly phenomenon of corruption, I want to express my sympathies over the tragic suicide bombing on the Ashura day to the Muslim nation of Afghanistan. 
This incident occurred when our people were marking the holding of the Second Bonn Conference, where over one hundred representatives of world countries had gathered in Bonn of Germany hosted by the German government and they voiced their support to Afghanistan. 
They in one voice declared their support and cooperation towards Afghanistan. 
Unfortunately, in Afghanistan the Ashura day was celebrated and as a result of the terrorist attack round 80 of people was martyred, and who did this and how it happened. 
When I talked about corruption I will return to this issue once again. 
We were witness that the resolutions in our mosques on Friday and at the meeting in Kabul it was declared that our nation is the manifestation of national unity. 
As regards the corruption, Dr. Ludin talked on this comprehensively, I confirm them wholly Unfortunately corruption exists in the country and we have find out factors for this and one of the factors is lack of law execution. 
We were witness to two important issues, the firs was the case in Herat where a criminal was arrested and others were trying to take him out from the attorney office and another similar case happened in Kandahar in which foreigners wee intervening. 
I am sure those who are accused of crimes will be tried. Another factor is lack of ability of the government order for prevention of corruption, presence of similar foundations as the government, existence of the private security companies which are the biggest impediments in the face of law enforcement. 
Afghanistan once was poorer than it is now. The government official obtained lesser than they get now but they were not getting bribes and they were not corrupt. 
After the Bonn conference that was the biggest conference for Afghanistan the BBC and other media are propagating that in case foreigners leave Afghanistan an internal war will erupt in the country. 
Afghanistan has five thousand years of history. All the miseries here have been brought in by the foreigners. They compelled out people to migrate out of the country. Many wars were fought here. As Ludin has stated we paid salary for the passport not for the qualifications. 
Those coming from Iran and Pakistan and knew computer they were paid USD 500 to USD 600. And, those coming from the US and the Europe they got USD 5000 or 6000 and those being inside Afghanistan got Afs 3 to 4 thousand. 
We tried to improve the system and implemented the rank system within the government. 
This is the fact that we can replace anyone whom we do not like. So no has any safety. 
We want that both our people and our international partners should cooperate with us in implementing the law here. 
Forgiveness is the greatest problem. It is not proper that those who having foreign passport can do anything they wish, as they have hideouts outside the country. 
Government has to cooperate with us and extradite Fetrat. It is not good that those who commit sins here leave for London, Paris and head of our central bank is now in the US. 
He is now in the US after problems cropped in the Kabul Bank. Asludin Sahib has said that they take bribe and resort to corruption and build up high buildings. 
I am happy they construct buildings inside Afghanistan but they should not take out the bribe money. 
It is good they build hospital, hotels and other such facilities which will be to the benefit of our people. 
The politicians and elders of Afghanistan we are present here.  Everything is being continued in the name of tribe, party and other or the contracts with the foreigners, those who are supported by the foreigners do what they want here. 
Giving contracts to the high ranking government members all lead to corruption and this further encourage corruption and they will not obey to laws in the country. 
The first thing that we can do is that we should change the system of contracts and we want that foreigners should offer contracts to the government members and the government should also try to prevent this. 
We asked for the list and we are engaged in talks with them. 
These contracts cover millions and billions of US dollars and if these contracts are provided in proper manners and the government obtain its taxes we can gain hundreds of millions of US dollars annually and that will be expended for the interest of the people. 
Afghanistan despite the problems during the past ten years is improving in terms of its management. We reached an agreement that the officers assigned in the defense ministry should serve there for at least three years like in other countries, promoted and his duty be changed and in the same manner we shall do in the police force as well and wish to depoliticize these forces. 
This way we are moving towards institutionalization of government institutions. We admit that the people of Afghanistan are loyal to their homeland; they are united and loyal to their national interests. But we want that the people should feel safe not to be compelled to leave his country and they are not forced to enter into deals and acceptance of bribes and corruption. 
It is then that corruption will be eliminated. We need to improve our educational facilities and provide between groups for education of our children so we come out from dependency. We are happy that all world countries supported Afghanistan in good manners in the Bonn Conference. 
The US, Russians, Indonesians, the Chinese, India, Iran, Britain, France and others supported us as they are unanimous in support to Afghanistan. 
The German government had adopted the best preparations for the Bonn Conference and showed hospitality towards the Afghan delegation our experience indicates that we are moving towards our future in best manners and we are sure that miseries will end up and our people will lead a calm and stable future. 
We shall sign treaties with the world countries and these are to the interest of Afghans. 
Our today’s meeting is indicator of progress in Afghanistan; it indicates that we have got further strength as we are talking about the problems of the country. 
We hope to have the continued cooperation of our partners and we shall succeed. You are most welcome.